1. E

    Using SUMPRODUCT with multiple dropdown menus

    Hi, all! I've got a calendar-style sheet (sheet 3) that I'm pulling data from, and I've got the categories in 2 different dropdown menus on a second sheet (sheet 4). I'm trying to get a cell to add up all of the occurrences of certain text within the calendar. I've figured out how to...
  2. T

    Create popup menu to unhide worksheet

    Hi! I am looking for a code that will create a popup menu that appears when a user opens the workbook. The menu would have 4 choices and each choice would unhide a different set of tabs. Below are the menu names and tab combinations. I'm not even sure where to start. TIA!!! Menu Option...
  3. L

    window menu in old excel version

    Hi I am watching the video below and in minute 2:00 he went to Window tab in the menu to find out which excel files are opened. I am using office 365, where I can find that option? Thank you very much.
  4. M

    Chart Formatting Shortcuts in Excel 2016

    In previous versions of Excel I was able to tab into the chart formatting menu that popped up and use the alt keys to jump to the functions with underlined letters. Now when the menu pops up along the side of excel I haven't figured out how to tab into it or use those same shortcuts. Is there...
  5. B

    Relace and Delete Question!

    If I wanted to replace all the 456 items in the column below, then the delete blank rows where the 456 items were, what menu do I use? <tbody> 142 996 456 123 456 226 456 225 456 </tbody>
  6. D

    Right Click a Cell

    Hi, When I right click on a cell I get a drop down menu and a box containing tools above or blow it, I would like to customize this box of tools and the drop down menu also, is this possible. Thanking you in advance. Regards, Duncan.
  7. N

    Name Manager and Spaces

    Is it possible to have the name in the list show up on the sheet without the underscore? I have a dropdown menu in a cell which dictates what shows up in a drop down menu of another cell. I don't like how it looks with the underscores... is there a fix, or do I need to get over the cosmetics...
  8. C

    Fill Handle Menu Replaced by Quick Analysis Menu

    Hello all, I have searched and searched but I have not found a thread covering this particular problem. Historically, when I have double-clicked the lower right corner of a cell, it will automatically autofill the cells below and offer a fill handle option menu (Copy Cells, Fill Series, Fill...
  9. S

    Running Macro to fill in new cells without affecting cells already filled

    I have a macro that will be run several times throughout a worksheet. First time I run macro it will fill column AF down to a certain # of rows based information in column A. Lets say in this case row 20. Then if we need to add more rows below this, I want to re-run the macro so it will...
  10. G

    VBA change sheet on data validation selection

    Hi, I have not used VBA in months and my first task back is trying to create a menu page which will have a data validation drop down with multiple selections on there which I want to link too certain sheets. So when selecting "test" from the drop down list then it will take me to the "test"...
  11. S

    Copying data between worksheets dependent on drop menu selection

    Hi All, I am attempting to create a spreadsheet and would like to know if it is possible if somebody selects "yes" from a drop menu options of "yes/no" that the row is automatically copied from one worksheet to another that is password protected? I want the first sheet to accumulate the workflow...
  12. F

    Right click context menu

    If I use Shift+F10 for any selected FormControl/ActiveXControl/Shape, the correct context menu appears. But if I right click the object, I get a menu that reads : Move Here Copy Here Cancel Anyone know how to fix this?
  13. A

    (3) Dropdown list to equal $

    Greetings, is it possible to have (3) dropdown lists equal a dollar amount? Task at Hand: I will try to simplify to help make sense. Let's use a restaurant menu as an example. Depending on your order and the options chosen, the total will be different. Dropdown list 1: Types of meat-Chicken or...
  14. J

    use excel to input data into a program

    We have a program we use for some work, its a exe file that runs in a dos window. It starts with a menu of 5 choices, and I would like to use excel to populate the menu choices, and also other operations. Is this something excel can do, or is there a better way? It would involve opening files...
  15. M

    Cancel=True Not Working As Expected

    I do a lot of coding for the event right-click. I end my additional steps with Cancel=True which used to always avoid popping up the incell menu. Now, for the past many months, the cancel=true seems to no longer work and I get an annoying right-click menu that pops up after my code executed...
  16. P

    Where is the "start import at row" option in Excel 2019?

    I'm trying to import some text from a CSV file, but I don't want to include the headers, which the CSV file contains. I've been told on a previous thread I posted that there's a "start import at row" option where you can select the topmost row to import. That thread seems to have died a few days...
  17. I

    Conditional Formatting

    Morning, I have a cell which is formatted so when it goes into - (minus) figures it turns the cell red, i also have a drop down menu which if "X" is selected from the drop down menu it makes the cell display an "E" with a Green fill, my problem is that when the number is showing minus and i...
  18. M

    ComboBox - Cannot select combo box options

    I have a combo box that has a ListFilledRange property value of a particular column in my spread sheet. My code is fairly simple after this... Private Sub ComboBox1_Change() Me.ComboBox1.DropDown End Sub Can anyone tell me why when I click on a combo box selection from the scroll down...
  19. M

    copy data from one sheet to another

    i would like users to enter data into sheet named Menu in a column B2 to B12 in B13 i have a drop down menu of sheets i would like the data to be copied to the sheet in the drop down menu in rows

    Help with customizing Tab/Sheet names with Add-ins

    We received this code from another Mr.Excel user a while back and have been using. But now we would like to customize our tab names but when I changed the tab name beyond the standard Sheet1, Sheet2,...... I get an error. Is there a way to modify the code below so that I can customize the tab...
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