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    Exporting Excel Charts to PowerPoint

    Hello Gurus, Good day! Could you possibly help me amend the codes I found below: Basically, I am trying to create a PPT Template for my report - the charts, table format and tab names in excel are same. Is there any way to copy the format in excel (as seen in the excel print preview) on the...
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    VBA Copy and Paste to new tab based on Autofilter - Troubleshooting blanks

    Hi, I'm trying to figure something out with a macro that I'm working on. I'm not very experienced with macros but I'm figuring it out as I go, and what I want to accomplish is working EXCEPT when the source table doesn't have data for a particular filter. Here are the details (with fictional...
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    VBA Copy Past Data

    Hi Gurus, Could possibly help me formulate the codes so I can get the results like the Clean Sheet? I just need to get the data per account per month in descending order and will exclude those accounts with zero shares. Raw sheet <tbody> Account Name Note Mar-19 Feb-19 Jan-19 001...
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    Import CSVs Macro Error Troubleshooting. Please Help a Newbie Out!!

    Hi all! I'm super new to macros/vba and am working on a project for work that requires me to import csvs from a folder into a specific workbook. Each csv will need to go into a new sheet of this same workbook. I read around on the site to get the code I need to pull this off, but for some...
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    Automate the Copy & Paste process.

    Hello Team, need to automate the process where in i am currently copy paste the data from one file to another file. Needed in macro. 1. Select the file that needs to copied (Source File). 2. Copy the all the cells, which have data. 3. Open the Destination File, last + 1 row & paste the...
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    Help: Macro for copying old workbook columns to new workbook

    Hey guys so im struggling with making a macro: To start; i get inventory lists that don't have my data on it and have to go copy columns from multiple tabs. I was creating the macro below but the problem am having is: How can i make this work on any 2 workbooks i have (ex: this one is copying...
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    Macro to copy and paste specific values

    I volunteer for my local scout group and wish to create a report that shows which badges have been completed, which are in progress and which have not been started. This is to make building a program easier as we can see what badges to work around. Currently we use a system that allows us to...
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    Macro Merge Particular sheet from multiple workbook

    Hi there Could you please help me here I need to merge particular sheet "Consolidated data" from the different work book saved in the same folder to another work book without formulas. Save as values.
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    VBA Check if Cell is Empty & Add to Database Sheet

    Hi Excel Gurus, I'm working on an macro project and almost done. I'm just having a problem on this: I have 2 excel sheet, one is working file and the other is database. What the macro needs to do is to check the cell with blank category (in working file) and add below column data in the...
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    Automation of search and extract data from SAP (IM33)

    I would like to create an excel macro where I can click on a button, and it will perform the following functions: 1. Open SAP Easy Access 2. Open IM33 - Display Budget of Inv.Prog.Position 3. Search terms laid out within specific cells 4. Upon displaying results, copy information displayed 5...
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    VBA - copy and paste worksheet with new name

    Hello Can anyone please point me in the right direction with some VBA? I want to copy and paste a worksheet ("Phase2_Timeline") onto a new worksheet (that hasn't yet been created), but for it to be called "TU Report " & Format(Date, "dd-mmm-yy"). I have been trying; Sub Create_TUReport()...
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    Automation of search and extract data from SAP (IM33)

    I would like to create an excel macro where I can click on a button, and it will perform the following functions: 1. Open SAP 2. Open IM33 - Display Budget of Inv.Prog.Position 3. Search terms laid out within specific cells 4. Upon displaying results, copy information displayed 5. Paste into a...
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    VBA - insert new row Y, copy row X and paste format and formulas in row Y

    Hello Sorry this could be really simple but I've spent hours and feel like I'm going round in circles! Any help would be really appreciated. I want a macro to insert a new row below the current active cell, then copy and paste format and formula from row 8 into that new row. I have been...
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    VBA - Copy Row Data Based on Criteria

    Hello Excel Gurus, I was thinking of creating a macro based on below criteria: 5 Tabs will be created in running the macro: 1. New - New accounts that doesn't have any previous data (Copy Whole row) 2. Zero - Accounts that doesn't have any score currently but previously existing (Copy Whole...
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    Problem Importing Data from Directory With VBA

    I am trying import data from 3 worksheets in a specified work book. My code works to delete the existing data in the destination wb. When I the code gets to the import commands it does not import. I have checked the file names and they match. When the resource actuals wb opens it is read only...
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    Copy data from one column to a new column in the same sheet.

    Hello, I am working on a macro to find column names "Prov_Specialty" , add new column named "Specialty1" and copy data from the original column to the new column. Here is how far did I get: Dim Found As Range Dim LR As Long Set Found = Rows(1).Find(what:="Prov_Specialty", LookIn:=xlValues...
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    Copying Data from one excel to another Matching Headers

    I have a few excel which has 23 columns and another few with 7 columns with headers which I get daily with new data. I have another excel which is the master excel where I have all the data updated. My master excel has only 12 headers and columns. The headers are not the same on the master excel...
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    [VBA] Search worksheet for match and copy/paste

    Hi, I have two excel documents, "Book1" and "Book2". Book1 is exported from our business system. Book2 is a compilation of forecast from the businesssystem data that were exported. Today I have to manually put in the data from Book1 to Book2. I want to put a VBA Code in Book2 to import data...
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    Creating a Macro to import data from other Excel document

    Hi there, I'm trying to create a series of Macros in a document, that will enable us to import data from a sheet on another document, into a sheet onto the active document. Multiple people will have access to the document, at different locations, so the files the data is being imported from...
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    Macro to open multiple files in a folder and copy 'all' values from a column and paste it in a master file

    Hello, I have two folders with multiple files (daily SAP users). I need to open each and every file and copy values from col. C and paste it in a master file in col. A. The values from the next file (col. C) need to be copied in Master file (col. A) in the first empty cell, and continue till...

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