1. D

    Macro to merge cells

    Hi I a trying to create a macro that will merge a number of cells in a column based on a value in another cell the spreadsheet is laid out Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E City ProductID Cost Total Amount Count London 001...
  2. T

    Date ranges in excel

    Hello, I have a data set bunch of work dates for a list of employees in 2018, with a breakdown of what's billable and what's non-billable days. I also have travel reports to indicate date ranges that they were in London. Is it possible to figure out of those days they were in London, how...
  3. Nelson78

    VBA: loop in cells and delete bracket content

    Hello everybody. I'm looping in a range: For Each cell In Sheets(2).Range("F2:F" & lr3) '.... Next cell For each cell in this range, I need, if existent brackets with exactly 2 characters as a content, delete the brackets and its content. For example: LONDON (LD) has to be turned into...
  4. K

    Most Occurring Text Multiple Criteria

    Hoping there is someone out there, with a genius mind in VBA or excel formulas. I data set: <tbody> Name Location Outcome Kris Barbados W John Glasgow L Kris Birmingham W John Barbados L Kris Birmingham W Kris London L Kris London W Kris London L John London W </tbody> I...
  5. A

    How to extract multiple words in middle of the cell

    Hi I facing an issue in extract words between some specific word for example: I am studying in <start:loc> London <end> but I live with my mother in <start:loc> Manchester <end> and in vacation I go to <start:loc> Cardiff <end> I want to extract the word between tags <start:loc> <end> in one...
  6. R

    Help requested with formula

    Apologies for the generic subject - I didn't know how to sum this one up in a few words. I have a workbook with 2 sheets - 'Sales' and 'Lookup'. The sales sheet is an output from our sales database - the columns of interest are column D (Account Name), Column I (Description), and Column AI...
  7. RobbieC

    deleting duplicate entries in a .txt document

    Hi there, I have a .txt document which my spreadsheet writes a string of values to. Each line is 5 strings long seperated by a comma (,) eg: Birmingham, 124, aaaaaa, bbbbbb, cccccc Birmingham, 125, aaaaaa, bbbbbb, cccccc London, 176, aaaaaa, bbbbbb, cccccc Newcastle, 132, aaaaaa, bbbbbb...
  8. J

    Create a TEXT String based on numbers in a spreadsheet

    Hi All, I am trying to create a spreadsheet for a cycling l club I am in. I am trying to build a text string of numbers based on results achieved. The first one I am trying to do is look up a persons name and their results at a certain location. So for John Smith from the results below I...
  9. NSRaceway

    IF criteria is met count ?

    A B C 1 Today's Date 2 BMW London 2/11/18 3 Honda Manchester 4 BMW Liverpool 4/4/17 Required Return - IF A2 = BMW & IF B2 = London & IF within today's date -365...
  10. R

    IF value is same in two columns then display a third value from another column

    Hi, Does anyone know which formula can achieve this: If value in column A is the same as value in column B, then display the value from Column C For example if Column A contains these values C1 - AAA C2 - BBB Column B contains the same: B1 - AAA B2 - BBB B3 - CCC Column C contains C1 -...
  11. U

    Select data on row, depending on data 2 rows down

    Hi all, Wonder if someone call help me with something. Basically I have a whole load of data which I need to sort of "sanitize" so to speak. The data looks like this (it can be in a text doc or put into a new sheet) mac-address (omitted) profile persons-name domain LONDON hostname...
  12. S

    Excel lookup using multiple cells

    Hi. I have one sheet which contains rows of travel data for multiple users for the week or so ahead. Some of the columns in this sheet are "name" "destination" "from date" "to date" I have another sheet with similar data in, but it's larger and goes back many months/years. What I want, is a...
  13. A

    Combo Box Depend on TextBox Value

    Hello Everyone, I have two option button : London_Click() and Paris_Click() One text Box : TextBox1_Change() One combo box: DropDown_Change() Under the Combo box I have below items: "High London" "Low London" "High London 2" "Low London 2" "High Paris" "Low Paris" "High Paris 2"...
  14. J

    Help calculating days spent travelling at / between locations

    Hi, I have a list of travel itineraries with the names / IDs removed for GDPR / confidentiality reasons that I don't have access too. Each set of rows that are consecutively filled is one person's itinerary. Following a blank row a new persons itinerary starts. I have approx 10 different...
  15. G

    Allocating Mentors to Students based on criteria

    Hi, I am trying to find a formula which enables me to match students with a mentor on the basis of 'area of interest' and 'location'. I have a spreadsheet with student and mentor data in separate sheets (approx. 150 students and 150 mentors). I have added a 'helper' column, and used a VLOOKUP...
  16. F

    Formula to count consecutive values in a range

    Hi Everyone, I have you can help me, I need a formula to count the latestconsequetive times a location is in a range. Example below: <tbody> Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct London London...
  17. M

    count cell in column for last 5 days with diffrent conditions

    I want program for the below condition.(Last 5 Days Count City wise .) ....( eg .Today is -19th July) 1) Filter to Column "A" Status For Working . 2) Filter to Column "B" City For Pune. 3) Get Till date (Today) Count of column "A" in the cell of table ( Today 19th) 4) Filter Today()-1 &...
  18. M

    How to Replace blank cell with specific value

    I want program for below condition 1. filter to column "D" for blank . 2. Replace all blank cell in column "D" with Not OK. 3. Clear Filter . 4. filter to column "D" for Not OK. 5. filter to column "A" for Pending. 6. Replace all these pending As Pending - Not OK Example is Row Data <style...
  19. M

    Formula help to return stats from multiple sheets

    Guys I am working on a spreadsheet and need to buils a search page. I have 5 tabs where the columns are <tbody> First Name Surname Age URN length of service Bob Smith 33 qz445566779 3 years julie Paige 27 fd4775h33 2 years Bob Smith 34 ttt6767655 6 years </tbody> The sheets are...
  20. R

    Nested x axis in Graph

    Hi experts I am trying to plot a nested x axis in a stacked or your standard column chart in Power BI and it's turning into a nightmare... I have Turn on responsive under "General" formatting and Turn off "Concatenate labels" under X-Axis.. cannot see the wood for the trees....sample data...

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