1. P

    VBA Cascading Listboxes 4 columns unique values only

    All, I'm looking for some help... I've followed this tutorial: the third list ANd have expanded it to allow for 4 listboxes (from 3) - however the slight issue I'm having is that the third listbox is displaying duplicates and I'm not...
  2. J

    delete rows across multiple tabs

    Ok so I am still a little new to macros so be gentle and please help it will be greatly appreciated. I have a macro and I want to delete any row that has the following text in a cell ISN or MTS across 35 tabs. current macro is only deleting ISN and MTS in active sheet. Sub Delete_Rows_ISN3()...
  3. S

    Help to set lastrow, lastcolumn minnimum

    Hi all I want to set lastrow always "> 4" and lastcolumn always ">6". I have code belovew and work well but I thinks have a better way to do. Could you have any suggession to do? My code is: Sub clear()Dim lrow As Long, lcol As Long Application.ScreenUpdating = False With Sheets("result")...
  4. Z

    sorting a different sheet when calling macro

    Hello all, I have created a custom sorting macro for one sheet on my workbook. The macro works great when i'm on that sheet. My problem is that i want to use the macro to run when being called from a different sheet. Here is the code i'm using: Dim TPws As Worksheet Dim lrow As Long Set TPws...
  5. A

    Offset previous row

    How can include offset the previous row in the Red Color code? For i = 3 To LRow Range("I" & i) = WorksheetFunction.Average("I" & i, "L" & i) Next i
  6. S

    Jump and paste to the last Row of current column - Excel 2019

    Dear Experts I often need to copy data from few columns in a row and then paste it in the same columns in the last row of a table. I tried writing a code using information from here and there, but it's not working at all. Can you help find me the error and give me a workable code. Thanks a lot...
  7. B

    Filter criteria assistance

    Can someone advise what is wrong with the Criteria 1 segment pleas? With ActiveSheet lrow = .Cells(.Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row Set rngtarget = .Range("A2:P" & lrow) 'Set begin row here With rngtarget .AutoFilter field:=16, Criteria1:=Not "East" Or "West" End With...
  8. T

    Slow VBA routine; code appraisal?

    Hello, Hope someone can help. I have inherited a routine that takes around three hours to parse approximately 60,000 rows of data. What it has to do is cut data from an initial dataset (the 60,000 rows) and then paste into either of two other sheets depending on some criteria. I have...
  9. D

    Transfer multiple Userform Textbox value to cells/columns

    Hi.. I have this code below that transfer my "Textbox1" to "Textbox20" to column A. I have another set of Textboxes ("DataBox1" to "Databox20") that i need to transfer to Column B. can anyone help me on this. Thanks Dim lrow As Long, i As Long lrow = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row +...
  10. S

    Create Table VBA Not Working

    Hello I am trying to create a table via VBA. It works when I am on the worksheet that I want the table to be on, but this worksheet will be hidden so I need it to work by allowing me to identify the worksheet. I cannot figure out why I am getting a run-time error "the worksheet range for the...
  11. A

    Win/Loss Percent on visible rows

    This code displays my Win/Loss Percentage. I'm using an auto-filter macro to filter data and I would like to show my Win/Loss percentage on visible rows only. Can someone assist. Thank you kindly. With WorksheetFunction CCI = Format(.CountIf(Range("P18:P" & LRow), ">" &...
  12. A

    Countif and Last row

    When using the first code, the code output the results required. however, when I want to make the code dynamic to find the last row, the output is (0) zero. Can someone explain what I'm doing wrong and offer a solution. Thank you kindly Dim i As Long LRow = Range("A" &...
  13. R

    Set Lrow by dialog box? & Loop batch size limit

    I am compiling a register of projects and have been using VBA to Loop through 25-40 files in a batch. As the list gets longer I have been manually changing this in the macro text. 1) Does anyone know if i can use a dialog box to set the Lrow, to add to bottom of list? (So I can't forget to...
  14. O

    lcol/lrow question

    To All: Thanks for your help in advance. Below is the VBA I have that work finding the last row in my macro when I do borders. It works great. Dim lrow As Long lrow = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row Range("A3:U" & lrow).Select What I am wanting to do is find a VBA that will find...
  15. T

    Deleting an entire row in VBA Macro

    I've created a filter for an account #, if that account # appears in my data file, I want to delete the entire row. This has worked before, but now I'm getting a debug error lRow = ActiveSheet.Range("A500").End(xlUp).RowIf AutoFilterMode = True And FilterMode = True Then...
  16. B

    RunTime Error 1004 When Auning AutoFilter

    Good Morning Everyone, Looking for some recommendations on how I could prevent the RunTime Error 1004 while running VBA for an AutoFilter routine. In the work sheet I have a ActiveX Combobox that is being used to select a value. I would then like to filter records in a range of "A15:F" & LRow...
  17. T

    Using Vlookup in Loops of differing sizes

    Hi all - disclaimer - I am trying to learn VBA and have taken on a project way too big for my experience! :cool: I am trying to build up the elements one by one. My current task is this: Report from my Source data has country codes using 3 letters I need to update this to the two letter ISO...
  18. A

    Display Graph in Userform

    I have this code that generates a graph. I would like to display the graph in a userform. I'm getting an error and I'm not sure why. Please help. Thanks Sub MyCandlestick()Dim OHLCChart As ChartObject Dim LRow As Long Dim ChartName As String, fname As String LRow = Range("AA" &...
  19. mayday1

    Deleting blank rows faster than my macro

    The code below deletes rows if column B is empty. It works fine but does about 1 or 2 rows per second and it sometimes has to go through a couple thousand rows. I never know how many rows will be in my file - sometimes 1000, sometimes 4000. I set the limit at 4500 but it's possible there...
  20. P

    Filtered Rows

    Hi can anyone help with the following macro? I am filtering Data on Sheet1 "A:Z" with headers on row 1 and then copying the visible filtered rows to the next empty rows on sheet2 "A:Z" This macro works but I don't want to use copy and paste and wondered if it is possible to change the lines in...

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