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    how to run a macro on a group of files and merge results in a masterfile?

    hey, I have a macro that creates a diagram and copies it to another file.. my code looks like this one: 'create diagram: ActiveSheet.Shapes.AddChart2(227, xlLine).Select ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Range( _ "'Tabelle1'!$F$3:$F$722")...
  2. J

    VBA open file with name that changes daily

    I use a program called Fishbowl for inventory management. Each day, the program generates a report of all orders fulfilled that day as a .csv file. I want to create a macro that will automatically open this file daily, reformat it, save it as an Excel file and email a .pdf of the reformatted...
  3. Prevost

    Run Macro on click of cell in range target - Intersect/Target Clarification

    Hi There, I have a question regarding the code below which is written on a worksheet. Firstly, does all code written on a worksheet have to be named "Worksheet_SelectionChange"? And what is "ByVal Target" mean? Lastly, the line "If Not Intersect(Target, CheckRange) Is Nothing Then" is not quite...
  4. Z

    VBA: execute macro series consecutively

    Hello, I have about 4 steps to execute with Excel files and I have 4 separate vba macros created for this. I'm wondering if I can create a vba macro that would execute those 4 macros consecutively? Thank you for your advice.
  5. A

    looping year auto script

    I have a macro I would like my workbook to perform automatically at the beginning of each year. I know how to write something simple like do this if the date is greater than X but that only works for one year. How can I make it so that when its done running the macro it changes the code to...

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