mac/pc problems

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    Printing Excel Document from MAC

    MAC users are stating that when printing an excel document, the right side is being cutoff.
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    How to overcome the "Formula too long" error on windows excel...

    I have worked on this really difficult long formula, but the problem is, I have been working from my Mac. And my office, which this formula was made for, is all PC. Now generally this isn't a problem, but apparently PC's have a limit on how long the formula can be. Is there anyway to overcome...
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    Running MAC macros on PC

    I recorded and wrote macros in Mac Excel 2004, and I would like to use them on a PC, but they don't work because of differences in how the clipboard holds information when you copy and paste (I think :confused: ). I've searched online, and seen a fix for a specific instance, but I was wondering...

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