1. M

    Utilizing Dynamic Arrays for Compound Annual Growth Rate

    Dear Members, I need assistance in creating a CAGR array from periodic returns vector. I wish to create a Dynamic Array holding only calculated CAGR (compound annual growth rate) values derived from periodical return on investment vector. This is easily performed in standard Excel but...
  2. S

    Map and append data in rows based on another sheets rows

    Hi, I've 2 Excel sheets as below. In my first sheet, I've First name, Last name and City. In the 2nd, I got Address 1, City, State, Zip code and Country. Here I want to match the City in sheet 2 with the city in sheet 1(it should be a contains, not equals to) and paste the entire row from...
  3. E

    Map different cells into a row based on other cells

    Hi! Is there a way to add rows with a data from one file to other based on cell similarities? Using Excel UI tools, VBA or formulas, whatever. For example, in the first file there is a complete database of clients, e.g. 1000 rows with records divided into 3 columns. Column A contains clients...
  4. A

    Copy data from another column (Only for Visible cells)

    Hello Guys, I Need to Map the data from one column to another column. Example: Consider there are two columns A and B where i need to Map the data present in B to A. I took the ColumnName (Column B) as ColLtr_Customer and Current row in Column A as currrow and entered the formula as show below...
  5. G

    Address spreadsheet to maps

    I have a list of addresses 100ish. Is there a way to vba from Excel to map out a route to follow in Google maps, Waze, Bing maps, it any other option.
  6. F

    How do I make the color gradient of my surface chart to match my "heat map"?

    Here is my surface chart and the colors clearly does not match those in my heat map How can I fix this?
  7. F

    How do I make the color gradient of my surface chart to match my "heat map"?

    I have this "heat" map here and this surface graph here how do i make the gradient on my surface graph to match the heat map dynamically?
  8. B

    Run-Time error '1004' Method 'SaveAs' of object'_Wokkbook' failed

    Hello, I'm trying to save a newly created file in csv format. I am copying results from one open file, and pasting in a new workbook, and then trying to save the new workbook as a csv file. My code is below. See the "Save File as CSV" section below. Thanks! Sub Monthly_Device_Volume_Map()...
  9. T

    Multiple Routes on Single Map

    Good Afternoon, I know this isn't an Excel question, but I was hoping someone on this board could help. I need to create mutiple routes on a map and was wondering if anyone new of a free service to do this task. Basically ill have 41 distinct across the US and the software my company uses you...
  10. T

    Multiple rows Map to Multiple rows

    Hi this is my first post, firat of all thank you to eveyone here this site is always a great source of infiormation and help. :) Here is my problem I have a list of People and a list of items, each item has to aligned to the person - Multiple persons - Unique Item Thanks in advance...
  11. M

    VLOOKUP - Return Blank

    Trying to get the results that I need If the value searched on (A2 of "Worksheet A") is found in A1:M30 of "Worksheet B" Then map the according value that exists in column M (column 13) But if the cell in column M is blank, map blank instead of "0"
  12. M

    Opening a KML file into an Excel Data Map

    I am able to open a KML file in Google Earth and Google Earth will provide me a map of boundaries for geographical entities, like counties. Is there a way I can open a KML file in an Excel Map?
  13. H

    Excel Maps

    Evening all, I hope you can help. I am trying to enter details for a region of South England, United Kingdom and pull this information in to a map using Excel Maps. However I can only get the map to show England, Scotland, etc and not the counties. I am trying to add A1 - Reading A2 - Swindon...
  14. S

    Plotting Latitude and Longitude onto a map in excel

    Good Morning I have been scouring the tinterweb for a while now looking for a post which may offer me the right guidance, but to no avail. I have an excel workbook which holds a database of latitudes and longitudes around the world. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to have these...
  15. E

    Excel 2016 Map Charts

    Hi.I have recently got Excel 2016 and am discovering so many awesome new things. I have managed to made a Map Chart of Australia and all the data from my table is working perfectly. I do have a problem though. We have a very small territory (Australian Capital Territory or ACT) which shows on...
  16. M

    Creation of Saudi Arabia Population Map

    Hello, Can someone help me on how to create a MAP in excel on Saudi Arabia and put in the necessary population by region/area. Is there a way of doing this on Excel 2016. Regards
  17. B

    Remove the first word of every sentence in a cell

    Hello, For the sentence: "A map is a visual representation . The work of a map is to illustrate geography." I know that the formula "=RIGHT(B2,LEN(B2)-FIND(" ",B2))" will remove the first letter in the string. Leaving "map is a visual representation . The work of a map is to illustrate...
  18. S

    Heat Map Add In for use in the UK

    Hi All I have just discovered this add in app - very excited, but confused. In need to create a heat map of data relating to wards/postcodes within a UK local authority; I understand the concept, but has anyone else managed to do this successfully using this app in Excel? If so maybe we...
  19. H

    VBA to map cells

    Hi all, Brand new to this board and also to VBA so please forgive any uselessness on my part. Looking forward to learning loads. I am trying to use VBA to map cells. I'd like to click on the destination cell and then select the source cell (that contains the data) and have that data copied to...
  20. W

    How to link cells together?

    So in my spreadsheet, column A is populated with three digit numbers down to row 100. These numbers are from specific areas on a map im working on. The area numbers are going to be temporarily changed, so coloumn B is populated with the new area numbers, for the new map. Essectially, I want to...

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