1. D

    how do I make a macro run on any key press

    How do I get vba code to run if any key if pressed?
  2. gheyman

    Yes/No Message Box

    I would like to add a pop-up Message box that happens in this code after the DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord. "Do you want to return to the TSL?" If Yes then then DoCmd.OpenForm "frm_NIS_TSL", acNormal, "", "", , acNormal If No then the DoCmd.GoToRecord , "", acNewRec command Any help is...
  3. K

    run time error 1004

    i have a control button named "button 61" and a macro is assigned to it, within that macro there is a code : Worksheets("4_Lift Plan").OptionButtons("Button 61").Visible = False which esentially tells to make this same button invisible if certain condition is met and when i run it there is error...
  4. M

    Getting cells to reflect/mirror changes made in another cell.

    Cells: B2, C2, and D2 are the cells. Values: 19, 7, and 12. If I add 1 to 19 and make it 20. I need 12 to change to 13. If I add 1 to 7 and make it 8. I need 12 to become 11. Possible? How?
  5. H

    VBA Selection

    Hello Friends, Is there a way to move the selection to the second column of that same row. Like if the selection (target cell) is lets say column H32 then I would want the code to make the selection to B32 or if the selection (target cell) in on A15 then i would want the code to make the...
  6. P

    How to count a formula?

    In my data, I get only the date-of-birth. I made a formula to get the age- =INT((TODAY()-C276)/365) and then I make an age category: =IF(D2<12,"Child",IF(D2<18,"Adolescent","Adult")) The summary data is done by the pivot table so I show all therapy service hours by age cat. I would like to...
  7. R

    is there a way to password protect cells from being changed?

    I have created a multi-sheet workbook with several VBA codes running and I want to make sure people can't mess it up. Is there a way to make sure people can only input information into certain cells and run the codes from the buttons?
  8. D

    min formula

    i have a formula "=MIN(D5:SJ5)" but D5 starts at 11/02/17. Now I gotta change it to 11/01/18 since it's a new fiscal year for there a way to make this dynamic? that is, make it such that I dont have to manually look for where 11/01/18 (which is currently cell IS5) and change the...
  9. D

    dynamic range HORIZTONALLY

    i know veritfically (ie offset($a$1,0,0,counta(....) but how do you make one horizontally for 2 rows. also, is it possible to make a dynamic range formula that expands BOTH veritically and horizontally?
  10. S

    Autoexecute when Access is open or closed

    I have been looking for my original post or the post that I think I thought was mine but was someone else's. Anyway, we have an access tool that someone else built. Each day I press a "Run All" button and 20 mins later I finishes and I continue. We are trying to have this run automatically a...
  11. R

    Is there a way to make a checkbox automatically format a row?

    I have a sheet where I have a checkbox that is entering TRUE or FALSE into a cell. For some reason I can't seem to get those values to control the conditional formatting for that row based on those text inputs. I have a rule already setup when that cell contains "n". Is there a way I can...
  12. E

    Scoring Sheet

    I am looking for macro to do the following Input numbers into one specific cell and get a running total in a different specified cell. This is for a scoring sheet where the result gets displayed on a monitor. it would make the computer operators job easier if the figures could be entered into...
  13. E

    Make the lowest value a 0

    Hello, If i have a series of numbers as per the below, how do i make the lowest value return a 0? A1 - 25 A2 - 36 A3 - 14 A4 - 20 A5 - 6 In B1:B5 i need B1 - 25 B2 - 36 B3 - 14 B4 - 20 B5 - 0 Thank you
  14. D

    Code to make header visible

    I have a spreadsheet that makes a hidden worksheet visible upon clicking a button. How do I make the position of the page be scrolled all the way to the top so you can see the header using vba?
  15. P

    Create an email address for all rows that don't have it

    I have an exported excel file from MS ACCESS that is fine but some don't have email addresses, But they are all the same that is, Lastname. (put in a '.') How can I make a formula that will do this? Data Lastname Firstname email Smit Joe currently...
  16. K

    Help, required single formula, instead of using 3

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> To get final result in the column K, I am using 2 more formula in the column E & G, please can someone make a single formula in the column K. </SPAN></SPAN> Using example....</SPAN></SPAN>...
  17. I

    VBA: Specific number in a serie-of-numbers in a cell equals a color

    Hello, If I have numbers in a cell "1294392393", I want the 4th from the right side (the thousand number), I want a "color/border" on the whole columns. For instance: "1294392393" = 12943[9]393 ----- the nr "9" shall make a color blue on the whole column. In a row below the "12943" = 1[2]943...
  18. gheyman

    Access: Close a Form that is not the Active form

    Can you close one form from another? I know you can close the form you're on by using DoCmd.Close , "". How do I close another form. I need to make sure its not open when I run code. Thanks
  19. D

    Building a better mousetrap.

    Hey guys, I'm brand new here, and I just joined a few minutes ago. I work at a prison work release and we have to sign prisoners in and out of the facility, and sometimes it gets pretty overwhelming. When you work 12 hour graveyard shifts, it's kind of hard to convert, calculate and subtract...
  20. J

    convert random list to alphabetical A-Z list

    I have a list of stock codes in randomised say A's ( out of order) , then B's etc and want to convert it to a strict A--Z list within each letter in other words, make it a proper A--Z list can some assist please thanks
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