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    VBA for Combining 1st sheet of every workbook in folder into one master-sheet of new workbook

    Greetings, I will get directly to the point. *What I Have. 1)-I have one folder which contains multiple excel workbooks. All of them are in .xlsx format. 2) Each workbooks has multiple worksheets 3)The important sheet for me is the first one of each workbook, which has a dynamic name i.e. the...
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    Consolidate 4 Excel Project Lists (Workbooks) to a new Master Project List using VBA

    Hello all, first of all I'm a beginner in VBA and I really could need some help with a VBA code. My task is to consolidate 4 Excel Project Lists (Workbooks) to a Master Workbook. The Project Lists has a different structure and almost different content. The relevant information is always on...
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    Automatic addition or deletion of rows when master worksheet's rows are added or deleted?

    I have a school attendance worksheet with a list of names. When I add or delete rows from this worksheet (to accommodate the addition or removal of students from the school's enrollment) I want these same additions or deletions of rows to automatically take place on other worksheets that have...
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    master worksheet pulls from multiple workbooks

    Master worksheet showing a list of consolidated data , specifically daily sales ranging from first of the month to last day of the month. Master worksheet Column A has dates, Column B has cash totals, column C has Credit card totals. Column B and C ref sales totals pulled from different...
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    Random cells into master worksheet

    Please I have been searching to find a helpful marco or VB script to easy my task. I am dealing with data shattered but identical source to merge them into a new workbook, then I will use this workbook as a data toward a new Management system implemented to our company. I am request to pile...
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    copying to change master copy

    I have a spreadsheet that i would like to copy mutiple times but also have the master copy change ? Is there a way I can do this ? please help
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    Trying to stop Excel 2003 from rounding

    I have an excel spreadsheet that is automated using Visual Basic. My master spreadsheet receives data from 31 different sheets. I realized that when it is compiling it is rounding up. I have tried everything I know to get it to stop rounding because the data with rounding is incorrect. I...
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    get information from different files for master sheet

    Hello, - I have the following folder/file structure: MP1 CT CTfile1.csv CTfile2.csv CV CVfile1.csv CVfile2.csv FT FTfile1.csv FTfile2.csv ...etc - it keeps on going for more subfolders. - Every subfolder has 2 different .csv files. - Every file has the same structure. Relevant...
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    Transfer Data from Master Worksheet to Individual Worksheet

    Please Help. I receive a monthly download of individuals call-logs in one "Master File." For internal reasons, I need to separate every person's monthly call-log into individual worksheets. Unfortunately, the file is very large and copy/paste is very time consuming. I am operating on MS...

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