1. P

    VBA to keep a running log of changes to specific cell

    Hello all, As per subject, I am using a basic VBA code which tracks changes in particular cell(s) - in this example, let's say it is A1. As a preamble: I'm aware that using Tracked Changes could achieve the same result; however (without going into too much detail), this solution works best...
  2. R

    Letter Log Reminder MsgBox not updating

    Hi! new issue came up, previous issue is resolved. However, the Msgbox only display the current data in the cell. if new data is entered in the worksheet, it will still show the previous msg. like for example as shown below. The msgbox will show that reminds your that the letter number 00001...
  3. R

    Letter Log Reminder with condition in other cells.

    Hello everyone, I will try to explain again. I'm trying to make a reminder for my letter log and I have more than 1 condition before it includes the letter number in the Msg Box. I have multiple sheet so I need to make the Msgbox appears everytime I click the sheets. I here's my code I...
  4. M

    audit logs

    Hi This is just a question. Is there an access log that is stored somewhere on excel? to show who and when people open a file? I seem to think there used to be but with my memory I may have imagined it. Thank you
  5. R

    Help converting math notation to Excel formula

    I am trying to recreate a mathematical formula below in Excel. I cannot get it work and am hoping a second set of eyes my helf I have pasted an image of the actual formula and written it out below with its answer. = 1.1494 ∗ 10^−3 * ( 288.7 /101 ) * [ (7000^2 − 𝑒^0.0016 2800^2 )/(0.0696 ∗...
  6. R

    Record previous cell value

    Hello, I am looking for VBA code which copies the old cell text value of cell A1 (the value of A1 is returned by a formula which references to other cells) to cell A2, every time cell A1 contains a new and updated value. (The value of cell A2 should also remain unchanged whenever cell A1 is...
  7. M

    Save As Worksheet with date

    Hello, I'm trying to 'save as' a worksheet to a specific folder with date in the name. So, my filename is going to say "081921_Bill_Review", what I'm trying to do is if I run this Macro the same, I want excel to create another filer with maybe an additional letter with the date (for e.g...
  8. mamady

    Lookup information from another sheet using VBA

    Hi All, I have a list of information in sheet 1, like the following table Country Month Subject Item and in sheet 2, I created a layout with a drop list for Country and Month attributes I want a VBA code that will retrieve/lookup the subject and item based on select...
  9. P

    VBA- Making Log/History

    Hi Guys! I have a sheet that is going to be used every day and i want to press a button and cut today's data and copy in a history sheet. Im kinda new to VBA but was able to cut and paste the data of the day successfully but when i press the button to log another day, the data overwrite the...
  10. L

    log date when the file is open

    Hi I want to log the date that a file is opened. For example, If I open the file today and I entered case#2 then the date should be today date in date column but if I open this file tomorrow for case#3 then tomorrow date should be in date column at the same time case #1 and 2 date should not...
  11. B

    Purchase Order Generator

    Afternoon... I have created a Purchase Order Generator, and now I need to log the entries on the purchase order to another sheet before I clear the purchase order for new data. I can get it to update and copy to the log, but it keeps over writing what I did rather than creating a new row and new...
  12. S

    Subtracting 30 minutes only if parameters are met...

    I have a time sheet calculator that i developed to calculate summations for me in respect to total hours worked for an individual. I stumped myself and believe I am over thinking the equation. Essentially i need it to subtract 30 minutes for a break if certain conditions are met, 8 hours or...
  13. J

    Countif Formula

    Hi all, Looking for formula please In Column C I have 2 options In Process and Awaiting Process In Column D I have 4 options Repaired, Cannot be repaired, Awaiting Part, Log No. Below I have 2 In Process = Repaired, 1 In Process = Cannot be repaired. 2 Awaiting Process = Awaiting Log No...
  14. E

    Copy cell data from one workbook to another workbook based on date range in a column

    I have a worksheet on a server called "PO Log 2019.xlsx" In that workbook I have a sheet named "PO Log" that I enter data into when creating Purchase Orders. I would like to create a VBA to extract data from certain cells in that work book based on the date they were entered. The workbook I want...
  15. R

    Activity Log - Excel

    Hi Everyone, I have an excel contains value and embed objects. I Want since open, all activity should be track in excel (Edit, Add, add/delete embed docs etc) log should be password protected on excel. is it ppossible? let me know for further questions
  16. H

    Sort A to Z Ignore blanks

    this code below will Sort the Columns However, It puts the blank cells on top Sub SortRampLog() ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("RAMP LOG (2)").AutoFilter.Sort.SortFields.Clear ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("RAMP LOG (2)").AutoFilter.Sort.SortFields.Add Key:= _ Range("A2:A1000")...
  17. A

    Sumifs to find minimum ad maximum.

    Hey Dear community, I have a login details which i need to report. i can't figure out how can i ask excel to find first login and last log out data for each day of month for each person from table? Can anyone help me with VBA or formula please? B - DATE C - Name surname F - Client id J - login...
  18. willow1985

    Generate next sequence number from data in another sheet

    Hello, I am creating an excel spreadsheet that has 2 tabs: Log and New Data On the Log tab there is a list of logs currently numbered 1-832. On the New Data tab I want to create an area where people can key new log information and then I will add an update button complete with a macro that...
  19. J

    VBA Code to set up an audit trail in a separate sheet of a workbook.

    Hello all, I have the task of setting up an audit trail for all changes that are made to a spreadsheet. Suppose the spreadsheet has Sheet 1 and a log sheet. I want the log sheet to record all changes made to Sheet 1 by displaying the user name, the change, the old value, the new value, the...
  20. E

    VBA to Hide Tabs based on Cell contents located in a "Log" tab

    Hello All: I have a workbook that has a tab named "Log". The workbook also has many other tabs as well. In the "Log" worksheet, range A3:A200 contains tabs names. Range D3:D200 contains either "Yes" or "No" or "...". I would like to add VBA to hide tabs where (for example) if D3 contains...

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