1. ibmy

    Mark "1", Range of ±0.00001 & custom ±0.0000x value

    Hi, ABCDE1± 0.00001explaination : ± Custom (in this case ± 0.00005)explaination : 21.22122Valid Numbers : 1.22121 , 1.22122 , 1.22123Valid Numbers : 1.22117 , 1.22118 , 1.22119 , 1.22120 , 1.22121 , 1.22122 , 1.22123 , 1.22124 , 1.22125 , 1.22126 , 1.2212731.22127RESET. New Valid Numbers ...
  2. P

    VBA loop within a loop, to identify identical values

    Hello experts, I am sorry about the title. It might not be the best title to describe what I am looking for... I am actually trying to create a code that will loop through orders (order lines) and check the codes next to each order number. If all the lines of code next to each order are ZERO...
  3. K

    Mark a cell based on latest date (Excel 2013)

    Hello Excel Guru's, I need your help on how to do this in Excel 2013. I have 2 tabs, 1 for details (source data) and 1 for my summary (target). In the summary tab, I need to mark the Name of the animal with X if in the Remarks column the cell value is blank based on the latest End date. Hope...
  4. H


    I am performing an if formula that has 2 AND criteria, fo which one is a contains wildcard. I read that countifs may be the solution but I am still off the mark Can anyone help please? Many thanks
  5. A

    Check Mark shown

    I have created a formula dealing with TIME =IF(B7="","",TEXT(D7-B7,"h:mm")-C7) The formula works fine but the cell shows an unexpected "green" check mark. It not part of the returned value, it's just there. Any ideas of how to get it gone?
  6. M

    MATCH/INDEX: Confirm a "Specific" Text, if any returns differ mark final return value as "No", if all match mark as "Yes"

    Hello all, I would like to INDEX/MATCH while confirming a "Specific" text. If any returns differ from "Specific" text, mark final return value as "No". If all match mark as "Yes". Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Modifiable Formula: =IFERROR(INDEX('Data...
  7. muhammad susanto

    Make it mark "V" if found mark "X"

    hi all.. how to make formula to determine mark "V" (checklist) if in a range e.g range D3:I6 found mark "x" my "x" in always in different position cell (random) like this layout : <tbody> given given given given given given x test1 test5 test9 test2 test6 test10 test3 test7...
  8. R

    Conditional formatting based on old C-column values.

    How do I write code if I have the sellers’ names in column A, and I want corresponding cell values in column B to format grey if I at some previous point in time have marked a name in column A with an X in column C. So, the same name can appear more than once but I only want to mark a name...
  9. E

    Is it possible to mark when formulas are not the same in a column?

    Hello Is it possible to mark and make visible that formulas in each column are not the same for all the cells of the column? by same I mean 'equivalent' Thanks!
  10. J

    Add check mark in cell if value in another worksheet

    I have a worksheet that has a formula to check for attendance. So I copy attendance from one note and paste into cell A. I then have a formula that says =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(P2,$F$2:$F$41,1,FALSE)),"",(VLOOKUP(P2,$F$2:$F$41,1,FALSE))) If that person was in the attendance there name will show...
  11. S

    Help to check value, if one of value <>0 then that row mark red

    Hi all: I have data in sheets(data), I want macro to do that: 1. Minus value Column(D,E,F,G,H,I) with column(M,N,0,P,Q,R) like this: Si = Di - Mi Ti = Ei - Ni Ui = Fi - Oi Vi = Gi - Pi Wi = Hi - Qi Xi = Ii - Ri 2. Check value row i = 1 to last row that: if Si<>0 or Ti<>0 or Ui<>0 or Vi<>0 or...
  12. C

    Assigning column values to a heading

    Hi, Yesterday I posted a similar question to this one but figured more context is needed in order for a solution to work for me :( For context, I have data in a primary table structured like below: <tbody> Name City Level Jeff Perth 5 Mark London 2 Phil New York 4 </tbody> The names...
  13. C

    Assign column values to heading? - Linking Cell Movement

    Hi! I want to be able to make cells move together if I change the value of one of the headings. I currently have the heading set up to come from another sheet using a vlookup. When I insert a column on the other sheet, (say, Jim) the second table below is what I get, but what I want to occur is...
  14. W

    mark cells containing a diff

    Hello I want excel to mark the cells that add up to a specific sum, in this case the sum is 1589. What is the best way to do this? <colgroup><col width="64" span="3" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> A B 1 Serienr Belopp 2 1555 500 3 2555 100 4...
  15. T

    Can Excel Recognize the "SYMBOL 252" check Mark in a Conditional Formatting scheme

    I would like to set a scenario where I have a list in Column A with a value in column B. But I would like to be able to use the Wingdings symbol 252 (the Check Mark) as a character. When the check mark symbol is entered into Column C then the Column B cell will be formatted per a Conditional...
  16. N

    How can I check a part of string with row value and column value

    Hi all I have workbook with data in sheet(data).range("A1:Ai) , i= last row Now I want to mark YES with conditions match row and column for each Cell in range(cells(2,3),cells(lr,lc)) , lr = last row in column B, lc = last column in row Else will mark NO Data and result like table belove...
  17. H

    VBA Code Question - Novice

    Hi I've developed a worksheet with a rating scale. I've been attempting to code where if an exclamation mark occurs, a pop message appears. However, the pop up message only appears when I double click on the cell where the exclamation mark (!) occurs. My desired outcome is when the exclamation...
  18. Welsh Mark3

    Using Logic to get first and last name from cell with fulls names

    I have a columns of data that contains a persons full name, which I am trying to split into first and last name. I could use the text to columns feature and use space as the delimiter, but this is not 100% perfect. Some scenarios that cause issues ar e Mark A Edwards Mark Edwards Sr Mark A...
  19. R

    Calculate with rows filter

    Hi All, Very new to Power tools . i have been experimenting on this issue which i can deal in Sumifs. How can I show in Pivot table that Mark has 30 total, Ricky 15 Total, Peter 18 Total and Gino has 5? <tbody> 10 ID01 Mark 15 ID02 Ricky 20 ID01 Mark 10 ID03 Peter 5 ID04 Gino...
  20. M

    VBA Code

    Hello, I'm looking for some code that will rank by name. Meaning anytime a name changes it will start over counting. Please see below. Name Rank Frank 1 Frank 2 Frank 3 Frank 4 Mark 1 Mark 2 Mark 3 Mark 4 Mark 5 Mark 6 Mike 1 Mike 2...

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