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  1. L

    Copy Data From Individual Sheets To Main Sheet

    Hi Friends I have been working on a macro which copies data from individual sheets to the Master sheet. In a easy way out I created the below given macro which copies all the data from individual sheets to a new sheet and rename it as Master sheet. But there are practical issues in it. So rather...
  2. J

    Finding all Text in a column that matches a numeric value

    Hi, Could someone please help! I've created a brainstorming activity in which we create a list of text answers in column 1, then in column 2 we go through and assign each text a specific numeric value 1-5. Each numeric value is actually assigned to a category name. Here is where I need...
  3. W

    excel macro to lookup value and insert row below last occurance of the value

    I have a workbook that contains several tabs for different revenue streams, and an Invoice tab that data is housed in for the rest of the workbook. The revenue tabs are further broken down by customer, with each seperate invoice listed out with Customer in Column A, Invoice date in column B...
  4. D

    Compare date in a cell to a variable, then delete row.

    Is it possible to compare data in a range of cells to a concatenated variable in vba, if it is found then delete the entire row, otherwise do nothing. For example, range is A:A, value to be located is B27_3/17/2010 variables are test1 and test2 test1 = B27 test2 = 3/17/2010 the concatenated...
  5. G

    Urgent help needed!

    Here is an example of what I want to do. This is what the data would look like: DATE RATE1 DATE RATE2 DATE RATE3 1/06__ 3___ 1/06__ 4___ 1/06__...
  6. selant

    Look up value from sheet into VBA form

    Hi there, I will start a project which sends given pre-defined text to the selected receiptients by their email adress. For example, I have a sheet (Sheet : WORKERS) containing the following data : What i will do is, to create a VBA form and enter ID data to the textbox, and what I want to...

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