1. R

    Difference of Column with Multiples of the Same Entry

    I want it to take the difference of one 1 column minus a certain box and add together only 1 unique value since theres multiples of the same entry. I had SUM(E8:E50)-L4 Which worked until column E had several entries with the same value. Then it added column E together so the number was...
  2. M

    Multiplication formula

    Hi all, i have searched the web for a formula that would allow me too multiply the first 10,000 of a number in a cell by 0.45 and the remainder of the number by 0.25 then ideally putting it into 2 separate cells ( one for the 0.45 answer and the other for the 0.25 answer . Although its not a...
  3. T

    How to hide many pivotitem at once

    Is there a way to hide a list of PivotItems in a single command? Using Excel2010, standard pivot (not OLAP data source) I'm looking for a way to significantly speed up the code execution. NB I already suspended the recalculation, the video refresh, set .ManualUpdate = True, ... So I'm...
  4. G

    Multiple measures on a line chart?

    Is there a straightforward way to do this? Clearly I could union two tables together, but that seems a massive pain. I just want to drag two measures into the value area of a line chart!
  5. C

    Massive 300MB Spreadsheet why?

    Hi, I've been given a 300MB spreadsheet and asked why is it so large? Where do I start? Any help would be appreciated.

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