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  1. B

    Long, Difficult, Very Specific Problem on VBA Code for User Form Log In for Multiple Users

    I have a very difficult and specific request that I would like a lot of help with please. I have a very large macro-enabled workbook with around 260 sheets. Originally, I used some VBA code so that no matter what sheet the user was on when they saved and closed the document, the next time it was...
  2. L

    Excel to log name, date and time somebody accessed a report on a network drive....

    Hi, I’m looking for help logging in Excel, using VBA to log in ahidden sheet the username, date and time logged in and logged out of reports inshared locations. I know a solution exists because I’ve used one before, but Ican’t for the life of me remember how I did it… Does anybody have...
  3. G

    VBA userform login to open excel using domain username and password

    Hello friends, I need the code for VBA userform login to open excel using domain username and password. So, when user open a file, userform will be activated and user need to enter username and password, domain name will be automatically detected and written in 3rd line. But if user need to...
  4. R

    Log into Website Help ?

    The VBA code I am using is below and it runs without any errors BUT the button to log in doesn't actually get clicked. The HTML Code on the website is here: <form action="/Account/Login" id="loginForm" method="post" role="form"><input name="__RequestVerificationToken" type="hidden"...
  5. E

    Website Auto Login - Type as Hidden - VBA

    Hi guys, Im trying to figure out how to have excel login to a particular website via VBA. Currently the code I have works for other websites but this particular site has username/password field types as 'hidden' which I believe is the issue. Here is some of the code I currently have that is...
  6. C

    VBA Internet Controls Log In to Website

    I am trying to make an excel macro log in to a website and get stuck at trying to tell the macro to click Sign In. The website URL is https://fed.transplace.com/adfs/ls/IdpInitiatedSignon.aspx?loginToRp=https://tms.transplace.com/ Could someone tell me the HTML element that I will need to use...
  7. R

    Macro To Automatically Log Onto Website

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to automate logging into a company website, so I can just click a button on an excel spreadsheet (I created a shape and assigned the macro below to the shape) and it logs on for me. I am using the code below and it brings me to the desired website but it will not...
  8. M

    Display sheets depending on 'log in' credentials

    Hi Guys/Gals, Firstly, I do not want to use Application UserName for this project and I do not want to create a user form for the log in. I have a number of departmental sheets in a workbook, which contain sensitive information. I want to set the work book to open with all sheets hidden except...
  9. D

    dashboard log in

    hello everybody, is there such a macro to enable a dashboard to requre a log in and pasword, and this macro will then record who has used the dashboard and what time they log in and out. and if possible, what they have changed. only visable to one master account holder. if its not possible...
  10. L

    I have a problem with my log in form in VBA Excel?

    Hi, I'm new here. I have encountered a problem in my project. I tried to make a log in form which connects to my project which is a School Library System. I have 2 Textboxes and a Command Button. I entered the correct details in the textboxes. But the code doesn't work. I used If-Then-ElseIf in...
  11. P

    Web Query question | Receiving data from a password protected webpage

    Dear Excel experts! I would like to automatically collect data from a password protected webpage but I can not find a proper way to do it. I manage to log in on the main page but then I can't collect chosen data. Any ideas? My code so-far... Sub X11LogIn_Open() 'I didn't wrote "the login...
  12. L

    Need help using VBA to login and then download files from a website

    Hi guys, I've been going around in circles for days trying to solve this problem. I am trying to login to a site and download a file using an InternetExplorer object with VBA. The problem is that once the code clicks on the hyperlink I get a prompt from Internet Explorer (version 10 in my...
  13. H

    Get External Data From Web

    Hello - I am creating a tool that many people will be using. I need a way to do the following from vba: 1. Click on the "From Web" button under Get External Data section in Data and show the web query pop-up 2. Input the url into the field and press enter At this point, it will be the user's...
  14. S

    Please help with Web Query automatic login!!!!

    Greetings, I am new to Excel VBA, so I need an assistance with the VBA code for the web site: vanguard.com. :eeek: I am asked to log in every time I reenter the file and try to refresh the web query. There is an additional problem, the user name and the password are entered separately on two...

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