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    Actual 3D Graphs in Excel (for Mac)

    I have three columns of values that I want to graph on an actual 3D (x-, y-, z-axis) chart. As far as I can find, Excel only offers 3D charts as a visual effect. Is there a way to graph 3D data, or does Excel really only have the capability to do 2D? For system info, I'm running Excel:mac 2008...
  2. D

    Pasting multiline text in Mac Excel 2004

    I'm used to Excel under Windows, so this came as a bit of an annoyance: On the Mac I had selected some multiline text from a Mac Mail message. I formatted my destination as Text, Wrap Text. Then I selected the cell and tried to paste (Opt-V). I could see the text in the edit box top right, but...

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