1. D

    macro from drop down list

    I have 4-6 marcos that i want to be able to choose from in a drop down list.
  2. C

    Help with Marco - how do I find and delete the whole row if value exists in both columns

    Hi, In Columns O & P I have values like below: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 0 R1177092 0 R1177093 0 R1177227 R1178634 R1178511 0 R1178185 0 R1178634 R1179555 0 </tbody> I need a Marco to find and delete the whole row , if the same values exists in both columns. For...
  3. C

    Help with Marco

    Hi, I want my macro to populate column 'N30:N30000' with my formula. However, for some reason it won't compile the macro due to ' Syntax error'. Any ideas how to resolve this: Sub FillDown() Dim strFormulas(1) As Variant With ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1") strFormulas(1) =...
  4. D

    Sort Data and total grouped data

    Sort data by one column then total by using sub totals in that colomnHere is my data: Description Seller Number Buyer Number Sale Price Commission Sales Tax Buyers Preimum Total Brown Riding Plush Horse 100 342 30.5 6.1 1.83 4.58 36.91 Blue Boys Mongoose bike 20" 200 200 55 9.9 Queen Purple...
  5. C

    Complete individual forms from unique list

    Hello, I'm an trying to figure out if this is possible, I believe it is. I have a form with attributes such as name, address, city.... and so on, that I want to fill out based on a data source with unique names and information. I want to input data on the data page and have the workbook pulled...
  6. J

    Do you want to build a spreadsheet?

    Do you want to build a spreadsheet? In Microsoft Excel, I think some macros are overdue, I’ve started talking to Senior managers on the Board! It get a little lonely All these empty sheets, Just waiting for a formula to appear Please, I know you’re interested, People are asking for your...
  7. C

    Excel automatically highlights row and column number when you click on a cell. How can I get excel to highlight a cell(s) in the same column and row a

    I am creating a spreadsheet for my job and it would be really helpful if somebody knew a code or any way to implement this into my spreadsheet. Thank you, Chris
  8. C

    need a cell(s) highlighted when clicking on another cell in the same row/column

    Hello, I am working a spreadsheet for my job in which I need certain cells in the same row/column to be highlighted when clicking on another cell. For example, if I click on D9, I want cells B9 (same row) and D1 (same column) to be highlighted a given color. I want this same rule to be...
  9. E

    Help with looping a recorded Marco

    I've recorded a Marco copying and pasting information from one cell to other cells and some of the copying functions paste to two cells. I just need this to loop through all information I'm copying from the the new cells. Range("I1").Select Selection.Copy Range("D1").Select...
  10. J

    Using Marcos to create financial statements from journal entries.

    I'm completely new with macros. I was wondering what you would need so that the information will automatically update itself onto a summary page. For example for entries on one worksheet to create a statement on another worksheet? Example: <tbody> Asset Type Description Date Amount OA Bonds...
  11. U

    Populate empty cells

    I have a spreadsheet that contains blank cells in a row (the entire row is not blank, just random cells). Is there a marco or formula I can use to automatically fill-in the random empty cells upon opening the workbook? I would like the blank cells to show "CANCELLED". Thank you for your help...
  12. T

    Add copy a new row

    Hi there, I'm having a little trouble and looking for some assistance. Basically on the top of my worksheet I have a button 'Add Record'. Once clicked I want the spreadsheet to copy the contents of lets say B7:Q7 (including borders and cell colours.) from one worksheet (Sheet 2) to another...
  13. C

    need marco to hide columns

    I have this spreadsheet that contains list of Events in Column D, header in Row 4. After participants responded, their initials are added to Column K onwards and in rows with different events, "x" marks the events they are interested in down the Column K. I created a filter in D3 that selects...

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