matching columns

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    Missing Columns

    I am working on some vlookups from a Pivot table that has five results on them; however some of the results are null, so the column disappears. I have been able to link it to the grand total, which is what I want, just not to sure how I can get it to link on the columns. This is my statement...
  2. N

    VBA - Copying part of a row to matching column headers

    I have code to copy rows of data to another sheet if the cell in column L equals "High" or "Extreme". I'm unsure how to copy only certain columns of that row to the new spreadsheet, which has matching headers in place. I'd like to either copy columns 2, 3, 6, 12, 14, 18, and 21, or have the code...
  3. S

    Advanced exact partial match VLOOKUP help

    Hey Everyone I really hope someone can help me with this! I am doing a VLOOKUP match-up between company names in one column, and company names in another column. The company names have an inconsistent format (like HeroSwap, Inc. in one column and HeroSwap Incorporated in the other). I've...
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    Having a problem matching columns

    I used a few split text functions, (aka: right, left, find) and split the text into what I finally wanted. Now I want the new column of text to equal another column and only some of the text is matching up. For example, it kind of looks like this: First Column Split Column...
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    Trying to match product sku from 2 spreadsheets and if they match can I have the product id pulled from one to the other?

    Hey Everyone, this is my very first thread here please excuse any novice actions I may make while posting this, thanks. I have about a dozen spreadsheets (we'll call these the "Dirty Dozen") that all have product Sku's in column A and have a column for Product ID's in column B but no actual...
  6. A

    Two similar Excel sheets comparison and data filling

    Dear friends, I have 2 system generated Excel files that have certain combinations and prices against those combinations. The 2 Excel worksheets are based in the following format: Column A - Unique system generated ID, these IDs are different in both the sheets. Column B - Pricing Parameter...
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    Matching Two Columns with a twist

    I have 3 columns two cloumns are ACCT numbers and third is comments Column A has a longer list of acct numbers than does B, But column B had the same amount of rows as does C,(I copied and pasted from another sheet) How can i match A to B while still keeping C intact to B? Column A...

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