macro - copy/paste

  1. D

    Macro Help - Copy and Paste Values Only in Same Cells

    I am new to macros and am having trouble creating a macro that will copy a range of cells and then paste just the values back into the same cells. Basically I just need to get rid of the formulas and paste the value back into the same location. I have tried the coding below, but I am getting an...
  2. B

    Help I need a hero! Advanced Macro open close copy paste etc.

    I have a master commission sheet that has every salesperson with the invoices they get commissioned on. Each individual also has their own individual spreadsheet that has their information along with some personal targets and other information. In the master commission sheet, I have the...
  3. B

    Need program to move to insert row

    Hey new to macros. My issue, I want my macro to loop through a number of cells on sheet1 and then transfer the entries into specific cells onto sheet2. On sheet2 column A, I want specific headings to be printed based on whether or not the values in sheetA1 are different. Visual aid: Sheet 1...
  4. Goalexcel

    Copy discontinuous rows in continuous rows

    I have sheet 1 from column A until column AW, or until count, different rows, to copy to another sheet with macro., in only one column . Sheet 1 Row A1 = 1, have to copy to sheet 2 Column A and Column B
  5. B

    extract all numeric values in sheet starting with ...

    Hello, I'm currently having such a big backlog at work after a covid outbreak on our department and the pile keeps on increasing and increasing, despite already working 10 hours per day on average. There are so many manual acations required before an invoice can be processed, that I can't catch...
  6. T

    VBA Code to copy all cells from workbooks located on a specific file and paste it on master workbook

    I have a master workbook that I need to update 4 sheets daily (Data A, Data B, Data C, Data D) I get the data workbook and worksheet name differently each time so I change it manually in order for the code run that copies the first sheet of the workbook on a specified folder so I need to change...
  7. A

    Macro to copy data to template and to generate new excel workbooks.

    Hello, So I have tried solving this problem, but I just cant come up with a solution. I have 2 files (see attached). Master File and a template. I need a macro that copies data from the Masterfile columns per row to the template and then save it with a new file name lets say "Template-110122"...
  8. A

    VBA to fill many ranges of empty cells in columns A and B with different cell values

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year so far. I'm really struggling with a macro I'm trying to build and I hope I can get some advice here :) I have a sheet (called: "Motors") with 24720 rows. I'm trying to fill empty ranges with different intervals in column A and B with the values...
  9. P

    Help with VBA Formula/Code

    The intended effect: The code filters the table (Table1) on Sheet("AutoCensusReport") according to the EditLine# autofilter conditions. Then, if there are any rows that ARENT hidden it selects the unhidden cells that aren't blank in range A and pastes them in the first empty cell in range A on...
  10. T

    CopyToRange doesn't copy

    Hi all, I'm having an Excel and I want to create a list of all unique values in Column A and B and copy them to a new sheet. This is my current Excel: This is my code: Sub CreateUniqueList() Dim lastrow As Long Dim ws As String ws = ActiveSheet.Name Sheets.Add.Name = "mysheet"...
  11. S

    Macro Formula to Copy Specific Data Only In A Sheet, Paste the Copied Data Below Original Data with New Description And Multiply The Value Of A Cell

    Hey All, I am having major difficulties working out a macro formula for what I am trying to do, unfortunately, this seems way, way more advanced than my current skillset, and I can't seem to find any good video tutorials on what I am trying to do. I am trying to create a macro with a button...
  12. D

    Copy specific range until row value is specific string

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find a way to copy a range from and until a cell contains the specific text "Total". L1/2 are the header, so the data should begin copying at L3:Q for the blue background. However, I want to stop copying once it reaches "Total". I'm currently just being thrown errors and...
  13. G

    comparing two columns from two sheets

    i have two sheets with two columns 'broj' i must compare those column and if i find matching values, cells from sheet 2 copying in sheet 1. like example i have sheet 1 ABCDEFGHIJ1brojkorisnikbanka...
  14. U

    VBA: IF value greater than and less than

    Hello Gurus, I'm getting a syntax error on this part of my code. Anyone who can help me tweak the code below? = = = = Sub Check With Range("Z2") .Formula = "=IF(Z2<0,"Less",IF(Z2>0,"Add",IF(Z2=0,"Zero")))" With .Resize(Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row - 1)...
  15. D

    Using VBA to search over multiple sheets and paste data into new one

    Hello, Im new in VBA, and im searching for a script that would search in multiple sheets within one woorkbook, for specific text (specified in script itself) and paste it in a new sheet. for a descritpion: - multiple sheets (search in all of them) - skip new reference sheet + few others...
  16. C

    Macro - Copy value from the final cell of a column and paste into a cell on another sheet

    Hi there, I’m hoping that someone can help with this query. I am very new to VBA so apologise in advance if the answer here is obvious. I am trying to achieve the following: Create a macro that can be assigned to a button (in the simple form of a shape) that can perform the following two...
  17. T

    Copy Paste VBA

    hi all, I hope you're all well : I'm trying my luck with writing a Macro today for the first time and would be super grateful for a little help. I'm trying to copy three cells from one row over into another sheet, across three columns. Then I'd like to move on to the next row and copy over...
  18. F

    Find specific empty Row (excel macro) - Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1).Row

    Hello Guys, I have seen similar threads on the forum but none has gotten a final solution. I would really appreciate your help, My requirement is pretty simple. so this code, Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1).Row -> Is supposed to give me the last available row in column C which it...
  19. R

    When cell in column contains value, select cell on the right, copy and paste in cell on right again

    Hi there, I'm having trouble figuring this one out, I'd like to include this code in a macro that sorts some information out for me, but for the life of me can't find a code that will just select a column on the left/right without putting the exact cell name, which is not what I want. Here's...
  20. L

    Gaps in pasted rows

    Hi there, I hope that you can help me. I am wishing to copy and paste rows from a donor worksheet to a recipient worksheet based on one of 2 criteria being met in column H. When the appropriate rows are copied across there are gaps in the recipient worksheet pertaining to the questions that...
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