macro - copy/paste

  1. S

    Can a macro help create a user hierarchy?

    Hi everyone, I'm very new to VBA, so really hoping you guys can help with this. I have a very painful that I need to do every week and I am trying to automate it to some extent to try and save some time (and my sanity!). I get a file from HR with the email address, name, title, and email+name...
  2. E

    Switch between different PivotTable Fields for Values

    Hi, I have an excel file where employees can submit projects they are working on and amount spent on the project each month. The names of the months are therefore in the columns as headers. When I make a PivotTable out of the table I have the persons in the Row sections and the month I want to...
  3. J

    Macro runs very slow

    Can anyone tell me why this macro takes over a minute to execute? Or perhaps offer an alternative way to do these commands? Sub Clear() ' ' Clear Macro ' Application.EnableEvents = False 'Move Stock Range("NHKStock").Copy ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Lanes").Range("AI4") 'Move Leftmost Lane...
  4. S

    VBA Code- finding #Spill and moving the formula to the next column

    I'm not sure if it's even possible, but I need help in the following: so far, I made a made to insert rows, by the value of D minus 1, each time column D is >1. The macro is working from bottom to top since its trickier for the macro to function if the last row keeps changing as its going top...
  5. A

    VBA code that copies each option in a drop-down list and pastes it to a new workbook as values and formatting.

    Hi, I have a sheet in a workbook that displays results based on a drop-down list in that sheet. For example, if you choose "Site 1" from the list it will show the data pertaining to "Site 1" in that sheet. There are about 100 different options (100 different Sites) in the drop-down list. I am...
  6. K

    VBA for using a check box to Regen that row and then uncheck the box (ready to run macro again)

    Hello All, I'm making myself a task list, in this list i will have repeating tasks. Once the task is done (and dated) it needs to be done again (think how the laundry is in an never ending loop of despair). I'm VERY new to VBA and despite a few days of google searching (which I, previous to...
  7. W

    Rows to Column - Macro

    Hi guys, can you help me. I need a macro for this problem. Thanks in advance! :)
  8. C

    Macro to copy cells to a variable range and then loop

    Needing a macro that can copy cells on a line in columns B, C and D to a variable range in those same columns defined by the next line of the spreadsheet that has text in columns B, C and D and then repeat. I have tried a number of loops but failed miserably. I have attached images of what the...
  9. U

    VBA: Lookup Based on Criteria

    Hello Gurus, Do you have any thoughts on how to code this scenario (see image below)? I was thinking of using Cell I2 in SHEET 1 as reference in order to pull the info from the different sheets (specific Data sheet and Others sheet). Appreciate the thoughts. :)
  10. tazeo

    Need help with copying worksheets and creating pivot tables/charts in new workbooks using Macro

    I've been working on a report that I clean and collate using PowerQuery, and it's been fantastic. However, I'm facing a slight issue when it comes to taking the output (which has been split into worksheets, with one worksheet for each work group) and creating a new workbook for each sheet. My...
  11. Goalexcel

    Tracking numbers

    Greetings, I would like your help to create a macro excel to track numbers and copy to next sheet. Here can you find the excel file with the data. When we updated the data, we have to clear the rest of sheets, to copy new numbers.
  12. A

    Using Macros to copy data from a form onto a log and then clear the form

    Hello can somebody help with the following problem please? I'm trying to create a macro which I will then attach to a button. Macro steps: 1. Select next available row after row 3 on 'sheet2' 2. Insert current time of day into column B on selected row 3. Copy cell C7 from 'sheet1' and paste...
  13. H

    macro to copy and paste range in next available column 'x' number of times

    Looking for a macro that will copy a range of data and paste it repeatedly into the next available columns 'x' number of times. The number of times will be specified on another worksheet, cell A1. In the example below, data was copied from range B1:C4 and pasted into D1:E4 and F1:G4, so 2 times...
  14. A

    Copy Data from One sheet to another based on the condition column

    Hi, I need help, please. I saw a few options but nothing worked so far. My problem is this: I work with two sheets on the same file, "RawData" and "FinalData" RawData is summarized data from PowerBI and it varies in the number of rows. I added a column on that sheet with a condition, with Copy...
  15. S

    Macro - Paste into next empty row

    Hi. I'm looking for advice on how to update my simple macro. I would like it to copy selected data from Sheet 1, and paste into the next empty row in Sheet 2, before deleting it from sheet 1. Here's what I have so far: Range("B2:F2").Select Selection.Copy Sheets("Sheet 2").Select...
  16. A

    Problem with my macro and it deletes formulas.

    Hello everyone, I am noticing a problem with my macro, but I can't find where I broke it. The reason it broke is because I was trying to fix a problem where my macro deletes the =SOM formulas that were in the same column. Here is an explanation of what my macro does: My macro needs to copy...
  17. rudogg

    Macro to copy selected column data and always paste into same Column

    Hello: I am looking to create a macro that will be a ribbon button, that will copy values that have already been selected by the user, in either columns C,D or E and always paste them in column B. See table below for an example. The user selects cells 1, 2 and 3 of data in col C and runs the...
  18. M

    Copying a workbook sheet to the bottom of another workbook sheet

    Hi Everyone. I pull multiple reports from the same source and they are all built (same number of columns & same headers) identically. Only the data is different. Obviously I can copy them, go to the very bottom of the first workbook data, and paste in the first row. That was fine where there...
  19. L

    Macro for Formula with Reference Cell

    I’m creating a macro so I can click and drag down a formula X rows. The formula contains reference cells in another excel file that automatically increment. This is what I want. When I run the macro, the cells keep incrementing past what the original formula increments to. How do I repeat...
  20. D

    Macro Help - Copy and Paste Values Only in Same Cells

    I am new to macros and am having trouble creating a macro that will copy a range of cells and then paste just the values back into the same cells. Basically I just need to get rid of the formulas and paste the value back into the same location. I have tried the coding below, but I am getting an...

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