1. F

    Excel maintaining connections to Access

    I have multiple excel files with several connections to a single Access database. The problem I have is that if more than one file is open at once no one can refresh the files to draw in the latest information from Access. Unfortunately, as these are used for forecasting the files there will...
  2. S

    need formula, for counting and deleting duplicate entries

    I want excel to automatically count a duplicate, show the value (number of duplicates) in another cell and then delete the duplicate while still maintaining that value. Basically the algorithm would be: 1.Excel sees there's a duplicate. 2.Plus 1 to the column B of the first occurrence...
  3. B

    VBA to overwrite value from new formula result

    Hiya all, I have a workbook in which my staff are responsible for maintaining. At the start of each week I have a snapshot of the week ahead. I have 3 columns which I am particularly interested in which shows Open Stock / Shortage Current Week / Shortage next week. They are responsible for...
  4. R

    maintaining a link between spreadsheets?

    G'day The following is all in the same workbook (5worksheets) Worksheet 1 'Overview' is made from appending information from all the other 4 user worksheets 'user1, user 2, user 3, user4' Whilst I have been able to append the data using VBA, I need to maintain a link between the spreadsheets...

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