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    greater/less than for dates in m language

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a column in power query editor that looks at a date and inserts 'exclude' if it's after 1Apr2020 and inserts 'include' otherwise. The editor, however, says using <= or >= doesn't work for dates. What expression should I use instead? Todd
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    Writing Power Query (M language) Table.X functions that will dynamically tailor the table scope to each row of data

    I have loaded a simple flat file I have pulled into a query. The data looks like this: <tbody>#DAE7F5[/URL] "] A B C D E F 1 Broad Identifier Specific Identifier Candidate Candidate Score Qualifier Candidate Score Evaluation, Desired Outcome 2 9 9.333 9.111 0.222 3...
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    How to write excel formula to DAX?

    How to convert below excel formula to DAX? =IF(ISERROR(AVERAGEIFS('P'!$U$3:$U$2186,'P'!$H$3:$H$2186,'C'!$I2,'P'!$X$3:$X$2186,'C'!$C2,'P'!$F$3:$F$2186,'C'!$F2)),"No" =IF(ISERROR(AVERAGEIFS(UP,MAT,MAT,WORLD,PLANNING,LINE,LINE)),"No"
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    Compare 2 Rows in Power BI and Delete Matched Rows

    Please see below scenarios and provide your suggestions, My data source is in Oracle to power bi and as per my requirements I need to compare order no rows, if order number has .1 then I need to find order number without .1 and delete both rows. Does any one has any suggestion...
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    Power Query added column - Value.Divide(Value.Add( )) returns all null values

    Hi all, When I create a calculated field in Microsoft Power Query feature ("Get and Transform" since Excel 2016) I use a combination two simple formulae: Value.Divide() and Value.Add(). For some reason, this does not work and all I get is null values. Here is the series of steps that I...
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    Hów to create a loop in Power BI, using Power query?

    Hello everyone! I have a query here wich contains 10 different columns. I need to create 4 other columns (A B C D), with formulas that contains values from this 10 first columns. One of my inicial columns is called "Period", and it starts in 1. So, when period is equal 1, colunm A is...
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    Split Column By Position

    Hello Any help here appreciated. In M, I am trying to reference a numeric value in a column as the number of characters to split a column by, but I am not sure how to do this. The value I want to split by is in Column 5 and the Column I want to split is Column1. I came up with this...
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    Add named range from individual files to Folder source in Power Query

    I have a folder of files that I am querying for the files' date modified, file size, and a few other attributes. Long-story-short we have multiple versions of these files in subfolders and each "release" we make a new folder and copy the Excel files into them. So I created this query that can...
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    How to filter dimension values when fetching data from Google Analytics into PowerQuery/PowerBi

    I want to fetch data from Google Analytics With M (PowerQuery/PowerBI), but want to filter the dimension values on the fily, Let's Say my dimension is "Page" and I want "Pageviews" and "Unique Pageviews" measures, provided that the "Page" is following a regex filter (ex...
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    Power Query - Split by Space - Except text

    Is there a way to split by space as a delimiter but only if the space falls between a number? So you got some poorly formed excel that has all the data in one column an example I created this. Because if people have different or hyphenated names then that will throw it off so if we can get...

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