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    Personal Schedule and Summary Log

    I have been working on this personal schedule to plan out some technicians daily work plan for the next two weeks. I am having trouble after inputting some data and sorting it in chronological order by dates and to keep the dates matching with the tasks, equipment, assets, location, and notes...
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    How do I get excel to keep of log of each quote I run

    I made a simple quote generator for my screen printing business and it works great. I got tired of saving each quote to a pdf... so is there a way to make excel record each quote I run? I'd like to keep it in another worksheet in the same workbook. If possible i'd like to time stamp it. I have...
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    Open txt file in EXCEL automatically + auto arrange

    I have a .txt file from monitoring data. it comes in following format Example: 3,673,49,2,43,89,8,138,45,9,49,675 etc. 1) The data is in groups of 3 .. but comes as ONE string with commas. 2) 2nd number has a reference table for description in another Excel table Say: 673 | RRRRR 43 |...
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    Logging in Excel

    Hello, I am trying to log data which is suplied by an OPC client (S7 - 200 PC Access). I managed to show the data in a cell, i.e. A1. Every time the data is changed, i want to write the data to the cell below the last one (A2 then A3 then A4 ....). But it's really important that the logging...
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    Stopwatch / Timer w/ pause function

    I'm looking for a way to create a stopwatch/timer that can be paused and restarted without resetting. What this is doing is calculating how long it takes an employee to complete certain tasks. Whence the timer is stopped I need data in specified cells to be logged on another sheet along with...

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