1. S

    Match column headers and copy over data

    I am starting a new project to simplify an uploading process. I would like to create a workbook that is set up like this: Two sheets, one is called “Upload Data”, and the other is called “Prepared File. The “Prepared File” sheet has the column headers in the correct order for the upload to work...
  2. N

    SUM of amounts in one report to match with SUM of amounts in other report VBA

    I have 2 sheets - "AE" Sheet (representing "Day" & "AE" columns below) and "TC" Sheet (rep "Date" & "TC" columns Below). I need to do matching of both sheets. With the VBA code below, I was able to perform the ff matching procedures 1.) Single amount matching 1:1 and 2.) Single to Combination...
  3. F

    How to find matching values

    Hi All, I have a data of all positive and negative values like -400 200 200 -100 100 -500 250 250 300 -150 -150 I have multiple formulas to identify the matching numbers but all i want is modifications I have data in A1:A100 I use the B1...
  4. G

    Help with Userform MsgBox

    Hi everyone, I have a userform that has 2 textboxes to add data to a worksheet, this all works fine although i would like it to also search a worksheet called "Members" for a matching value entered into my first textbox called "txtMemFirst" if no matching name is found then it needs to show a...
  5. A

    Adding info from one sheet to another by matching vendor numbers

    I have two sheets of data. One is vendor payments, the other general vendor data from their master file. I need to add their federal tax id to the vendor payment sheet by matching the vendor numbers on each sheet. What’s the best way to do this?
  6. S

    Matching cells and creating a new worksheet

    Hello Excel Experts, I have 2 Excel files, the first has cells with the following data: [Name] [Cost] [Date] The second file has: [Name] [SKU] [Serial Numbers (can be more than 1)] I'm trying to combine these into a new file with: [Name] [SKU] [Serial Numbers] [Cost], based on the...
  7. B

    Find matching number for the result

    Hello All, I encountered a situation that I need your help with a formula to get the result as shown “result” range row J1:X1. The calculation based on weekly updated table on the left. If found a MATCH number from the “numberID” row J2:X2 in the Category row “A, B, L1A, L2UA, and T” , then...
  8. H

    Len if and

    Hi I have set-up the below but the LEN calculation seems wrong as LEN that isn't 15 is matching and doing the workday function. Can anyone see what is wrong please?
  9. S

    Create Sheet to index scores for a club

    Good day All, I need to extract data from an excel sheet and index them on another sheet to formulate results with handicaps etc. I am struggling on extracting the data: <tbody> Division Stage Number Name Hit Factor Classic 1 Ira 2.57 Classic 2 Ira 0.97 Standard 1 Jason 5.36 Standard...
  10. S

    Loop through 2 columns and and return TRUE or FALSE if adjscent cells are matching.

    Hi lads, Need formula in cell E1 that loops through Columns A & C and if cell value is identical i.e. AB1234X vs AB1234X then it need to compare corresponding adjscent cell values in column B & D to see if they are matching. If they are matching then it needs to return TRUE if not matching then...
  11. G

    VBA UserForm - Using TextBox to look up in a range

    I have a userform that when it runs comes up with a blank text box. I want the user to be able to type in the value that they want to lookup, in this case it is a box size, and once they press enter I need it to put all the matching information on the same sheet that I have my macro button that...
  12. D

    Formula to Check Matches

    I thought this would be simple however, I am finding more difficult than I originally thought. I'll try and keep it simple. I have a single workbook with multiple sheets with data. I am needing a formula to check column A on sheet #1 to columns A,B, and C on sheets #2 and #3 . If the numbers...
  13. B

    Matching formula that is too hard for me!

    Hi everyone, Here are the things that are in each column. Column A - Phone Numbers Column B - Dates Column C - Dates Column D - Record ID's Column E - BLANK Column F - Dates Column G - Phone Numbers I'm trying to write a matching or lookup formula that looks up and down these columns and...
  14. T

    reference cell

    I am looking for a formula. Sheet 1 I have a number in A:1, so in A:2 I need a formula that looks at the number in Sheet 1 A:1, then finds that number on Sheet 2 Column A, When it finds the matching number it displays the new number located in Sheet 2 Column B next to the matching number.
  15. K

    What formula should I be using for this?

    Hi all. I am really rusty on excel so I suspect there is an easy answer to this question, but it currently eludes me. Hopefully I can at least explain what I am trying to do! If sheet 1, cell a2 matches and cell in sheet 2, range a:a then display the matching contents in range c:c (same row...
  16. M

    Countifs matching two separate tables

    Hi I have this formula but stuck on the last condition. I want to count based on Client Name in current table where it finds a match to: table1 client name & is not OOS/Lost AND if the country is listed both on table1 matching a table in another sheet which is called 'Prority 1' this last...
  17. H

    Matching names in two different spreadsheets

    I have two spreadsheets: one with hundreds of rows of certain data and the other with thousands of rows of other data. I would like to find the names of the people in the smaller spreadsheet in the larger one. Does anyone know how to do that? I have heard of VLOOKUP but have never used it...
  18. C

    update running workbook from daily

    So I have a workbook that I use new daily, I also have a workbook I keep with a runnning collection of the data that I currently send "New" records to every day. I am trying to figure out how to match column A and Column L, then if both are an exact match copy the cell in column T from...
  19. A

    compare 3 values from 3 different cells and COLOR which cell is not matching

    Hi Can someone help me with formula. compare texts from 3 different cells and COLOR which cell is not matching from remaining 2
  20. B

    How to match my company's customer list to Fortune 500 list

    I want to find out how many of my company's customers are in the Fortune 500. I have both lists, but am not sure how to compare them. Also, how would I handle common words like "the" or "of?" I guess I could do an exact match, but then I might miss close matches, for example, we might have a...

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