1. J

    Match and return highest value

    Apologies for the newb question, im very much beginner level excel. I'm trying to find a value in column A where there at least 2 of that same name and find the higher number of those two matched names. I also want to return the name of the agent that ties to the higher value in column C. i.e. I...
  2. U

    In cell H7, use an appropriate formula to add the total sales made in Perth for all the years. But I've decided to make the Formula to be independent

    <colgroup><col span="3"><col><col span="2"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Artist Place Year Sale Taylor Swift Sydney 2013 $ 3,067.00 Big Shaq Melbourne 2009 $ 3,119.00 Ed Sheeran Sydney 2017 $ 3,216.00 Coldplay Brisbane 2007 $ 3,286.00 Taylor Swift Brisbane...
  3. M

    trying to display results by date

    I have a workbook that looks at the data page matches the date on the event page and posts the matching date information to the event page from the data page. (see example below) data list below example. The problem I have is that if the data in the date range is more than 2 events the data...
  4. J

    DAX Measure to rank by category and subcategory

    Hi, I have loaded a table (named "Data") into Powerpivot and would like a measure to rank by Product in each city using a ref number. I also want this rank to stay even if I filter later. <tbody> City Product Ref RANK I want Sydney Bike 100 1 Sydney Bike 102 2 Sydney Bike 105 3...
  5. M

    vlookup to index match

    I am using vlookup to look at a data sheet, look at the date and then on another page check the date and if it corresponds post the data on the second page. example of code =VLOOKUP(B3,event,2,0) example of data being viewed 4/01/2019 Cycling Australia Road Nationals 2019 3/01/2019 BBL -...
  6. H

    Help Please -Sum off multiple adjacent cells

    Hi, I require some help please. I am looking for an equation to that will sum based on multiple adjacent cells have specific terms. I need to total the revenue in row D for all lines that have a specific working in Row A B and C See example below: I need a formula to automatically calculate...
  7. M

    Removing Everything before Specific String of Characters

    How do I remove everything in a cell that comes before the final set of characters "..." In this example of how the data in the cells appears, I would like to have a column next to this that would have just "Melbourne" (if I could eliminate the ending period "." too that would be great. ACE.AU...
  8. S

    Vlookup & Search - Multiple values to look up and enter

    Hi, This is the formula I am currently using in the top right most cell in the table below showing "Melbourne": (Look at the 3rd column and see if it contains "MEL", if it does then return value in column 2) =VLOOKUP(MID(D2,SEARCH("MEL",D2),3),$B$2:$C$9,2,FALSE) (Lookup table is the first 2...
  9. J

    CountIf on non contiguous named range

    Below is a set of data I am working on. I have named the customer satisfaction range as "CustomerSatisfaction" then i have applied a filter on the cities ie filter by "Melbourne" then i have named the customer satisfaction column with the filter on and called it...
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    Register: ModelOff APAC Meetups 2015 (AUS, IND, HK, SG)

    This May and June, the ModelOff Team is traveling around APAC to hold local networking events - and you are invited to join the celebrations! Six FREE drinks networking events will be held in Melbourne (May 26), Sydney (May 27), Singapore (June 9), Bangalore (June 10), Hong Kong (June 11) and...

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