loop macro + workbooks

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    How to loop through first Columns then Rows?

    Hi guys I need a loop that loops through first column A and then b etc. then takes rows? Could someone help me with a script?
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    How can I clear a range of cells in multiple worksheets in the same workbook?

    I have a workbook with 14 worksheets in it, and I need to clear contents with the same range in each worksheet. Here is the code that I'm trying to use: Dim Sht As Worksheet On Error Resume Next For Each Sht In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets Range("C22:H1461").Select...
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    Excel macro that loops through directory, then lists file name and a certain cell value

    I'm fairly new to vba for excel and I need a little guidance on a macro that I've pieced together from multiple web sources (pasted below). I've search for a couple of days, and nothing I've found gets me what I want. The macro loops through files in a specific directory and sums values from...
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    Loop thru Subdirectories find all .xls update value of specific cells

    Hello, I need code to loop thru all subdirectories open each workbook in the subdirectory that contains as part of the file name "_Sales Order.xls" and open each "_Sales Order.xls" and update worksheet "Sales Order Form" the following values: C44 new value = "00-440" D44 new value = " a few...
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    Loop through folder and run macro on all workbooks

    I am working in Excel 2010 and would like to create a vb macro that loops through all folders and subfolders in a path, performs a macro that I already have recorded, and then saves the files. Can somebody help me write a module for this?
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    range variant looping macro many workbooks

    Hi, I have a complicated problem for excel 2003 , maybe not for a power user. I have about 20 different workbooks and i want to create identical tables and graphs in each one of them using the least number of steps. The number of the rows changes by workbook but the colums are identical...

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