1. D

    VBA - Loop files in folder, search column for keyword, copy range of text to spreadsheet

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a VBA program that will do the following steps 1. Loop through excel files in specified folder 2. Go through each file 3. Search in column B for "INTL" and/or "TRAX" 4. If "INTL" is found in column B, select that cell, move one cell over to column C, and...
  2. M

    VBA from MS Outlook to copy data from excel file and past it to email body

    Hi! I have excel file which is saved locally in OneDrive folder but is shared within office 365 so can't use VBA. So I need to run a macro from MS Outlook to copy data from the excel file and past it in the new email's body. Here is the whole routine I want to automate: 1) Open the excel file...
  3. mehidy1437

    Adding more column in the arguments in VBA

    hi, how can I add column 1,2,3 here instead of column 3 only? I want to compare three column to get the unique value. str=ar(i, 3) Full Code Option Explicit Sub SumandRemove() Dim ar As Variant Dim i As Long Dim j As Long Dim n As Long Dim str As String n = 1...
  4. H

    MARCO VBA: Del Duplicate Row if match with 3 Col

    Del Duplicate Row if Col A, B, C matched I had thousand row, so possible to use macro?
  5. L

    using variables from other macro

    Hi How can I make the second marco print out the values from the first macro? for example I want to use the second marco to msg out x and y which are variable in first macro. Thank you so much. Sub myinputbox() 'to use msgbox Dim x As Integer Dim y As String x = InputBox("enter...
  6. H

    Macro: Auto Fill down on Col A & B base on cell

    The pic1 show original, and the marco will auto fill down as show in pic2 (yellow)
  7. P

    Copy specific data from Workbook A to Workbook B by a button

    I have set a button to run Marco for the subject action . However, the file name of Workbook A will change every day. I need to correct the file name of Workbook A in Marco before click button. I want to skip the correction step. Please help. Thank you.
  8. K

    Shortening a procedure for VBA

    Hello, I have a macro with VBA for this monthly chart that I make. I have a bunch of repeating lines of code that go for each day of the month but it ended up being too large of a procedure, so it doesn't allow me to execute it. I was wondering if I could get some help to possibly shorten...
  9. E

    Using a value in a cell to name a row

    Hi guys, I want to be able to use a value in a cell to give a ROW a named range name. The reason : I have 500 of them to name. I can easily dynamically pop the name I want for the row in a cell ( in this case I column G). Ideally, I want to write a macro to step through the rows, where it...
  10. A

    How to skip Worksheet_Change?

    Can I skip/disable a sub code before run my marco then recover it like as following: Private Sub progress() Skip run/disable Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) My Marco Recover/enable Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) End Sub
  11. O

    Macro/VBA to copy a range of data from a worksheet to a new workbook

    Please,can someone help me write a macro. I have an“A.xls” workbook where I want to open then copy a range of data to “B.xlsx” file. B.xlsxfile has the same format as a.xls so the data being copied will fit the samerange. I then want to password protect the new workbook (B.xlsx) and rename...
  12. C

    Macro needed for Formatting Print Area, Margins etc

    Can someone please help me with possibly an advanced macro. I process a bunch of different reports with different sizes, sometimes single tabs, sometimes multiple tabs, different rows or columns of data and different formatting etc. But every report I send has a few formatting requirements and I...
  13. O

    marco for totalling different length sheets

    I want to record a Marco to total column J and put the total at the end of the list. The difficulty is that I want to use this Marco on lists of various sizes. the curser May be anywhere on the sheet and when Marco is run it should always go to the end of column J. One sheet may be 250 lines and...
  14. H

    VBA for Hidden Worksheets

    Hi, How do you get a marco to work with hidden worksheets?
  15. G

    Call Marco to run from VBA

    Hello, I have written the following code, to copy relevant information into a different workbook, and then run a marco in that book. but it cannot find the Marco, "Macro3" Have I missedsomething? The data has pasted across,jut need t Marco to run. Thak Sheets("summary").Select If...
  16. B

    I have this marco that i need some help with.

    how do I get this marco to stop if there is no value in cell E3. Then let the user know that they must first enter a value in cell E3 before the marco will continue. answer = MsgBox(prompt:="Does CASH IN or CHIPS equalCHIPS OUT", Buttons:=vbYesNo + vbCritical, Title:="Update DaysValues") If...
  17. B

    Help with a marco

    I have a marco that copy's the numbers from A1 and B1. then pastes them on another sheet. I want to write into the marco that if "A1 does not equal B1" the marco stops working until the 2 cells equal each other. thanks in advance for all the help.
  18. U

    Marco to Paste data next to a to blank row

    Hello Mr. Excel members! I am stumped with a Marco need. Here is (what I think) is a similar macro I already have: Sub AddRow5() ' ' Cut_PasteSpecial Macro ' ' Range("C5:S5").Select Selection.Copy Sheets("Presentation for Approval").Select Range("A1:S1").Select lMaxRows...
  19. D

    VBA, search in range of data and then copy and paste

    Hi Guys, I'm working on a extremely tedious project and my hands are about to fall off :help:. So to give you an idea of what I'm doing, check out this GIF: (Note: In the GIF: there are more columns to fill out) So I'm not sure if there is a VBA possible for filling out all of the...
  20. D

    copy tables, then transpose and paste into other sheet.

    hi everyone, I'm not the best in marcos and I've been searching for a solution to this for a while. So what I'm doing is copying a table in a worksheet into another worksheet and transposing it. Some worksheets that contain the original tables can have a lot of tables which is way a marco...

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