1. R

    Losing Validation and Conditional Formatting on paste

    Hello, Is there a way to avoid losing conditional formatting and data validation when pasting data in the cells? Thank you.
  2. P

    How to set up an effective formula for testing a betting system.......

    Hi, What kind of excels functions that involved for setting up an effective formula to check and see if the following betting strategy would work for every 9,500 or so hands, and I'm using excel 2007: +10 +20 +10 -20 +20 +10 -20 -30 -70 -150 -10 -30 -70 +150 +10 -10 -30 +70 -10 +30 -10...
  3. R

    Problems with formulas when adding or removing rows from tables

    Hello. Before anything else, I want to say that if there is a better formula/method to do what I am doing and that by itself solves the problem of the cells losing their "counting" when adding rows, or losing the reference when deleting rows, then I will use that method. Basically, I created a...
  4. M

    Drawdown formula problem

    Hi folks, looking for a little help again. I am trying to do a small ‘drawdown’ sheet for my trading account. I use a 3 to 1 risk ratio. I am willing to risk ‘1’ (2% of my account) to make ’3’ (6% gain). Each time I lose a trade, I lose 2% of my account, so 4 consecutive losing trade, means I...
  5. W

    Drawdown Calculation or Largest losing streak by value

    Hi All, Please help me...... I am looking for an in cell formula to tell me the max value losing streak or drawdown for the the table i have attached the image of. I have search hi and low and can only find vaalue by value drawdown, drawdown against peak value and losing steak by number of...
  6. Grizlore

    Lost all formulas in cells

    Help please This keeps happening, and I can't see why... On some worksheets and spreadsheets, when I save the formulas disappear, only to be replaced by the previously calculated values. It has become a real pain. I assume this is something simple. Can anyone help please? Thanks & Regards

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