1. I

    Locking a cell to delete value not formula

    Hi, if you lock a cell which has a formula in it of which then returns a value in the same cell does the formula get deleted when you delete the cells value.
  2. D

    Locking Certain Cells

    I am trying to lock/protect certain cells so that they can't accidentally be deleted or changed, yet still be able to edit the other cells. I don't want to use a password to unlock the sheet everyday, just if I need to adjust those protected cells. For example, I want B3:B34 to be locked but I...
  3. W

    Locking Worksheet w/ password and conditions.

    How can I the password to apply automatically. This gives me an error. Also can I set it so I can copy data form a specific column [e]or from the status bar? ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True, AllowFiltering:=True "password"
  4. S

    locking cells after date and time

    Can anyone help with locking cells after a certain date and time. I have drop down cells made but want to lock them after a date and time passes. Do I need to set a timer??
  5. B

    Locking cells beased on another cell's value

    I need help locking cells in a range that is copied from another sheet based on user input. I am able to change the color with conditional formatting, but can not figure out how to lock out cells that are part pf a header. A simplified example is: Cells A1:A100 are mostly input cells. However...
  6. S

    Vba code required for locking columns contains dates

    Hi everybody, Can someone help me by providing vba code for locking columns having dates, i want user to edit only today's date not yesterday or future dates. Thanks in advance.
  7. B

    Check if value is duplicate??

    Hi, I have a table of chronological data and I want to check if a value is unique up until that point in the table. currently using =COUNTIF($Q$1:Q1,Q2) but this is killing excels performace and locking it up for 20 mins. has anyone got better alternatives?
  8. D

    Syntax for IF THEN LOOKUP Formula

    I'm trying to get this formula to work =IF<gs id="5461d56c-5950-4f91-9baa-9b56a75f907c" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="77d9f4c7-ac77-48b5-a140-55f4b681acf1" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">(</gs>((LOOKUP<gs id="89f5118e-7bd1-4de8-b39f-6a37284babd3"...
  9. T

    How to lock a row in place

    Hello, I have created a product offer template for my company with excel. It includes a section in which the person creating the offer can input products, prices, etc. and information about our shipping policies, etc. I have formatted it as a printable page layout with margins, so it's easy to...
  10. K

    Lock range of cells depending on value in final cell in range

    Hi, Firstly let me state that I am not proficient with VBA, I need spoon feeding here I am afraid so please be my saviour(s)! The issue I am having is that I am trying to create a medical notes sheet where the first lot of cells lock once a value is entered in a specific cell. I need this to...
  11. J

    Locking printing preferences

    Hi there, I'm using Excel 2010 and I'm using it to print to a small recipt printer, I'm doing this by only adjusting the scaling precent of the page under custom scaling in the printing preferences. I need to lock this so that the salesperson at the actual store won't be able to change this and...
  12. K


    I need help with a macro so that simply typing in an X in a cell will password protect the entire spreadsheet. My boss wants me to have our purchase orders lockup once he puts in the PO information and puts his digital signature, he wants to type in an X in a cell and have the entire thing...
  13. C

    Locking Documents

    I have a spreadsheet with a program I made and I would like to send it to a client. BUT I would like the client to not be able to send of the templet of the program to other companies that I will be selling to. Do that make since. I want this client to be able to edit and be able to save for...
  14. T

    Number Locking Not Working

    Hi all, I am creating a Covariance Matrix and trying to do so by locking certain ranges so I can drag the formulas across and downward. But for some reason, the letter section of my range will not lock. For example, D$5:D$159 Should return an E$5:E$159 for the next row if the formula is...
  15. B

    protecting the entire workbook except a range of cells

    Can someone tell me how to modify my code? I was locking out the entire worksheet and now someone needs access to a specific range of cells. This is what I am currently using....Thanks Cells.Select ActiveSheet.Protect Password:="1288", DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True...
  16. Grizlore

    Quick Question - Why isn't this simple code working [locked/protection]

    Hi, i am sure this is something simple. Could anyone tell me why this code isnt working please? Basically, i should lock the entire row IF the word "completed" is in column "O" Sub Lock_Completed() Application.ScreenUpdating = False With Sheets("AUDITS") .Unprotect "password"...
  17. A

    locking text in a textbox

    I am using an activeX TextBox on a sheet of mine that I would like to have the text locked on. Reason being, the TextBox is is simply being used as a set on institutions for my users but I don't want them to be able to edit the instructions I typed into the TextBox. I would have used the...
  18. D

    Protection/Cell Locking...can't copy... aaarrgh!!

    Hi anyone, I have been stuck for ages with a VBA excel conundrum. If anyone can help, that would be amazing, as I have run out of ideas Basically, I have created an equipment list form that fits onto 1 page. Sometimes, there is a lot of equipment, so it needs to be extended. I created a...
  19. M

    Locking - Please help

    I have a log book for my H.S. students to enter info. I need to make it so that when one row of information is filled in, then it is not longer editable. Once they enter an item they can not delete that entry (Several cells in on row) I am using Excel 2003 Any IDEAS Please Help?

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