macro button

  1. G

    Dynamic Button for Email Macro

    Hi all, I have created a macro that generates emails with attachments. It works wonderfully attaching it to a button. BUT, I have about 300 rows in my original workbook, and initially I thought I would have to set 300 buttons per row and attach 300 different macros to them to activate. What...
  2. C

    New sheet with name and copied data based on macro button on each respective row

    I got the first part(putting the buttons on each row) from NateSC here in MrExcel, so shout out to him! 🙏 So I need the "Sheet #" macro buttons on J column to do the following: - Create a new sheet with the name on column A of its respective row. - Copy the titles on row 1(A1:K1) and copy the...
  3. P

    Macro button which export range of worksheet to a new file and save as xls or pdf

    Hi, there, Can anyone help me to figure out the macro commands which: 1. Copy the specific range of sheet into a new workbook; 2. Copied workbook will contain the cell values and format only not the strings or formulas. 3. "Save as", so the user can choose the directory and the name of the...
  4. A

    Excel VBA, how to create a macro that creates a PivotTable from 1 data sheet from another workbook

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well! I need some help with a macro that I'm trying to make. Every month I get a data sheet named 'Mutaties' from a few customers, which I then turn in to a Pivot Table. Tho when doing this for 30 customers.. it gets repetitive. I'm trying to build a...
  5. S

    custom sort button vba

    i need two buttons to sort my data because some days i need my data sorted in way 1 and sometimes in way 2 so i need 2 different buttons for it way 1: its a custom sort on column M and the custom list is ( 24 H, 48 H, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 Month, 2 Months, Monthly, Yearly)...
  6. K

    Macro-assigned button causes error

    I have a code that generates two new sheets based off of templates every time that it runs. I have a button that the macro is assigned to. When I click the button, it generates the first of the two sheets and then gives me an error 400 message. I go back, delete the sheet that was generated, and...
  7. W

    VBA macro button to select todays date changes formatting???

    Hello I hope somebody can shed some light for me. I have a macro button on my s/sheet that runs pretty well to highlight todays date within a row. However it also red borders the left and right side of the column below and im not sure why? It is quite useful and I would like to have the same...
  8. tlc53

    Lock edited cells with Macro Button

    Hi there, I have found instruction on how to lock cells immediately after data has been entered however, I'd like to lock the cells with a push of a button/macro. Is this possible? Data is currently entered in B12:K105. I would like it so when they hit the "Transfer Journal" button, any cells...
  9. tlc53

    Macro to hide and unhide multiple rows at a time

    Hi there, I have a table of 40 lines in which I manually hide/unhide depending on the amount of data needing to go in (40 lines max). I would like to have two macro buttons so that I can hide/unhide 5 rows at a time. So 1-5 would always show, add +5 line button and rows 1-10 would show, add +5...
  10. R

    Macro's not showing up in macro table

    I have a couple subs that call other subs that do not show up in the macro table. I guess because the sub simply contains arguments??? I would like to assign this to a button. Anyone know how I can get it to show up in the macro table? ****************************** Sub RunSolvers() If Not...
  11. B

    Calculate number of workdays since a date

    Hi experts - I'm looking for a macro to calculate the number of work days since a date (when a document was signed). Below is columns F and G from the workbook. <tbody> Document signed date Workdays since 01-January-2018 15-February-2018 </tbody> Now, I know that this can be fairly...
  12. J

    Popup message after clicking macro button

    Hello, I have the code below which I am using to send a spreadsheet by clicking a button. How would I go about having a popup message appear after clicking the button? What would the code look like for that? Thanks in advance. Sub SendWorkSheet() 'Update 20131209 Dim xFile As String Dim...
  13. J

    Macro to send worksheet to Outlook email

    Hi, I am not too familiar with macros. Is it possible to create a macro that will send a worksheet as an attachment to an Outlook email? I would like to create a "Submit" button at the bottom of my worksheet that will send the email if possible. Also, is it possible to have a dialogue box open...
  14. P

    Macro with Multiple If Statements

    Hello, I would like some help in creating a button macro for a spreadsheet that is essentially a user form. The form has four cells in which the user enters requested information in cells B6, B8, B10, or B12. Not all of the cells require a number. When the user clicks on the button, I would...
  15. D

    Multiple Macro Buttons Hide/Show Specific Amount of Lines

    Hi, I'm fairly new to vb all on my own and have a small understanding of it. I'm in voice engineering so I'm trying to map a sales workbook/form to a hidden tab for building the telephone lines in the switch via .csv, so learning excel was something I didn't expect. I have read many posts...
  16. J

    Cannot click macro button while in page break preview?

    Hello, I am trying to use a macro button that allows the user to set the page breaks. The goal would be to have the button work as listed below... If ActiveSheet is in PageBreakPreview mode, then switch back to normal mode If ActiveSheet is in Normal mode, then switch to PageBreakPreview As...
  17. M

    VBA- Auto-generate PO# and Auto-save as PO# for file name

    There is already a "Purchase Order" excel Template worksheet. There are 4-5 people using this document in one office, and they have a shared server where all purchase orders are stored inside a folder that is shared by everyone. Requirements: Whenever someone opens this Purchase Order document...
  18. R

    Click Twice on a Macro Button

    Is it possible to have a button on a worksheet do different things on its first click to a second click? For example, I currently have a button that unhides tabs in a worksheet and I would like the tabs to be hidden again if clicked twice, so like a toggle button? My code so far is as follows...
  19. J

    Create a macro button to show due dates "this week" or "this month"

    Hello, I am trying to create a macro button that shows due dates for "this week" and "the next two weeks" and "next month". I have delivery due dates in column K in a spreadsheet and at the click of a button, I would like to display only the rows that have due dates for this week, etc. Also...
  20. O

    VBA: create macro button to open file directory and import txt data to excel

    Hi all, ive been searching the web for answers over the weekend but to no avail. i have no knowledge on vba codes so go easy on me. i would need help on the following: 1. when i click the button, it opens file directory C:\desktop\ 2. i will proceed to select .txt or .csv file 3. upon...

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