1. D

    Conditional formatting based on row data

    Hey all, I am not sure if this is even possible, but I figured I'd ask/give it a shot. In a spreadsheet I have a marker (denoted in cells with a * symbol). Is there a way (without using VBA) to use conditional formatting to adjust the colors of the cells around the marker? The following...
  2. M

    Combo Chart displaying some XY scatter markers but not others

    Good morning Forum, I have a Stacked Bar / Line / XY Scatter combo chart that I am manipulating to use as a scheduling tool. It has been working flawlessly so far - that is, until I have tried to insert the last two XY scatter points and show their corresponding markers. I've attached an...
  3. C

    Excel chart- replace line marker with number

    Hi Can someone advise whether this is a way to replace the line marker with number label, like the picture below?
  4. J

    Moving Date Marker

    Is it possible to put a marker or line signifying today's date on a chart? I want this line to automatically move based on today's date =TODAY().
  5. D

    Conditional Formatting Marker Line Chart

    Hello all, I have a table with two types of percentages based on a time period: Predicted Achieved I plotted the graph, but I wondered if it is possible to conditionally format the markers of the Predicted series. Eg: At week 41 I predicted 2.5% and achieved 2.5%. Green marker. In week...
  6. T

    Synchronizing outcomes

    Hello, I am building a tool to dynamically and graphically illustrate a guitar scale on a guitar fretboard. I am trying to achieve the following: On worksheet change event, 1) show image and play sound SIMULTANEOUSLY, and 2) pause for a predefined number of seconds before executing next...
  7. mole999

    SUMPRODUCT exclude zero

    I have this, (=SUMPRODUCT(MAX((Q14:Q45<>"")*(ROW(Q14:Q45)))) and it works fine except when I need to add a cell marker and this results in 0:00 in the cell, can they be excluded somewhere in this?
  8. smide

    Calculate average for first value(s) after a pre-defined text marker

    Hello. In column B (B2:B600) I have a product list (about 25 different products) and in column E their prices. In column D I have a list of markers for each product. Markers are S - sold, W - waiting and A - away. In column G (from cell G2 and downwards) I have list off ALL potential...
  9. G

    Green Cell Selection Marker

    Hello All, Here's a trivial question, but it bothers me. I always end my program with Selecting A1. However, the green cell select marker remains. How can I hide the green cell marker, at the very end of the code, until a user clicks on another cell, and the cell marker reappears as normal...
  10. C

    Landing a number in a scatter plot

    Hi There, I'm hoping to find out how to populate a number from a list (1,2,3,4...) inside a marker of a scatter plot. For example, the marker might show as a red square on the graph, and inside that square, I'd like to be able to identify the data point with a number. Please help! Thank you...
  11. M

    Using Maps in a file

    I need to implement some functionality that will show a map of for example Europe and dependent on a list of cities and values for the cities, have a marker placed on the map where the city is and the marker, say a grey circle, be a size relative to all the other values in the list. For example...
  12. K

    use vba for filter if contains

    Hello , i'm using the following vba to make the raw no. 2 is the filter key (it means that any column will be auto filtered based on the value entered in raw no.2) i need to use the same but the filter will be based on (if contains) not (equal) any help?? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal...
  13. F

    VBA to control an open webpage

    Hi guys im trying to control an webpage that is already open but so far im not able to get it to work. here is what I have: Sub google() Dim IE As New SHDocVw.InternetExplorer Dim HTMLDoc As New MSHTML.HTMLDocument Dim HTMLRows As MSHTML.IHTMLElementCollection Dim HTMLRows2...
  14. M

    Change marker line width for all series

    I am trying to create a macro that will amend all the markers within my chart to be exactly the same style, shape, size etc. also removing connecting lines. I have gotten most of the way to what I am trying to achieve with the code below: Sub fixchart() Dim i As Long, j As Long i =...
  15. V

    Using msoTrue in VBA to change series marker visibility not working properly.

    <form action="" class="usertext warn-on-unload" id="form-t3_5h19fxqoc" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; font-size: small;">I have an Excel 2016 project I am working on and have need of a check box to...
  16. S

    Charts & Macros: how to shift set of data labels & marker dots periodically

    Hello! There is a graph that I need to update on a monthly basis which contains:- bars showing the value (left vertical axis) for each month for last 4 years - line with the percentages (right vertical axis) - months for the last 4 years (horizontal axis) It has data labels on the bars and...
  17. P

    Excel scatter chart - Markers tied to Data

    Hi, </SPAN> I am currently working on a stakeholder mapping and I am using a scatter chart in Excel to do so.</SPAN> I succeeded in doing the mapping and placing the stakeholders according to the rating I gave them. However I would like the shape and colour of the markers to depend on the data...
  18. C

    Marker Borders "Marker Line" removing in VBA

    I am trying to set the fill on different data series in a scatterplot and I don't want there to be any coloured border. I recorded a macro to get rid of it, but it doesn't do anything the macro gives me this: ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Select Selection.Format.Line.Visible = msoFalse I...
  19. V

    Insert marker in text

    I need to insert a marker (like "/") between a zip code and an occupation in a text cell in order to separate the text into two cells. How can I devise a formula that will "find" the 5-digit zip code, then insert a marker after the zip? Help! Before: 221 South Union # 1 Jackson MO 63755...
  20. Y

    add a marker to a timeline chart

    this has me stumped for a few days. i have created a timeline chart similar to the one described in Now i have a category called "Go Live". I want the value to be marked a different colored line, or have a line on the timeline to indicate the deadline. is...

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