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    MapPoint and VBA - Any Active Users?

    Hello all 1st post on the forums but have been a long-time browser :) I am wondering if anybody can help point me to some good MapPoint resources or can help me with some code. I think what I am trying to do is quite simple but struggling to get started. In Excel, I will have a list of...
  2. S

    Using VB and MapPoint to get the distance between two points

    I am very new to Visual Basics and MapPoint, but am faced with the following task: On a row in excel, I have two addresses. I want to call a function (macro?) in excel that will plot these points in MapPoint and return the distance between the two into a column in excel. I realize this is a...
  3. V

    Mappoint 2010 link Excel file trouble

    Hello, I am trying to import a workbook from excel into Mappoint using VBA. The workbook has multiple sheets and I want the data in each sheet to be a mapped and have a different color pushpin. I am having trouble mapping any data in Mappoint. I tried to start with this simple code: Dim sAPP...
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    New to MapPoint

    Looking for any help understanding MapPoint and Excel. My goal is be able to create a list of zip codes that fall within a 30 miles radius of a given zip code. And then use that to create a map that shows the service area. I have used the draw tool, and create a circle with a 30 mile radius. I...
  5. N

    VBA: MapPoint Macro Fails When More Than One Error

    I have the below code which looks at a list of postcodes that I have in my Excel (2003) sheet, plots them one by one on a MapPoint Map and then tells me the nearest Item to that postcode. It is worth mentioning that I have removed any pre-defined items, such as restaurants and train stations...
  6. M

    Convert Lat/Long to address.

    I have excel and excel I have lat/long and want to convert to get the city, state, zip in different cells. Is this possible? How have found options to convert city, state, zip into lat/long but not reverse. Thanks for any help! M
  7. T

    VBA to call MapPoint Shaded Area Map for ZIP Code

    I have a set of data, 2 columns containing ZIP Code in the 1st column and counts in the 2nd, and wish to call a MapPoint map to show shaded areas for each ZIP code with a full spectrum map. I am having difficulty finding the proper syntax to create the shaded area map with the appropriate data...
  8. G

    Activate/Open MapPoint Map Embedded In Excel

    I am using Excel VBA to try and activate/open an embedded MapPoint map that is embedded into an Excel worksheet. Does anyone know how to do this? Once I properly activate/open this map, I am familiar with the MapPoint VBA object model to manipulate it as needed, but I can't access the embedded...

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