1. G

    % Math for usage Excell

    I have a system which generates alerts for part usage but I worry its spamming them. Part lifespan = 30,000 (approx 1 month), Device “A” Average is 1% part lifespan per month or 300 counts per month Device “B” Average is 100% so 30K per month So how do I math? To get a dynamic usage figure...
  2. W

    Cricket Scorecard

    Hi All, I am working on a Cricket scorecard in excel and have hit a problem - A one day game has 50 overs with 6 balls per over which is 300 balls For example cell C3 has 50 (representing overs), cell C4 has overs played for this example we'll say 48.2 meaning in Cell C5 i would like 1.4...
  3. dannyok90

    Challenge! balance of numbers over months!

    Hi All, I have a challenge for you. Im trying to come up with a way to balance hours over a period of time: 30 hours over 6 months for example now, easily thats 5 hours a month. but if i used a scale of 1-10: 10 meaning the majority of hours were going to be used at the end of the six...
  4. J

    Problem with solving a maths task in excel.

    Hello everyone! I've recently got a task to do in excel: "There are points A(-1,0) and B(3,0). Find point C, for which the ACB angle is a right angle." There was also something mentioned about the method of searching an axis??? I understand this and I know how do do it on paper but have...
  5. G

    Collating data from different tables based on Headers using VBA

    Hi, I am new to VBA and i have been trying to achieve the following but i am stuck. I have different tables in one worksheet with common headers from which i need to collate the data into a single table with one set of headers, in a different worksheet. Example given below is of the Raw data...
  6. R

    implementation of NORM.INV

    Hi, could anybody please advise on the background calculation used to implement the NORM.INV function in Excel? I need to hand code it in Java. I have managed to convert some other statistical functions this way but am finding it hard to get info on this one. I have done some searching but...
  7. P

    Reciprocals' Integers Equivalent Function

    Hi Mrexcelians. In my Weird Adventures of Maths, my project entails finding Integers when I divide 2 numbers. But have realised, certain numbers when their Reciprocals are calculated, they make up a whole no./Integer. Examples: 0.2495 4.00 3.00...
  8. F

    Another Countif Query

    Hello I have a table similar to the one below: <tbody> English Teacher English Teacher Target English Teacher Assessment Maths Teacher Maths Teacher Target Maths Teacher Assessment Science Teacher Science Teacher Target Science Teacher Assessment a b b- e d d i s s+ b d b f s d+ j m m-...
  9. E

    Anyone maths please?

    hello! I want to insert this equation to Excel: I came up with this (obviously, P = I7 cell, etc) =(I7*6*sqrt(J7)*(1.99-J7*(1-J7)*(2.145-3.93*J7+2.70*J7^2)))/(F7*sqrt(G7)*(1-2*J7)*(1-J7)^1.5) What could be wrong in the above function? Thanks!
  10. I

    Regarding Excel.. How to solve this ( Maths) in Excel

    Hi Friends,I need your help. I am learning excel and i have a excel file with few instructions. Can any one able to solve this, & understand me - how we will solve it. it will be a great help. Please find the attached excel(Math-Finance file). I tried to solve but I am not sure ,what i did and...
  11. J

    Copying worksheets to another workbook using macros

    Hello all, I have two excel work books namely 'Schools.xlsx' and 'colleges.xlsx'. Both excels workbooks have 4 worksheets namely 'Science', 'Maths', 'English' and 'General'. I have to copy the entire contents in Worksheet 'Science' in 'Schools.xlsx' and paste it in Worksheet 'Science' in...
  12. O

    combining 18 columns into 5 columns

    hi I am devising a school marksheet in excel I have 21 subjects including maths French and english which are mandatory subjects. all tudents do maths English and French . hence 18 columns with different subjects left .only 5columns out of the 18 are filled as there are many options and a...
  13. P

    Codes & maths

    Hi Mrexcel Greats & Eric W. Am wondering how to convert a long column with all manner of numbers to a non-zero digit: eg 210.66876468 to 2.1066876468 0.0486788676 to 4.86788676 11.694324507 to 1.1694324507 0.2516033212 to 2.516033212 Thanks
  14. K

    Index Match Query

    Hi Folks, Can you please help me with the below query: Master Data: <colgroup><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> Username Subject Score A1 English 50 A1 Maths 45 A1 Physics 34 A1 History 23 A1 Geography 56 A2 English 24 A2 Maths 67 A2 Physics 45 A2 History 32 A3...
  15. S

    Index match with conditional formating

    Hi, Good evening Excel Legends, I am trying to apply conditional formatting to a column in Excel using the "Use a formula to determine which cells to format" feature. In DATA sheet have a list of names in column A with corresponding reference numbers in column B and type in column C. In DATA...
  16. M

    Polynomial Solver

    Hi, I'm currently working on a UDF (user-defined function) in MS excel, which enables the user to determine what values of x satisfy an equation. I've seen code like this previously on websites such as but the...
  17. P

    How can I justify my eagerness to learn mathematics to office people?

    Hi, Our office has a budget for trainings. But on one condition: It should improve/helpful/ or atleast useful to the current works we do on our team (VBA Development using Access/Excel). I know without the word 'Mathematics' there is no such word called 'Engineering' (all sort of). The problem...
  18. S

    Mutually Exclusive Cells

    Hey Guys, I'm currently doing some uni analytics work and I'm trying to make a cell represent the chance of two other cells being mutually exclusive. Is there a way of including the probability of each cell occurring in the formula? The example is Year 1: Low Price: x, 0.4 High Price: y...
  19. S

    How to convert a number into standard form on excel

    Hi, I am running Excel 2007 and am trying to convert a number (e.g. 1055) into standard form( 1.055*10^3). Thanks Su1cidalduck
  20. C

    Maths Based - Stock Turn Analysis - HELP !!!

    Dear all (especially the Maths wizzs out there) I am trying to analyse why my shops stock turn is likely to grow over the next few years. The drivers impacting stock turn are: 1) Sales are increasing therefore Cost of Sales (COS) is increasing 2) I am implementing 3 stock reduction plans A, B...

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