looping macro

  1. K

    Formula column number same as the row it reads from another column, through loop

    I have a sheet automatically created, depend on some condition I need to read the values on the column A, check with another sheet whether it exists , and print "Yes" or "No" on column D. The formula in column D is "=IF(ISNA(MATCH(A4,proj_req!F:F,0)),""No"",""Yes"")" How can I create a loop stmt...
  2. S

    VBA: Opening multiple hyperlinks to excels and copying data to a consolidation excel file

    Need I have a file where in column “C” I have a list of different hyperlinks to excel workbooks stored on SharePoint (number of rows and links is different every month, but approx. 140). I want to retrieve information from these hyperlinks (the information needed is all in one range on a hidden...
  3. L

    Loop through VBA

    Hi, I have two sheets. One having warehouse(18 warehouse) and second having shop (50 Shops). I need to map shops against warehouse within 200 KM. I have written one code for the same but need to loop it. Code is mentioned below Code will copy first warehouse from warehouse sheet and paste it...
  4. D

    Fetching and looping through a range ...

    Hi Everyone, I have struggling with finding an easy way to automate this process, but need some advise, as there is still some limit to my VBA knowledge. I have a calculator that works out prices which is a sheet in my workbook, and a list on another sheet in which i need to place the prices...
  5. P

    creating a macro that loops infor from certain cells to another sheet using a check box

    Hey, I'm trying to create a macro which inputs certain info from each row into another sheet. But i want to use check boxes so i can select certain row and that tranfres only that line Helpppp:(
  6. N

    Single ListBox Loop help needed

    Hi I have a worksheet with a single listbox. I need to loop through all the values in the listbox and make a PDF of the sheet. (The listbox items change all the values on the worksheet). I've searched and found some code that should work, but it isn't and I have no idea what is wrong. This is...
  7. S

    Deleting sheets based on a range

    Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to coding from scratch in VB, and I've got some code that should loop, but it doesn't. The idea eventually will be to download a spreadsheet, make a new sheet for every item in a range, and then filter for each of those items and put it in the right sheet. I have to...
  8. L

    VBA Looping through Worksheets and Calling Macros- Error 1004

    Greetings, I am trying to Loop through each of the worksheets in my workbook and call 5 separate macros on each sheet. However I am getting an error when I run get the "Run-time error '1004': Method 'Select' of Object'_Worksheet'failed" error message. Any ideas why I am getting this error...
  9. A

    VBA macro to extract data from one row to two rows

    Hi, I am trying to extract certain columns from a calculated row on a worksheet and generate two new rows derived from the original calculated row. Calculated data looks like this. <colgroup><col><col><col span="2"><col><col><col><col span="2"><col><col span="2"><col><col></colgroup><tbody>...
  10. I

    Word Macro Looping Help-code inside

    Hi All, I found a macro code and was trying to modify it below, but I know I am missing a very simple way to loop what I want it to do, but not sure how. I am using this in Word and I want to ask a question of how many pages(times) to run this macro, then paste a picture we would be using to do...
  11. F

    hi i need some help with looping web querys

    take a number from colum A (001-650) paste it into a cell and then run a webquery the trouble i have is it won't loop this is the code Sub Macro2() Dim VAL As String Do ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select Range("E2").PasteSpecial Range("E1").Copy Range("G1").PasteSpecial...
  12. S

    Looping thru URL

    Hello, I have create a marco that will go on a site and extract data. thru a web query. I would like it to keep looping through the column that has all the urls. and stop at the last row containing a url... SO.... Column K has the URLS starting at K2 these urls come in because a rss feed...
  13. P

    Looping in Excel 2007 Macros

    I need to set up a subroutine to make various calculations monthly whose totals then are placed in each year's row. It appears that Excel 2007 requires Visual Basic to do that, although if there is a simpler way to do that, please let me know that too. I set up a counter, so I believe that...
  14. N

    Loop thru Subdirectories find all .xls update value of specific cells

    Hello, I need code to loop thru all subdirectories open each workbook in the subdirectory that contains as part of the file name "_Sales Order.xls" and open each "_Sales Order.xls" and update worksheet "Sales Order Form" the following values: C44 new value = "00-440" D44 new value = " a few...
  15. A

    loop through sheet arrays

    i am having trouble working with sheet arrays. i have a relatively simple task of producing a particular report which gives our customers a snapshot of their stats for a week and then saving the file twice - once as is, and secondly with no links/formulas/etc (basically paste as values for...
  16. H

    Look up and return a name in the relevant row Loop

    Hi I have a Column A of mixed up names (the mix sometimes contains long codes), eg. 1234_treadmill* b812 bicycle ops+keyboard rf_treadmill- b812 bicycle_87 ops bicycle_&* mouse et.<33> And I have a Column B of simple names, eg. treadmill bicycle keyboard mouse I want a macro to go...
  17. B

    vba macro

    I have a workbook with 31 worksheets. One worksheet for everyday of the month. They are named 1,2,3,...29,30,31 I am having trouble writing a macro to do the following. In Range("k16") is a value on each worksheet. On the worksheet #2 i want to average the value of k16 of the first and second...

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