1. Engineer Joe

    Lock access to the VBA project via VBA

    Either my google-foo skillz are waning or google itself just isn't useful in finding the distinction in my inquiry, so here I am. Long time, no see Mr. Excel. Let me preface my question with this. When you go into in the VBA project for an Excel file and click on the Tools Dropdown and select...
  2. Chris_010101

    VBA Small Amendment

    Hello, I have the below piece of code which moves a row of data to another sheet within the workbook, based on the value from a data validation list. The code works perfectly. However, the sheet it moves the data from has a lot of formulas in it and people who use the sheet keep accidentally...
  3. G

    How to lock Newly created Command Bar to use macros, without adding button on the sheet it self.

    Hello 🤕, To facilitate the use of macros by an average user, I created and rename a Command Bar "Toulouse Macro" on the tape on Excel and place my macro button on it. When I open this Excel file on my own computer I do have the section "Toulouse Macro" .But to test the macros I sent the Excel...
  4. A

    How to allow moving shapes, but prevent editing their text on a worksheet

    I have a challenge to overcome, but couldn't find any hint yet and hope you guys can help. I need to create shapes (e.g. msoShapeRectangle) with specific texts in them in a worksheet. Once created, I want to allow users to move the shapes on the worksheet, but I want to prevent them, editing the...
  5. R

    Prevent shapes from being moved into certain cell

    I've build a planboard and I'm using shapes to represent work packages. Users can move around the shapes and below code would return the first and last cell the rectangle is placed in. Now I want to prevent that the users can move the shapes to certains cells (or the other way around : make...
  6. R

    Help on how to block unauthorized distribution of excel sheet

    Hi Guys :) I'll explain my problem to better understand, so you can recommend the best approach to fix this problem. Sometimes a I deal with the sale of some analysis excel files that I created. What I need is a method to keep them from being spread or shared by customers, as many represent...
  7. G

    Allow sort of table with locked cells. Is this possble?

    I searched the previous questions but found no answer. I have a table and in that table I have some columns that I would like to lock. My users enter data from a user-form. When the form is open the sheet is unprotected, when the user exits the form I want to lock certain columns so the user...
  8. S

    Timer to Protect a Workbook

    Hi, I want to send someone a file, upon opening, an agreement check box appears that says, "Click Here to Start Your Preview". After say, 7 days, the workbook will lock and will not open again without a password entry. Once the password is entered, the file may be freely used, but, if the user...
  9. Jaafar Tribak

    Lock-UnLock VBAProjects Programmatically without SendKeys

    Hi all, I Have recently written this piece of code so I just thought I would post it here for future reference should anyone be looking for vba code to lock\unlock a vbaproject programmatically without needing to use the unreliable SendKeys method. workbook example This code requires that the...
  10. H


    Hello Friends, I am new to VBA and i have trying to set a code up that does the following. If values are entered in any given row of column F. all the columns in that given row will be locked and protected. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Set Rng = Range("F2:F999999") If...
  11. L

    Lock filters

    Hi Guys. Is there a possibility in excel to lock the filters? Meaning that I do set up some filters for certain columns and I want prevent other file users to modify it ? Note - I do not want to lock cells to be edited, just filters. Or maybe is there a simple clever macro that would show a...
  12. D

    Lock Columns A, B & C, but Still Allow Rows to be Added or Deleted

    Greeting - is it possible to just lock columns A, B & C from being edited, but still allow rows to be added or deleted? I using Excel 2016. Many thanks in advance for any assistance.
  13. J

    Lock Formula Return Value

    Is there a way to lock the return value of a formula. I need my vlookup formula to return the value and leave it unchanged because the data range vlookup is pulling from will be deleted on a daily basis. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you.
  14. M

    Auto Lock Workbook Complete

    Hello, I am new to this form and excel . i have one question I want to lock my workbook complete after specific date or time. Workbook Have 3 sheets all three sheets i want to lock down after some specific time. my sheet1 have formulas so i already lock few cells which have formulas...
  15. Pinaceous

    VBA Row Lock

    Hi All, I've come to the conclusion that I don't know how to do this. I've tried to lock a row with a code but it appears to lock every row. For example; If I'm trying to lock Range ("B10:M10") but after I run my code it locks every row that has an entry. Very strange to me...
  16. N

    Lock all the controls in a userform

    Hello, I have a userform with many Textboxes, Labels, CommandButtons.... I need to lock all the controls when the userform Initializes Instead of locking each control separate, I found this code on google that works well if the userform doesn't contain any label, else if there is any label...
  17. S

    Lock progress chart to a specific cell

    Hi, I think this might be easy or just not possible. I am creating a training matrix for my company to drive competence and have started an excel document. The progress charts show progress and will help set targets. The problem I have is when I insert a new row, adjust size etc, all my...
  18. S

    Can I use VBA to Lock VBA where Password already exists?

    I made a careless mistake and left the 'Lock project for viewing' box unchecked and sent out copies of one of my models. A project password already exists. I had just unchecked the 'Lock' box for my convenience while I did some annual updates, but then forgot to check it again before sending...
  19. M

    protect conditional formatting

    I have a sheet that has a ton od conditional formatting. I need to let users add data in all areas, but want to lock all the conditional formatting and still be able t paste into the cells etc. Is there a way to do that?
  20. D

    where is properties window vba?

    hi, i cant find it? i pressed f4 and it's not showing. also, before it disappeared, it was "free flowing" and not locked as it usually is at the bottom left corner? how do i lock it? (first i need for it to show up, my first issue)

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