ODBC - 32 vs 64 Bit problems


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Feb 18, 2015
Hoping someone could shed some light on this issue for me - we have a retail management system using SQL and we use Access to run queries. We now use Power Pivot and pull the SQL statements into Excel. But when we use 64bit Office and ODBC, the SQL statements don't run. We have tried it on many systems and I have spoken to Microsoft about this issue for months now. It seems that they are saying there is a bug in Excel for several versions, but they do not have a solution.

Our problem is our database and XLS files are so large they require 8gb of ram or more. But 32bit office only uses 3.2GB.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what we can do?

Does anyone have suggestions on reducing the file size of excel. Some spreadsheets are only 320mb, but I guess when it runs it uses more overhead as it says that we need 64bit and more memory...

HELP Please

Also - would it improve things if I used less tables and more queries OR combined many queries to one large one table in PowerPivot?

Thanks in advance for the help!!!:)

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