1. E

    Using a UDF to determin if 2 lines are parallel, perpendicular, or neither

    ve four points (x1,y1), (x2,y2), (x3,y3), and (x4,y4). The first two points define line 1 and the last two points define line 2. I'm trying to use a user defined function to determine the status of the two lines, so either Parallel, Perpendiculr, or Neither. This is what I have for the code...
  2. T

    Excel and advanced math??

    Hello. I am still New/a noob to VBA. But i have a questions. Right now, my goal is to learn VBA so i can automate/code mathematical equation like Taylor polynomials, differential equation, etc. And show the calculations, so i will be able to minimize the chance of error when i reach my exams. Is...
  3. Ramballah

    Stupid calculation I can't figure out...

    Hello everyone, Today I have come across a very stupid calculation which I just cannot figure out how to solve. I already feel dumb enough as it is so yeah here goes: The table on the right is where I fill in all the "resources" I have (this is for a game, I'm sorry if this isn't meant for any...
  4. tourless

    Finding text, comparing values, and adding to existing

    Hi Folks, I have two sheets, 'Details' (contains invoice line items) and 'Summary' (contains invoice totals only. Both sheets contain values starting at row 6 and have intermittent spaces between sets of values. Details is separated by invoice numbers in column C and Summary is separated by...
  5. T

    Evaluate math formula from Equation editor into cell

    Hello MrExcel community, this is my first post, so if there is anything about this post that isn't posted correctly feel free to tell. OK so going into the main thing, In my Excel sheets I use plenty of long and complex mathematical equations, that when trying to replicate form paper into...
  6. A

    Date Range based on Cell Value

    Hello, I have a report (shown below) for auditing pay periods and the date a lesson was graded. In column D the first entry is 9/19/2019 (in red). Based on a date in column D, I need to key in the appropriate start date (column F) and end date (column G) for the value in column D. This is...
  7. P

    Vlookup on multiple columns

    I have a table of courses with the name of the student. Then I have another table that I am trying to get a Yes or No value based on if they took the class. I believe I need a vlookup function, but I am missing how to get that data. Student Course Tom Smith Math 101 Jerry...
  8. A

    Macro for identifying distinct days from time stamp doesn't work

    Hello, I run a seat time report for 30 teachers which measures the time they spent online (distinct days). <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Teacher Course Date Time (hh:mm) IP Address Allison, Robert *Home Page/eMail/Forum 10/1/2019 5:39 AM 0:00
  9. Z

    arrays verses worksheet for math

    I have a workbook which currently uses a worksheet to do a lot of math for a user form. Speed, accuracy and overall performance is very stable so far. My question is, I've always wanted to do the math in memory with arrays just because I guess and learn arrays. So short of that is there a more...
  10. J

    VLOOKUP Multiple value return in Single Cell with Repitiion

    Hello - I have a reference value that I'm looking to return the associated values into one cell but am not sure how to do that. For example, assume the reference value is MATH in worksheet 1 and in Worksheet 2 Math is associated with Geometry, Algebra, Statistics. I'd like to return both...
  11. S

    Simple Formula in Excel?

    Hi, I need to pull a column from a dynamic data source based off one unique id(Math). Can someone help with a formula? I need to pull all names associated with the unique id onto another sheet. In a listed column. Example below: Data Source: <tbody> Name Class Ron Math Amy Science...
  12. M

    Math + excel formula

    hi all, I need an excel formula to count the number of countries per I code that breached a 30% threshold. I am struggling to get this formula done. I used countifs but I only get the number of Keys per I code that breaches the limit. For instance, in the example below, I code B has one country...
  13. montecarlo2012

    VBA to Separate Values

    Hi. Please, in case is possible, I have a dynamic array five columns, the first column is only two words alternated and the other four columns are numbers (grades). what I need?, I need to separate the rows of math from the row of geography and convert in two different arrays. Thank you for...
  14. L

    improving userform

    Hi I have a userform which has a label as a question and 3 radios buttons as an answer. The form is this When use click on Math button, math cell value will be incremented by 1. Everything is working fine if a user will click on...
  15. M

    Simple (?) math problem

    You are given a random number. For this example lets use 1793 You are then given some additional numbers. For this example lets use 16, 17, & 18. What I want to do is list out the different sets of these numbers that would equal the random number. Some examples (Not showing them all because I...
  16. F

    find math expression with given elements and results

    Hi everyone, How can this be solved in VBA given S is a result and some number a b c d e f g So how can i find the combination of math expression ( plus/ minus ) so that a + b + c - d -e -f + g = S or a - b +c - d - e +f - g = S Thanks,
  17. B

    Solving math problem in EXCEL! Problem solved on paper.

    Hi guys, I've been using this forum for long time, but this is my first time posting ;). Recently I got math problem to solve on job interview, which I did on paper, but problem is it was needed to be done in excel. Below is question and the way I did it on paper. Please help me solve it through...
  18. E

    Carrying over into adjacent cell

    D1=5 D2=4 D3=9 D4=Sum(d1:d3) But I want d4 instead of showing "18", I want D4 to show "8" and C4 to show the "1"... But I want this formula for numbers as large as 1,000,000.00 So I have 9 individual cells from A:I across. And when ever the number is large enough I want it to "carry over" the...
  19. L

    Array Formula - ACT scores

    I am a teacher, summarizing ACT results. I have over a hundred students who have each taken the ACT for four years, anywhere from one to four times each year. For example, I am trying to calculate an overall average Composite score for 2017 for the following data. <tbody> A B C D E 1 2017...
  20. xeven_

    kellys equation

    Can I use excel 2016 to calculate Kellys equation K% = W – [(1 – W) / R] W = 0.34 and R = 0.86 If so how do I do this? Please forgive me but I am a wiz at math or excel :confused:

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