1. L

    Formula to return the value of the duplicate number

    Hello, I am trying to find a formula to return the value of the duplicated number in cells that are not right next to each other, but within the same row. In the below example, I need a formula in column I that does the following: If the variance to on-hand in column D is zero then return the...
  2. Y

    Data Matching

    I havr data in Column AD that has the same date in column AC but no on the same rows. Column L is connected to column AC and AD but the corresponding rows has different names. I want to display the Name on Column L that is connected to column AD and display it on the row where Column AC has a...
  3. J

    Excel VBA : Match the data from another workbook and return another column value

    So, i have a 'Summary' workbook that consists of zone, state, city, and total income. Inside one zone, there are a states. And inside the states, there are a cities. What i'm trying to do is to find the total income of each city in column D and summarize the total income of each state. To get...
  4. A

    comparing 2 excel columns and filtering duplicates

    Hi, I have two sets of data, one is a column with a certain set of numbers, lets say 11111 33333 55555 Then, i have a second set of data, that is partially made up of this first set of numbers. Each number is matched up with another column. it looks like this: 11111 abc 22222 def 33333 ghi...
  5. S

    matching of data to not match the same data again

    So currently I got multiple guys name john in my excel, how do I ensure that my vba doesn't go through the same cell over and over again? this the code I'm working with Sub match_Data() Dim rSH As Worksheet Dim sSh As Worksheet Set rSH = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Master") Set sSh =...
  6. B

    Wildcard solution maybe??

    Each week I have to scan a changing list of names that includes former students. I want to find each student listed. My problem is that the list is outside my control and sometimes students names are presented differently depending on who creates that weekly list. Often Thomas becomes Tom...
  7. Tosborn

    Cleaning up messy data from PDF report, need to match up purchase order numbers with supplier names on 2 separate rows

    The messy data looks like the list in columns A & B (see image), the finished list needs to be like columns D&E. I'm cleaning up some very messy data with formulas on the spreadsheet up to this point but the solution could be with VBA also, I'm open to either. So basically the purchase order...
  8. M

    Reading from a table in Excel

    Hello All, If anyone knows how I have a large data set and I would like to check there is duplicates. Issue is there are two parameters needed to confirm this. So for example I have in Cell B3 the Activity ID “BLH7895“ and in Cell C3 I have the Activity Name “Taking out the trash”. How would I...
  9. S

    Match column headers and copy over data

    I am starting a new project to simplify an uploading process. I would like to create a workbook that is set up like this: Two sheets, one is called “Upload Data”, and the other is called “Prepared File. The “Prepared File” sheet has the column headers in the correct order for the upload to work...
  10. N

    SUM of amounts in one report to match with SUM of amounts in other report VBA

    I have 2 sheets - "AE" Sheet (representing "Day" & "AE" columns below) and "TC" Sheet (rep "Date" & "TC" columns Below). I need to do matching of both sheets. With the VBA code below, I was able to perform the ff matching procedures 1.) Single amount matching 1:1 and 2.) Single to Combination...
  11. F

    How to find matching values

    Hi All, I have a data of all positive and negative values like -400 200 200 -100 100 -500 250 250 300 -150 -150 I have multiple formulas to identify the matching numbers but all i want is modifications I have data in A1:A100 I use the B1...
  12. G

    Help with Userform MsgBox

    Hi everyone, I have a userform that has 2 textboxes to add data to a worksheet, this all works fine although i would like it to also search a worksheet called "Members" for a matching value entered into my first textbox called "txtMemFirst" if no matching name is found then it needs to show a...
  13. A

    Adding info from one sheet to another by matching vendor numbers

    I have two sheets of data. One is vendor payments, the other general vendor data from their master file. I need to add their federal tax id to the vendor payment sheet by matching the vendor numbers on each sheet. What’s the best way to do this?
  14. S

    Matching cells and creating a new worksheet

    Hello Excel Experts, I have 2 Excel files, the first has cells with the following data: [Name] [Cost] [Date] The second file has: [Name] [SKU] [Serial Numbers (can be more than 1)] I'm trying to combine these into a new file with: [Name] [SKU] [Serial Numbers] [Cost], based on the...
  15. B

    Find matching number for the result

    Hello All, I encountered a situation that I need your help with a formula to get the result as shown “result” range row J1:X1. The calculation based on weekly updated table on the left. If found a MATCH number from the “numberID” row J2:X2 in the Category row “A, B, L1A, L2UA, and T” , then...
  16. H

    Len if and

    Hi I have set-up the below but the LEN calculation seems wrong as LEN that isn't 15 is matching and doing the workday function. Can anyone see what is wrong please?
  17. S

    Create Sheet to index scores for a club

    Good day All, I need to extract data from an excel sheet and index them on another sheet to formulate results with handicaps etc. I am struggling on extracting the data: <tbody> Division Stage Number Name Hit Factor Classic 1 Ira 2.57 Classic 2 Ira 0.97 Standard 1 Jason 5.36 Standard...
  18. S

    Loop through 2 columns and and return TRUE or FALSE if adjscent cells are matching.

    Hi lads, Need formula in cell E1 that loops through Columns A & C and if cell value is identical i.e. AB1234X vs AB1234X then it need to compare corresponding adjscent cell values in column B & D to see if they are matching. If they are matching then it needs to return TRUE if not matching then...
  19. G

    VBA UserForm - Using TextBox to look up in a range

    I have a userform that when it runs comes up with a blank text box. I want the user to be able to type in the value that they want to lookup, in this case it is a box size, and once they press enter I need it to put all the matching information on the same sheet that I have my macro button that...
  20. D

    Formula to Check Matches

    I thought this would be simple however, I am finding more difficult than I originally thought. I'll try and keep it simple. I have a single workbook with multiple sheets with data. I am needing a formula to check column A on sheet #1 to columns A,B, and C on sheets #2 and #3 . If the numbers...

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