1. C

    Email Hyperlink

    Hello: When I click an email hyperlink, it currently opens to the Mail app. Is there any way to have this switched to Outlook? Thanks OJ
  2. F

    Sending mail

    I was using a CDO sub to send mail and it work great. I now have upgraded my computer and bought the newest subscription for Excel. I am not sure what happened but the sub does not work any more. I am hoping someone will be able to give me some code that will work. This has ruined my entire...
  3. R

    VBA Code to mail from excel is attaching all files in range

    Hello Everyone, This is my first post so thank you very much in advance for any help.. I am trying to send individual mail from excel to three team members. I have member name range in C column, email id range in D column and file location path range in F column. My problem is when code is...
  4. H

    opening all .msg files from a folder and saving them as pdf

    Hi, i have saved almost 500 mail copies in a folder. the task is to open all the mail copies and save them as pdf. the below code loops through the folder. however, i need help so that i can save each mail item as pdf. help would be highly appreciated Sub bla_OK() Dim objOL As Object Dim Msg...
  5. R

    Excel code to trigger mail

    I've a monthly data base register with 50 plus members. I find few members are not entering data in specific cells or entering data which is out of date (EX: Actual end date is exceeding present date). I need to send mail every time to all defaulters. Please find my requirement below and anyone...
  6. H

    Call Word document (with mergefields ready) and MailMerge it from Excel (all hosted on Sharepoint)

    I have to setup a series of mail merged forms for my school to invite guest speakers to our classrooms. For that, I have setup a table called Guest_Speaker_MM. I've already created all the merge fields and tested them using manual mail merge and they worked fine. However, when these files...
  7. C

    Macro code

    hi I am trying to copy entire row based on cell value and also wants to create a mail with the copied row data. want to paste the copied row as mail body. can anyone help me with this
  8. K

    Mail Merge - Blank Spaces

    Hello, I am working in a mail merge document, and I need the output to look something like this: Vacation: Life Insurance: Disability: etc. However, the issue is that sometimes the fields are blank, and if they're blank it messes up the spacing. I want the document to ignore any blanks...
  9. L

    mail merge change the format of the date

    Hi I am not sure if this excel or word issue. I have a column in excel which has dates formatted as below. When I mail merge to word, I loss the format and the date will convert to something like that 30/09/20, instead of the format below. Why is that. Thank you so much...
  10. S

    How to get outlook mail data into excel macro

    Hi Guys, Hope you all going good!!! I need your help to get outlook email data into excel sheet. Following details to be collect:- 1.From email address. 2. Mail Subject. 3. Mail body. 4. Also macro have to fetch data for customised dates. Thanks in advance.
  11. V

    Mail Merge Code

    Hi, Thanks in advance My Query is My hosting account has a limit of sending only 200 emails/hour - 20 per minute. I broke my list down into sets of 200 to send out every hour. However, when using mail merge I can't find a way to control how many of these are sent per minute. Is there any way...
  12. C

    Mail to be sent from Excel with info from specified columns

    Hi Team I would like to send a mail from excel with the info from - specified columns - Specific email body Please see screenshot - SDA email - that should be To - TL Email - That should be in CC - Reason and INC/WO should be in subject with line "Returned Ticket...... - Email body - "Your...
  13. P

    Mail Merge Function with emailing different excel worksheet under email attachment

    Hi All, When doing Mail Merge, is it possible to send individual customer with individual different excel worksheet in each email as an attachment? Cheers, Peter
  14. M

    Macro to use mail merge with word and then save each printout as a pdf

    Can someone help with the coding to save a letter template in Word that will fill with each persons name (column a) via mail merge and then save each page as a unique file name under (column B)?
  15. S

    2 Worksheets and Yes answer

    So I have 2 worksheets. Sheet 1 contains 425 rows and the last column being used is O currently. The first column contains a unique identifier number. Sheet 2 is used to send out mail merges it contains less rows until it is filled and the last column being used is S currently. Now in Sheet1...
  16. Expiry

    Mail Merge/ VBA

    I have a table, listing about 500 people that have been issued between 1 and 12 roles each. Each row of the table has a role. So, if Mr Smith has 12 roles, he will appear on 12 rows. I want to do a mail merge which would send one email to each person that lists their roles. I can't work out how...
  17. M

    Fetch the report from outlook - not replied mails by using macro

    Hi , Shall some one help to to fetch the report from outlook in excel condition is below 1) Check all today's mail from inbox and check in sent box whether we replied or not. 2) In report get all mail by sub line mark red to all not replied mail OR in next column print "yes" if replied "No"...
  18. S

    Sending mails to a list of receipnts with a fixed interval of time

    I have a list of clients to which i need to send mails. However due to service provider restrictions, i can send these mails at an interval of 10 secs only, or else my domain gets black listed for spamming. I need a VBA code where the comman mail body is used to send the mails to a particular...
  19. S

    Nesting IF?

    <tbody> Billable / Non-Billable Electronic / Mail Page Cost search Fee Y/N Search Fee PDF Postage Total Billed Billable Mail $$ Y $10.00 $6.50 $$ =$$ Billable Electronic - Y $10.00 $6.50 - =$$ Non - Billable Mail or electronic 0 N - - =$0 Non- Billable...
  20. V

    changes in vb code

    Hi all, i am using this code but want to few changes, please help Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() a = Worksheets(“Sheet1”) .Cells(Rows.Count, 1) .End(x1Up) .Row For I = 2 To a If Worksheets (“Sheet1”) .Cells(I, 3) .Value = “North” Then Worksheets (“Sheet1”) .Rows(i) .Copy...

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