1. I

    How do I look up two criteria and then multiply the result?

    hi all, i am looking to match two separate criteria listed on tab 1 to a table of rates on tab 2. i would like to find the rate and then multiply by another number back on tab 1. hopefully that makes sense. i assume an index, match would work, but not sure how to take advantage of 2 criteria...
  2. J

    Outputting time correctly when using IF statements

    Hi, i might me missing something simple here but i have the following: =IF($A1="Day1","08:00:00",IF($A1="Day2","09:00:00",0)) Now this outputs as strings which makes it difficult to use in calculations How can i output the 08:00:00 and 09:00:00 as proper time values ? Thanks
  3. J

    Create hyperlinks to files in folder

    Hi Can anyone help with a VBA code that makes a Hyperlink to cells? This Workbook is a staff list where in column "E" it is possible to use a Hyperlink next to each person to see a photo The path to the file is e.g. C: \Users \ Division \ Staff \ 38543_Benny_Mcgee \...
  4. E

    trim not working

    I am trying to use =trim(D2), but it is acting like I am not using a formula. It is just displaying =trim(D2) in the cell. The field I am looking at is an address field so they start with numbers, if that makes a difference. Thanks for any help.
  5. E

    Protecting a Sheet

    Hi all, I have a spreadsheet with macros that I wrote. I have to give it to some colleagues and need to protect the sheet. When I protect it normally it makes the code not work. Has anyone protected a macro enabled worksheet? Thanks
  6. T

    Calculating and completing a complex report in Excel

    Summary: I'm trying to create a report/worksheet within Excel that shows me exactly how much of each component good I need to have/make on a specific day, based on the quantity of finished goods items that use it. And I'm honestly stuck on the best way of how to achieve this. Overview: I have...
  7. B

    Lookup a number, return a name

    Hi all, I’m working on a simple sheet where I have a few columns. The important ones are: A = first name B = surname F = points On another sheet within the same workbook I am trying to get it to display any person who has 3 or more points. I want it to display first name, surname and points if...
  8. D

    Which property of the Textbox makes it resizable for the user?

    I forgot which property of the textbox makes the corner like a "hook" to be able to resize it to the user's discretion. Here is a picture of what I mean: Anyone know? Thanks for your help.
  9. J

    Cohort Survival - weighted cohort?

    I’m trying to track cohort survival through a training program. One issue I am struggling with is the impact of the cohort size on how that displays in the data. The course is quite demanding so there are always going to be losses. for example: cohort 1 has 100 students and at a point, 1...
  10. C

    Formula help: If cell equals Sheet name - Maxifs

    Looking for help on a formula. I'm working in B2 if A2 value = Sheet name value return the most recent date (max) in that Sheet Name range A:A I hope this makes sense. You gurus are awesome by the way!
  11. N

    Education/Knowledge background

    Hi, there are so many smart people here, and I was wondering where all of this education comes from? what is the most important basics someone would need to understand programming? to be a programmer does one have to be really good at math? i personally have no formal training, but have...
  12. J

    Calculate value based on cell value

    Hi I would like a formula which will return a value based on the value in another cell so if the value in a cell is gt or lt and value then multiply tha value by x so if a1 gt 0 and lt 100 then a1*5 or if a1 gt 100 or lt 200 then a1*10 or if a1 gt 200 or lt 300 then a1 *15 Hope that makes...
  13. P

    Comparing 2 columns, looking for difference

    Hello, I am trying to compare 2 columns of data and looking for the difference in column A in relation to data in column B. For example, A...........B 6610 164513 6610 164513 6520 164513 I want to identify the row that has 6520. Hope that makes sense. How do I write...
  14. B

    Counting information in one column based on criteria in another

    Hi Can you help with the formula that I would need to count the number of occurances there are in columns A, B and C but only if the data in column D for that row is 15 or 30 (I hope that makes sense!) <tbody> A B C D 3 3 3 15 3 30 3 3 3 3 </tbody> Many thanks :)
  15. syndee

    Macro: Do Not Copy rows if column A Equals 0

    I need to copy only the rows that have a value not equal to zero in column A. These rows will be pasted into new workbook called Export.csv. Is it possible. I have tried link but makes files too large. Tried pasting but have to highlight all rows and it still paste data into blank cells.
  16. S

    Excel Window Freezes after Clearing All Filters

    Hi all, So I have a file that when I hit the CLEAR ALL FILTERS button it makes my Excel window hang/freeze. I can still click around, save the file, etc but without any visual reaction (if that makes any sense) - I can't really see what I'm doing. Any idea why this happens or how can I fix...
  17. J

    vlookup date or date

    HI What I am trying to do is a lookup using 3 dates. <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:2596;width:53pt" width="71"> <col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:2925;width:60pt" width="80"> </colgroup><tbody> Date Part 1/8/18 2287...
  18. C

    IF,AND,OR or all three?

    Hi Any help greatly appreciated before my head hits the desk.. I need a formula that says IF L3 is greater than 1 but less than D4, "ADVISORY" but if L3 is greater than D4, "FAIL". Additionally, if L3 is less than D4 but d2 is greater than f2, "ADVISORY" otherwise "PASS" I hope that makes...
  19. F

    AutoScroll a section of a sheet

    I've looked at a few other posts on this subject but can't seem to get them to work as I need, so would appreciate any help you could provide. On my spreadsheet, there are several locked sheets (no passwords) with just a few cells on the first sheet to enter scores during a golf competition...
  20. T

    Cell Formating with Conditions

    I am looking to use cell formatting as such: If the number is less than zero, then 0.0; if the number is greater than 999.99, then 999.99, otherwise pull leave the number as is. I have been able to get half way there with #,##0.0;"0.0" . This makes the negative numbers = 0.0 but still leaves...

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