1. C

    Travel time from Postcode using Bing Map API - HELP

    I've hit a brick wall trying to figure this one out so i'm hoping someone can help me. I use a spreadsheet for vehicle routing which contains destination postcodes (UK). I would like to automatically populate a distance and time cells based on the postcode using the bing maps API I haven't got...
  2. D

    XML Maps and Empty Tags

    This is part of my xml I can map everything just fine except <Lost_agreement /> After i export mapped XML, <Lost_agreement /> is missing. it becomes But <Lost_agreement /> part is crucial and must be. How can i achieve it? Quote Reply Report
  3. G

    Address spreadsheet to maps

    I have a list of addresses 100ish. Is there a way to vba from Excel to map out a route to follow in Google maps, Waze, Bing maps, it any other option.
  4. S

    Adding new Geographical Boundries to Excel Map

    Hi, I would like to add an LGA map on top to create new geographical boundries and names. Eg. an Local Government Area can be a combination of more than one or multiple postcode. I have downloaded the shape files from government websites but I am unable to create custom region maps as per...
  5. H

    Excel Maps

    Evening all, I hope you can help. I am trying to enter details for a region of South England, United Kingdom and pull this information in to a map using Excel Maps. However I can only get the map to show England, Scotland, etc and not the counties. I am trying to add A1 - Reading A2 - Swindon...
  6. O

    Inserting an image from google maps based on a URL in a cell

    Hi, I have data from a data base that I export into excel and paste into an excel spreadsheet which formats the data to look presentable. The data has a google maps location URL column and I would like to write some VBA based on the cells with the URL to insert a satellite image of this...
  7. A

    Adjusting the layout of disparate data in excel

    Not sure if that title is the snappiest way to label this query. I have results from a questionnaire which are partly about jurisdictions of interest of businesses. As shown (poorly) below, they way they have been pulled in to excel makes it quite difficult to interact with them. The businesses...
  8. W

    Cannot Show 3D Map (Region) State Labels?

    Hey there! I'm looking to migrate one of my 2D map charts into the new(ish) 3D Maps. It's a veeeeery standard territory map of the USA, so I'm using the Region type map. Now, here's the odd part: while you can enable "Map Labels" (main toolbar on the Home ribbon), that only adds the Bing maps...
  9. M

    city not available in Excel maps

    Hi, I will use Excel maps for my data, but 1 city (Izmir) is not available in Turkey map. i write the name of the city right, all other cities are now colored except Izmir. How can i find the defined name in maps-turkey for Izmir. BR, Metin
  10. JenniferMurphy

    Curve fitting problem

    I know this is technically not an Excel question, but there are a lot of people here with better math skills than mine, so I hope this is OK. I would like to find a family of functions, f(x,m), that meets these conditions: Maps the domain (0,10) onto the same range and is continuous over that...
  11. G

    Help with Macro that Moves Shape

    I have a spreadsheet with 20 charts, each comparing one of our products vs similar products from our competitors, as well as a map for each competitor. The charts run along the right side of the spreadsheet with the map on the left side. A drop down menu allows you to toggle between maps. The...
  12. L

    3D Maps Custom Region

    Hi All, I am trying to create a map of the US with custom regions. For example "New England" = (Maine (ME), Massachusetts (MA), etc) and ("Pacific" = California (CA), Oregon (OR) etc.) I am not really sure where to start. I understand I need a KML or SHP file, but I am not really sure how to...
  13. P

    Export a spreadsheet into google maps

    Hey there, So I have a spreadsheet right now that looks like this: <colgroup><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody> Name Surname Company Income Address John Smith General Motors 100000 (Address1) Peter Jackson Hilton Hotels 70000 (Address1) Peter Jackson Hilton Hotels 70000 (Address2)...
  14. F

    Google Maps Data

    Hello there, I’m not sure this is possible (or even strictly legal), but I’ll ask in the vain hope it is. Is there an automated way to collect data from Google maps into Excel? I have a starting point (location/post code) in Cell A2, and a destination in Cell B2 (location/post code). I...
  15. A

    Calculating Distances between Postcodes

    I need to calculate the distances between my company head office and a range of customer addresses. Is there a way of doing this in excel perhaps using google maps?. I am in the UK so the distance needs to be calculated between postcodes.
  16. T

    Animated Progress Bar For Map

    Morning, I'm looking for suggestions to achieve the following situation: We are having a charity bike rid from John O Grote's to Lands End on a stationary bike. We would like to display the progress from the bike ride on a TV from Excel. So a value of miles done will be entered regularly be it...
  17. J

    Google Directions API Map Image

    Hi I have vba code that will give me the driving time and the detailed directions between two addresses but I cant seem to pull through the image of the google Map showing this. I can find threads on static maps pinpointing locations or streetview but nothing on how to pull this image back...
  18. HowlingWulf

    Hyperlinking a Mileage Calculator

    Good Morning, I am trying to hyperlink to google maps but in doing so I am also trying to substitute two values (postcodes) on my spreadsheet into the address from and the address to. For example: =HYPERLINK(""&SUBSTITUTE(C8,"...
  19. D

    Time field disappears when add location data to 3D Maps Excel 2016

    Hello all, I'd appreciate any help solving the below mystery... I'm using Excel 2016 (in Windows) and have the 3D Maps functionality for the first time. I want to show progress over time by adding both location data (address inc. postcode or just postcode) and the date or month that point was...
  20. M

    Using Excel with maps

    Hello, I am newer to more advanced Excel topics. I have a set of 8000 or so locations (each includes street address, city, state, county, latitude, and longitude). I have been tasked with finding out how many of these locations are between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains. Anyone...

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