1. M

    Logical Help Needed

    All brains of this forum unite! I have been trying to resolve this for few hour now but without any help. Not a classic Excel question but more a logical teaser. This is the issue: I have to calculate the variance between two scenarios but variance is driven by three different segments. Three...
  2. J

    Power Query - Logic Categorize and Group by

    Hello. I am new to using Power Query and have gotten stuck on something and am looking for some help. In a data set I would like to categorize the values in one of the fields using some kind of If/Then/And/Or logic. I can figure out the logic if I was using an Excel formula, but I am...
  3. Robyrubyjane


    hai, can everyone help me to change this formula to vba code : =SUMPRODUCT(($E$2:$E$63184=E2)*(U2>$U$2:$U$63184); ($F$2:$F$63184=F2)*([U2>$U$2:$U$63184))+1
  4. Robyrubyjane

    Help me to define rank

    hi guys I need help, so i have data like this.. and if I filter one of data in sitename column, it'll be like this.. as we can see there is 4 sitename that has same name and SiteID but each them have different sonumb, so in the column tenant rank i want it'll rank based on the oldest date...
  5. L

    Trouble understanding a question for a task book

    Hi all, new to the forums so not sure if this is the type of question we can ask here, but I have a workbook with data and tasks to complete on it and I'm having trouble understanding the attached question. Especially when according to my formula (=L2*100/K2) for the ppm none are even 5p?
  6. E

    Nested IF...THEN formula with multiple conditions: Rule of thumb on sequence logic?

    When creating nested IF...THEN formulas, is there a rule of thumb you use to design the logic sequence of conditions? I'm trying to address five conditions using a nested IF...THEN formula and could use some guidance. Alternatively, if you have suggestions on addressing five conditions using a...
  7. G

    running average based off month

    Hello, I have a table that I want to keep a running average off of based on month. The table looks like this: <tbody> Month Score 1 0.92 2 0.92 3 0.89 4 0.91 5 0.91 6 0.81 7 0.88 8 0.89 9 0.83 10 0.86 11 0.94 12 0.93 </tbody> I want to keep a running average from...
  8. B

    Excel Formula - compare two set of cells and find return the result based on the logic

    <tbody> A B C D E (RESULT) 1 10 10 5 50 Y 2 20 20 1 1 N 3 10 10 N/A N/A N/A 4 N/A N/A 2 3 N/A </tbody> Need help with this as well. Logic : C>A OR D>B = Y else N if N/A present in A&B or C&D then result is N/A
  9. N

    Logic Function Question

    Hi Everyone, I have this formula that I use to pull a certain data while referencing certain cells.... Here is the formula: {=IF(B419="","",IFERROR(INDEX('Work Orders'!N:N,MATCH(1,IF(VALUE(D419)='Work Orders'!AC:AC,IF("Canceled"<>'Work Orders'!K:K,IF('Work...
  10. H

    Delaying production

    Hi there, I have a large excel model with multiple assumptions behind it. It works on a 250 month basis so is quite large and there are several types of production curves in the model. What I want to do is to be able to set a delay on when the production starts for each production curve. So...
  11. P

    Sort by most efficient combination

    Hi all, Not sure if this is best done via excel solver, formula, or VBA, but I have the below problem: A cell setting a maximum size, set in this example to '25'. A set of numbers, which cannot be split, only combined, to fit into groups equaling 25, e.g.: <colgroup><col width="64"...
  12. T

    Simplifying if logic

    Can someone please help me tidy up this logic? If ConditionA Then If ConditionB Then Call SomeSub Else Runverylongpieceofcode End If Else Runverylongpieceofcode End If I don't to write Runverylongpieceofcode twice. Thanks
  13. C

    Is it possible to grab logic rules stored in Excel to use in VBA If statement

    Hi All, I am trying to automate updating a series of spreadsheets. The data is a forecast summary. In some worksheets, the data may be rolled up and presented by a family group, others may be by sub-families. In some cases, the top families are summarized individually and the smaller ones are...
  14. N

    If Logic

    Hi, I have an if statement that is not quite working for me. Here is the code: =IF(ISNUMBER(AND(SEARCH("Comp",D27),Dashboard!$H$16="Yes")),IF(E27="WD","No",IF(AP27<=2,"Yes","No")),IF(ISNUMBER(AND(SEARCH("Open",D27),Dashboard!$H$15="Yes")),IF(E27="WD","No",IF(AP27<=2,"Yes","No")),"No")) It...
  15. P

    Logic Table Newbie

    Hi- New to VBA and trying to perform a function to analyze a 3 column logic table based on certain conditions and then return a text value in another workbook. Logic table and desired output will be in same workbook, different sheets. Logic table Sec Type...
  16. N

    Nested IFS/Multiple Formulas

    Hello, I am seeking help on the following problem: <tbody> a b c d f g h i j k l m n o p q 1 Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3 # employees Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2 Jan Feb Mar 3 </tbody> I need to write a formula for cells F2:Q2 that calculate the...
  17. N

    Help create a Shale chart

    Hi, I have (410 line) data like the sample attached below. Need VBA code to create a shale chart. With Unit being the various areas and End by being the X-axis. Logic: All units put together totally there are 410 people. With 17 people having end by P1, 410 will get reduced by 17 in P02. this...
  18. N

    Formula/Logic Writing

    Hello, I am building an inventory production schedule and need help writing a formula for the following logic. For example, in Row A, Column A:L (January-December), I have projected sales of 25 units per month (starting in June). Additionally, my minimum monthly production order is for 30...
  19. dmxcasper2

    Complex combination of IF/AND Formula (Help Needed)

    Problem Statement: I am having difficulty creating a formula that will take multiple AND and IF criteria into calculation based on today's date. Please see below for (4) logic statements that I have been trying to incorporate into a single formula string. Column E is the output. (Where the...
  20. T

    VBA Help: Using *Insert Row* to adjust distance between random distance of Row A to cell containing "ID #"

    I'm a bit new to VBA. But, I've gotten pretty far into this project at work. However, I've come across a logic problem that I don't have a knowledge base wide enough to complete: The problem goes like this: I have many Work books that I need to export to a master WB one at a time (this wb then...

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