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    VBA checkbox lock row

    Hi guys, I would like to make a code in VBA that locks the entirerow whenever the checkbox is checked on both sheet 1 (starting from row 3), sheet 2 (starting from row 4). What I did now was using the code below on sheet 2, and using formular [=IF('sheet 2 defined cell value <>"", "1","")] on...
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    Using VBA to Lock Only a Finished Row

    I want to have each row on a spreadsheet lock when I'm finished filling in the information. Basically after the cell in the last column is populated, I want the row to lock to any further editing without a password. So far I've taken bits and pieces of code and tried to make it work for 1 line...
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    Lock a row after a value is chosen from a drop down menu

    I'm very new to VBA and was wondering if someone could help me write a code to lock a row after a certain value is chosen from a drop down list in the last column (Q) and then the file is saved. For example, the rest of the row is filled out normally with text values, integers, and also a few...
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    How do you lock, link, or associate a single row of data so it stays together during a sort on another worksheet?

    I have a spreadsheet in which Worksheet 1 is a master list of names andgroup assignments. Worksheet 2 sorts these names into the respective groups. Worksheets 3 and 4 are group specific worksheets, pulling the sorted group lists from worksheet 2 into column A. Attendance Data for each...
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    Locking rows in excel between sheets

    I have a very lengthy and, what I think is, a very complicated Excel question: I'm working in Excel 2003, I'm looking at inventory depreciation forecasts between two different sheets. The two sheets are entitled '2002-Present' and 'Present-Forecast'. The reason I'm using two sheets is because...

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