1. P

    Complex sumifs formula with two mappings

    Hi, I have a problem and i was wandering if it is possible to solve with one formula in one cell. So i have a data set where i have 3 columns: 1) 18 characters "key" string (which looks something like that ABC123456781234567) 2) different dates 3) amounts (are not formatted as amount, to...
  2. W

    VBA to map pivot data to another sheet

    I have beow pivot table as my source. here i have selected repeat item labels option. Column A has senior Manager and Column "B" has managers under the senior manager. ABAP1Sum of DURATION2Senior ManagerManagerGrand Total3DINGARI, HRUSHIKESH K2103.724DINGARI, HRUSHIKESH KNAIR...
  3. W

    VBA code to Vlookup mulitple scenarios and combinations

    Can someone help me with a VBA code for the below scenario. Sheet1 data. 1. Lookup using AB ID - Vlook up with Column B (Sheet2) and column E (Sheet1) for the status, if the result is NA then, 2. Lookup up between Column H (Sheet2) and Column F (sheet1) and in that if there is a version for...
  4. M

    Reading from a table in Excel

    Hello All, If anyone knows how I have a large data set and I would like to check there is duplicates. Issue is there are two parameters needed to confirm this. So for example I have in Cell B3 the Activity ID “BLH7895“ and in Cell C3 I have the Activity Name “Taking out the trash”. How would I...
  5. N

    Making multiple userform entries populate one cell

    I'm putting together a spreadsheet to compare trades from an external clearer to my company's internal processes. For this there is a requirement to keep a mapping table updated so if we trade something new we can update our data and ensure everything matches. Now, here's my code for the...
  6. K

    Can't add new information (table) to an existing table

    I've been adding monthly tables to a YTD table/dashboard and when I tried to do it today i got the following message "Cannot complete operation, a table cannot overlap with a PivotTable report, query results, a table merged cells or an XML mapping." I have been doing this for months... what is...
  7. N

    Vlookup FOLLOWED by IF Statement?

    Hi All, I am trying to set up an Excel formula based off of a mapping table. I have a set of "level 1" codes in my data set and can match them to the mapping table that also includes these "level 1" codes via a Vlookup. That takes care of about 75/80% of the data set. There are some lines of...
  8. H

    VBA to map cells

    Hi all, Brand new to this board and also to VBA so please forgive any uselessness on my part. Looking forward to learning loads. I am trying to use VBA to map cells. I'd like to click on the destination cell and then select the source cell (that contains the data) and have that data copied to...
  9. C

    Assign a characteristic to a measure Power Pivot

    Hello, I have many measures (f.e. GDP:=sum([total rev])...) and I want these measures to have assign a characteristic (f.e. CF, or PL, or BS). Is there a way to map a measure to a characteristic in a data model? Thank you in advance
  10. R

    Excel - Mapping External Links with Flowchart

    I'm working on updating a file from my work predecessor that has some external links. As I opened each external link, I find that each of those files have external links and this continues for about 5 levels deep. Is there a way or program that will map all the external links back to the...
  11. E

    Recent workbook not showing up in recent menu

    When I open a file through a macro, it doesn't show up in the recents. How can I make it show up? Sheets("RAW DATA").Select Range("A2:K2").Select Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select Selection.Copy Workbooks.Open Filename:= _ "\\blah\blah\blah\Elimination...
  12. T

    Mapping Multiple Dropdown Lists to extract certain data

    Hi, I've created 5 drowndown lists, in columns A to E. The possible options of each list is based off of the selection of the list to it's left. I used data validation =INDIRECT(SUBSTITUTE(D2," ","")) to make this work. What I'm trying to achieve is for column F to give me a certain GL that...
  13. P

    Count Revenue in Row but Splitting Duplicate Values Based on Number of Duplicate Products in Table

    <tbody> Level Name Industry ID Company Sector ID Sector Applicability ID Link Link Name Solution Name Prod 1 Prod 1 Rev Prod 2 Prod 2 Rev Prod 3 Prod 3 Rev Prod 4 Prod 4 Rev Prod 5 Prod 5 Rev Total Revenue by Row Revenue Split 1 Dairy Farms 43523 D43523 Dairy D43523Dairy (blank) 01-Dairy...
  14. H

    Category Mapping based on Multiple conditions

    Hi Team I am looking for help in getting require category mapping based on multiple conditions.... Here is the Dataset ... <tbody> Product Price Region P-1 360 N P-2 347 N P-3 452 S P-4 179 S P-1 345 E P-2 274 W P-3 207 E P-4 177 E P-5 177 E...
  15. G

    Mapping from Rows into Columns with Shared Values

    Hi All; I have a lot of data (some of which I've shown below) that I'm trying to map in a certain way. <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 27 1005516 1005510 1005511 1005510 1005514 1005511 1005411 1005511 1005513 1005512 1005510 1005513 1005410 1005515 1005512 1005516...
  16. C

    Creating Prioritized/Exception-Based Mapping in PQ

    I have a requirement to create a mapping table that is based on 4 columns of my source data where the mapping can occur at 1 or a combination of multiple of those 4 columns. More specific rules (those specifying multiple columns or using the columns representing lower hierarchy levels) will be...
  17. H

    Formula to find value (mapping)

    Hi, I do have a worksheet with a list of a lot of account numbers, like this: What I want to do, is to automatically insert a value in the D column, based on the account number (column A). The mapping should be done using this layout: Where the value I want to insert (in column D in first...
  18. M

    Statutory Financial Reports (AASB)

    I am looking to streamline the preparation of the annual Stat accounts & notes to the financials. Currently, we export the TB and colour-code the GL’s into groups. I am looking to introduce mapping so that the notes to the financials are mapped to particular GL codes and the financial...
  19. K

    Mapping data using formulas.

    I have 2 sets of data in 4 columns. In DB1 is the main database. DB2 is the information extracted from a vendor application. DB1-SystemName DB1-ipaddress DB2-SystemName DB2-ipaddress What I am trying to achieve using excel formulas is to map the data elements to DB1 elements. The...
  20. A

    Sum Multiple sheets based on sheet name

    Hi there, I have a model that is identical across 30 sheets. Each sheet rolls up to 1 of 3 different buckets. Using a mapping table of each tab name and the bucket it relates to, I'd like to summarize the 3 buckets into 3 separate tabs (identical to the model that's being used in the 30...

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