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  1. S

    VBA or macro to autofill sheet 1 from sheet 2 using date ranges and names.

    Hello I was needing some help creating a macro or script to take the data from our team schedule and add it to a work summary report that I have to do. Please see the samples below. Each month I would be looking to update a new sheet with the monthly schedule. From this, <a...
  2. X

    VBA April Fools Office Prank

    Hi All, I know this is slightly out of the normal range of questions/posts usually made, but I'm hoping this will be a fun challenge that everyone can participate in. I'm trying to prepare early this year for a great April fools prank for my pals at the office. I'm known as the excel guy at...
  3. T

    Run an Add-in from another workbook

    Hi All, Thanks in advance. Excel 2007 I'm looking for a macro to run the same Add-In on various different workbooks. Add-In name is "HRwsBTH" I have about 20+ workbooks that I need to open and manually refresh my Add-In and it's very time consuming. So what I would like to achieve with the...
  4. twinetwstr

    Add-In Macro not available 2010

    I use Add-Ins all the time and have the folders all added to the The error I am getting is "Cannot run the macro " xxx Macro Location xxx". The Macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled." I developed the macro and add-in on this machine, and have used it...
  5. M

    Highlighting Macro

    Scroll down windows in Cells E3:E25. Source =$T$7:$T$14 When option T14 ("Complete") is selected, I want the corresponding Row to be highlighted yellow. Rows have highlight prior to this. How would I go about this? Thank you for any help in advance.
  6. C

    Extracting stock prices into excel

    Hey guys I've been searching around for plugins and such to allow me to get automatic update on stock prices for my portfolio spreadsheet. The most popular one seems to be the MSN money stock quotes plugin but the link does not seem to be working, I've tried for days.... Is there any other...
  7. M

    Filter and sort

    Hi I'm wondering if it is possible for someone to do me something up as I'm no coder. What I'm essentially wanting to do is be able to search through a list of words within excel and filter out anything that is not in the standard English dictionary and also remove numbers; these words will have...
  8. K

    Trouble Distributing Macro in an Addon

    Hi, I'm trying to distribute a macro I created in an Addon file. The addon works on my computer, but does not work on someone elses computer. Here is what I'm doing: 1) Open up a brand new workbook 2) Save the work book and title it 3) Push Alt+F11 and create a module and paste my code 4)...

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