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    Macros to search cell & copy value next to that cell..paste this value in new excel

    Hi I want to make macros which gives me box to enter value (e.g. "set") and search "set" in whole sheet than paste value(e.g."groups" next to "set" in another sheet in my defined column/Row. Tool should have below option to manually filling 1.Text/number to Search 2. Location to paste (e.g...
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    Paste on first empty row

    I have searched through as many of the forum posts that i could find but have been unable to find the answer i need. I have a form that will be used for data entry and i want to create a macro that will take specific data from the form and paste into the first empty row of a summary workbook...
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    copying of a sheet to a new workbook

    I have some code which i use to export a sheet to a new workbook, its a summary reporting sheet. It works fine but im wondering if i can improve this. At the moment the issue is the code has to reference the new workbook to copy the data (fields have more than 255 characters). Excel adds 1 to...
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    Extracting Specific Values from Separate Workbooks for a Master Workbook

    Hi there, I'm looking for help coding a specific macro multiple workbook task. Here's what I'm trying to do: I have a folder, titled "Analysis". Inside it there is a "MasterList.xls" workbook and a "Data" folder. Inside the "Data" folder are all my source workbooks. The source workbooks are...

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