memory issue

  1. T

    "Compile Error: Out of memory" with complex userform and many vba subroutines

    I have a spreadsheet with a fairly complex userform that acts as a UI. I believe the issue is caused by the ammount of controls i have on my userform as it was working fine upto a point. I have already upgraded from 32 bit excel to 64 which solved the issue at an earlier stage when i had less...
  2. M

    VBA Excel memory problem (easy code)

    Hi all I wrote a simple code that gives me surprisingly (probably not surprising for you) a memory problem: "There isn't enough memory to complete this action..". I want to copy/paste rows from a sheet to another sheet based on two conditions. After it is pasted I want to delete those rows...
  3. T

    Need help reducing memory

    I have code running to potentially create a large number of worksheets. As the code is running, it runs slower after each sheet can can take over 8 hours to run. How can I speed this up? I am not an expert and i am sure this code is not as efficient as it could be. What i am trying to do is copy...
  4. R

    Excel file size: 12 273kb sheets = 14Mb? What's going on?

    Hey, I have a workbook with 12 monthly sheets, one data validation sheet, and one small name list sheet. The biggest (monthly) sheets are the monthly ones which are 34 columns by 260 rows, and saving these sheets separately results in about 270kb for each of these sheets. When I save the entire...
  5. E

    ODBC - 32 vs 64 Bit problems

    Hoping someone could shed some light on this issue for me - we have a retail management system using SQL and we use Access to run queries. We now use Power Pivot and pull the SQL statements into Excel. But when we use 64bit Office and ODBC, the SQL statements don't run. We have tried it on many...
  6. R

    Issues With Running xlsm files with Hyperion Add-In

    I have created Microsoft Excel Macro Enabled (xlsm) files containing 195 lines of VBA code (teo subroutines, two functions) and total file sizes ranging from 162 kb to 205 kb. The files run perfectly on my computer but when my boss runs it, it takes twice as long and then the screen freezes...
  7. K

    EXCEL.EXE getting stuck in memory - How to clear please

    I have the following code which happily creates an excel document but after it runs i am seeing an EXCEL.EXE still residing in memory. If i run it multiple times i will see several of them in memory. Does anyone know what i need to do to close it down properly and free up the memory. Sub...
  8. K

    Problem with Excel memory

    Hi, Generel overview of Excel Sheet: I use two Excel workbooks. One where I start my macros, creates my Pivot table and store all the data i need. The second one, I use to extract data through SQL scripts to two worksheets and connect them through a lot of VLOOKUP functions and doing a lot of...
  9. S

    Out of Stack Space Error (Error No-28)

    Hello everyone!!:) Can anyone plz help me with this problem? I am calling a particular procedure in VB Excel repeatedly from a another procedure. After some time the excel hangs up and stops responding. It shows "Out of Stack Space Error" Is there a way to clear the stack space? Is ther any...
  10. D

    Memory utilization shoots up in excel 2007

    Greetings to all.. We have developed an application in Excel 2003. Now we are accessing the same application through Excel 2007. When we do some operations it utilize around 2gb of system memory and the Excel get hanged. Did anyone came across this issue while working with excel 2007. Please...

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