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  1. A

    Renaming tabs "400" macro run error

    Hello! I am having trouble running a macro that was written to re-name the tabs in a worksheet. It comes up with a box and "400". Now my main source of confusion is that I have the exact same code & references in another spreadsheet and it works 100% fine. Does anyone know what could be...
  2. S

    need to create printable labels using macro

    i need to create printable lables for my products from a list in excle . From below two coloums Sku PO Qty Bracelets-BB003 6 Bracelets-BB004 8 Bracelets-BB029 5 Bracelets-BB061 8 Bracelets-BB063 3 i need to run a macro which gives the below format Bracelets-BB003...
  3. G

    Combining 2 Marco to Run all at once

    How do i combine the 2 Macro to run all at once. Below is the last part of the 1st Marco then the beginning of the second. Should i just add After Next End IF Layering End Sub For i = 1 TorepRng.Count cpyRng.Offset(cpyRng.Rows.Count * i) =cpyRng.Value...
  4. K

    Powerpoint 2010 - Auto pdate embedded Excel 2010 worksheet

    Hi, Not sure if Powerpoint VBA is the same as in Excel so please just close this thread if I'm in the wrong. Essentially I have inserted a linked worksheet object in to a Powerpoint slide and I would like this worksheet to automatically update each time this particular slide is viewed. The...
  5. K

    Workbook Sometimes Doesn't Find Macro in Another Workbook

    I have a workbook that has a macro in it that other workbooks access. I find that sometimes when I open another workbook which doesn't contain the macro and try to run that other workbook's macro, sometimes it finds it and sometimes it doesn't. Details: The main WB that has the macro is open...
  6. A

    Macro keeps Setting Up Problem and never runs

    Hello All, I created a macro that used to work for a previous project. Now that I have adapted it to a new project, when I run the macro, Excel keeps setting up the problem and the macro does not start running. The code is apparently correct so I was wondering if the problem is: 1. The problem...
  7. P

    How to create a VBA macro that takes an excel master file & saves it as several new excel files

    Hi guys, wondering if anyone can help me please, I have a master excel data file and I would like to sort it and do some vlookups with a VBA and then save the data into separate excel workbooks that contains a pivot table and saves into a specific folder location. I have no VBA experience...
  8. M

    Disabled macros and won't run

    I have a workbook with a macro in a module file called by Ctrl+D but this fails with the error "Cannot run the macro. The macro may not be available or all macros may be disabled". In the developer tab I can see the macro but the "run" "step into" and "edit" options are all disabled. macro...
  9. M

    Macro to extract data from Web and fill in excel

    Hi All, Need your help in creating a macro to extract some data from web and fill in an excel. I have tried to work on an existing macro and made few changes to it to as per my requirement. Am able to get the raw data in a worksheet but not able to get it in to an other sheet in required...
  10. C

    running of macro excel "not responding"

    Hello everyone after spending quite some time on this forum and finding quite a lot of useful answers, I am coming to you with my problem. My company (a private clinic) is in need to get some important data on a daily basis. From the software that we use to manage patients, I can run a report...
  11. T

    Merge ranges from specific sheets by adding the sheet name as the first column

    I have quite a number of sheets whose names end in _A or _B. I would like to merge all sheets ending in _A or _B under one another., only ranges A:C until last value in column A. (There is always a value in cells in column A, but not necessarily in corresponding columns B and C, that is...
  12. R

    Create a Dropdown in one excel workbook and the data source is another workbook - Macro Required

    Hi All, I want to create a dropdown in one excel workbook and the source date is another workbook. Whenever we add more data <gs id="b70b3f28-fa4a-4fc1-a025-beba340ed036" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="c9cce16f-b9fc-4119-aca8-7fb8f30199dd" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">in</gs> <gs...
  13. A

    Amending Date Range In a Formula From A Macro-UserForm

    Hi So I will explain in more details, the following formula downloads data from Google Analytics for a certain period ...
  14. S

    Macro triggering other Subs not working: Weird

    I have a Module that has worked for almost a year but is now not working. I've had to rebuild the worksheet because of a un-delete-able style issue that was causing confusion on the part of the end users. So I copied this module into the new workbook. Here's a sample: Sub VehInv() cntYear...
  15. A

    Password protect macro at certain time period

    Can I password protect the below macro to run between 8.30am and 6pm? with a message like "Please enter password to refresh the pivot tables between 8.30am and 6.00pm" But however the I need macro to run without the need of the password between 6.01pm and 8.29am. Sub AllSheetsRefresh()...
  16. S

    Moving Entire Row to Another Sheet Based on Progress Column Value

    Hello, I'm very new to the forum and am by no means an excel VBA pro. I have been asked to update our task tracking sheet for the office and could really use some help! My boss has asked me to create a macro that, when run (not automatically), will cut and move the entire row of a completed...
  17. A

    Help with Macro to create pivot table

    I am trying to have a macro that will create a pivot table on a sheet using the data from column C and D. I would like for this work on any sheet in the workbook and to run on the active sheet when the macro is run. When I make the pivot table I have no problem and it looks just like I want but...
  18. W

    Running recorded macro on different workbook

    My brain is hurting from trying to figure this out, so any help would be greatly appreciated : ) I already have a Macro saved to my Personal file in order to use it on any workbook -- the macro is intended to add information to 'Sheet2' of a workbook, as well as paste data from 'Sheet1', as...
  19. T

    Cell Range last modified formula/macro

    Hi, I'm looking for a macro or formula to use so that each time data in each individual row is modified on the spreadsheet, it records the date it was last modified in column J for each row/ I've tried various macros but am also slightly unsure of how to use them. I'm using Excel 2013, if...
  20. F

    Any way to make this MACRO faster??

    Hi all, Can someone please take a look and hopefully figure out a way to speed up the execution of the following vba code? Thank you in advance! Code: Sub Remove_Rows() Sheets("Data").Activate Dim LRow As Long, n As Long LRow = Range("C1000000").End(xlUp).Row For n = LRow To 1 Step...

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