1. F

    How to find matching values

    Hi All, I have a data of all positive and negative values like -400 200 200 -100 100 -500 250 250 300 -150 -150 I have multiple formulas to identify the matching numbers but all i want is modifications I have data in A1:A100 I use the B1...
  2. G

    Help with Userform MsgBox

    Hi everyone, I have a userform that has 2 textboxes to add data to a worksheet, this all works fine although i would like it to also search a worksheet called "Members" for a matching value entered into my first textbox called "txtMemFirst" if no matching name is found then it needs to show a...
  3. A

    Adding info from one sheet to another by matching vendor numbers

    I have two sheets of data. One is vendor payments, the other general vendor data from their master file. I need to add their federal tax id to the vendor payment sheet by matching the vendor numbers on each sheet. What’s the best way to do this?
  4. S

    Matching cells and creating a new worksheet

    Hello Excel Experts, I have 2 Excel files, the first has cells with the following data: [Name] [Cost] [Date] The second file has: [Name] [SKU] [Serial Numbers (can be more than 1)] I'm trying to combine these into a new file with: [Name] [SKU] [Serial Numbers] [Cost], based on the...
  5. B

    Find matching number for the result

    Hello All, I encountered a situation that I need your help with a formula to get the result as shown “result” range row J1:X1. The calculation based on weekly updated table on the left. If found a MATCH number from the “numberID” row J2:X2 in the Category row “A, B, L1A, L2UA, and T” , then...
  6. H

    Len if and

    Hi I have set-up the below but the LEN calculation seems wrong as LEN that isn't 15 is matching and doing the workday function. Can anyone see what is wrong please?
  7. S

    Create Sheet to index scores for a club

    Good day All, I need to extract data from an excel sheet and index them on another sheet to formulate results with handicaps etc. I am struggling on extracting the data: <tbody> Division Stage Number Name Hit Factor Classic 1 Ira 2.57 Classic 2 Ira 0.97 Standard 1 Jason 5.36 Standard...
  8. S

    Loop through 2 columns and and return TRUE or FALSE if adjscent cells are matching.

    Hi lads, Need formula in cell E1 that loops through Columns A & C and if cell value is identical i.e. AB1234X vs AB1234X then it need to compare corresponding adjscent cell values in column B & D to see if they are matching. If they are matching then it needs to return TRUE if not matching then...
  9. G

    VBA UserForm - Using TextBox to look up in a range

    I have a userform that when it runs comes up with a blank text box. I want the user to be able to type in the value that they want to lookup, in this case it is a box size, and once they press enter I need it to put all the matching information on the same sheet that I have my macro button that...
  10. D

    Formula to Check Matches

    I thought this would be simple however, I am finding more difficult than I originally thought. I'll try and keep it simple. I have a single workbook with multiple sheets with data. I am needing a formula to check column A on sheet #1 to columns A,B, and C on sheets #2 and #3 . If the numbers...
  11. B

    Matching formula that is too hard for me!

    Hi everyone, Here are the things that are in each column. Column A - Phone Numbers Column B - Dates Column C - Dates Column D - Record ID's Column E - BLANK Column F - Dates Column G - Phone Numbers I'm trying to write a matching or lookup formula that looks up and down these columns and...
  12. T

    reference cell

    I am looking for a formula. Sheet 1 I have a number in A:1, so in A:2 I need a formula that looks at the number in Sheet 1 A:1, then finds that number on Sheet 2 Column A, When it finds the matching number it displays the new number located in Sheet 2 Column B next to the matching number.
  13. K

    What formula should I be using for this?

    Hi all. I am really rusty on excel so I suspect there is an easy answer to this question, but it currently eludes me. Hopefully I can at least explain what I am trying to do! If sheet 1, cell a2 matches and cell in sheet 2, range a:a then display the matching contents in range c:c (same row...
  14. M

    Countifs matching two separate tables

    Hi I have this formula but stuck on the last condition. I want to count based on Client Name in current table where it finds a match to: table1 client name & is not OOS/Lost AND if the country is listed both on table1 matching a table in another sheet which is called 'Prority 1' this last...
  15. H

    Matching names in two different spreadsheets

    I have two spreadsheets: one with hundreds of rows of certain data and the other with thousands of rows of other data. I would like to find the names of the people in the smaller spreadsheet in the larger one. Does anyone know how to do that? I have heard of VLOOKUP but have never used it...
  16. C

    update running workbook from daily

    So I have a workbook that I use new daily, I also have a workbook I keep with a runnning collection of the data that I currently send "New" records to every day. I am trying to figure out how to match column A and Column L, then if both are an exact match copy the cell in column T from...
  17. A

    compare 3 values from 3 different cells and COLOR which cell is not matching

    Hi Can someone help me with formula. compare texts from 3 different cells and COLOR which cell is not matching from remaining 2
  18. B

    How to match my company's customer list to Fortune 500 list

    I want to find out how many of my company's customers are in the Fortune 500. I have both lists, but am not sure how to compare them. Also, how would I handle common words like "the" or "of?" I guess I could do an exact match, but then I might miss close matches, for example, we might have a...
  19. M

    Matching students to teachers based on set crteria

    I am looking to match students from the students table to teachers in the Teacher Table. The criteria is the following: A teach can only have one student Student should be matched with a teacher based on the following : Their preferred area in Column N with the Teacher Area in Column C...
  20. M

    Multiple string matching

    I found this and it works for what I need, but how do I get it to list through the entire Column A and how would I get it to output the results in column B or at the very least highlight all the matching results in column A...

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