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    VBA Code that gives results in MsgBox

    Ideally I would like the message box to display whether any discrepancies were identified in sheet 3. The data in sheet 1&2 should be identical, so when the macro is run the results in sheet 3 should show no data because there is no discrepancy. Now, if there are discrepancies between the data...
  2. D

    Message Box

    Hi, I would like to have a Pop up Message Box (with 'Yes / No' buttons) appear in Outlook when I click on the Send Button and also if possible change the wording of the 'Yes / No' buttons pls...
  3. S

    [VBA HELP] Save file prompt to overwrite, save as or cancel

    Hello, I need help on VBA for the following requirement. Pop up message with 3 button of choices 1. Overwrite file 2. Save as different file name 3. Cancel operation. Thank you so much for your help. Cheers..... Sasils
  4. D

    VBA stuck in a loop I can't get out of

    Hi all I’ve been given the code below which seems to do almostexactly what I want it to do but I’d like to make a couple of changes which iswhere I’m stuck AsI understand it this code identifies if a cell has been changed then if thetotal in row 21 is higher than that of row 23 provides a...
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    VBA to remove entry depending on total of column

    I don't really know if this is possible or where to start (which is probably why I can't search for it very well) I have a workbook with a number of identical worksheets (one for each month) - each worksheet has data that can be entered into about 30 columns via drop down. Each column then...
  6. J

    Message Box to appear only once upon activating worksheet

    Hi, I want a box to pop up when a worksheet is activated to alert the user to delete the sheet if they are not using it. So far I have: Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() MsgBox "Not using Census Data? Delete this tab!", vbInformation + vbOKOnly, "WARNING" End Sub I'm feeling a bit stupid -...
  7. C

    Multiple sheet printing based on cell value in each sheet

    Hi All, despite much searching and trials I almost have what I need but cannot work out the last bit. I have 7 sheets as part of a training course session for each day of the week and two other sheets that have various stats on them drawn from the formula on the Monday to Friday sheets. The...
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    VBA to search column when cells change

    Hi all Hope someone can help with what I trying to do. What I would like (and have no idea where to start) is when a user updates a cell in my worksheet that the code looks at the cells at the top of that column and if one is greater than the other produces a message box. Ie: User updates...
  9. S

    Message box is repeating with multiple worksheet changes

    I have multiple worksheet event macros on my sheet. When selection Y/N is unlocks or locks respectively and a message box appears based on the selection. For some reason my macros 3-6 repeat the previous message boxes starting with the message box in the 2nd macro. The first and second macros...
  10. L

    Approve message box but by the approver

    Hello All, Thank for for helping all those who are in need! I created a macro where it looks at the all required fields and then emails to approver. I have the same command button to trigger email function from requester to approver to final user. My issue is I need approved message box only to...
  11. L

    VB Question - Message Box

    HELP PLEASE. I don't think like a programmer, hence my question. I have an excel spreadsheet and I need to add a pop message based on the value of cell (for multiple cells). I know this is easy for most. I'd appreciate all the help I can get.
  12. K

    Identify Negative value

    Dear All gurus, I am working on a excel file, which a bit large. I have to scroll left right to identify any negative values. Instead i am thinking if it is possible by Clicking on a button to >identify the cell having the negative value >Select the cell >Show it in message box (a message box...
  13. D

    Message Box to linked Cell

    Hey Folks, I am trying to get a pop-up box to appear when a linked cell goes below a certain value.... On the code below cell "S15" is linked to my "Sheet1, cell C5", but when the value of C5 goes below 10, it should display a pop-up, but doesn't. Can anyone help me with the additional code...
  14. N

    vba code to return range values (text) to message box after autofilter

    Hallo. After using the autofilter, the visible cells text values should be returned on message box. My initial code is below. The problem is that it returns only 1st visible cell's value. Sub Wood()Dim rngVisible As Range Dim xStr As String Set rngVisible = Range("A2:A" & Cells(Rows.Count...
  15. R

    Display Custom Message when value is False

    Hello Experts! I am having a problem when it comes to ranges and message boxes. To give you a picture, if excel finds a "False" text in col B, then it will display the message in col C. If there are many noted "False", then it will display all the messages in col C. Example A...
  16. A

    VBA Code for Message Box

    Hi, I have a workbook where they will be either a YES or NO Value in columns E, F or G. There will mostly be all NO values, but if there is a YES, i would like a message box to pop up and say "There is a negative fund, investment, or source!". This is what i'm using now, but the message box...
  17. F

    Add message when sending page as body of an email

    Hello All. I apologize in advance if this question gets a little long. I have a spreadsheet that contains a macro that will send the desired cells from the sheet as the body of an email. Sub Email() ActiveSheet.Unprotect ActiveWorkbook.EnvelopeVisible = False...
  18. S

    Use VBA to Display a Message Box at a Certain Time

    I have a spreadsheet that will be open all day and contains a list of times with corresponding data in adjacent columns. How would be best to pick up the first time and have a message box appear at that time which displays information in the adjacent cell, then pick up the next time in the row...
  19. N

    Finding Blank Cells in a Dynamic Range: VBA

    The following code of mine is not running: Sub Blank_Cell_Alert() Range("A2").Select Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlToRight)).Select Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select Selection.Name = "MyRange" ActiveSheet.Name = "MySheet" If...
  20. V

    VBA Message Box

    I would like to make the combination of UserForm and MessageBox but stuck with the code, can anyone help to rewrite the code correctly? Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() If MsgBox("Are you sure?", vbYesNo) = vbYes Then Dim lRow As Long Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = Worsheets("Sheet1") lRow...

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