1. Jaafar Tribak

    Reading and Editing Metadata File Properties.

    Hi, I was spurred to explore this subject further after this recent thread As far as I can see, there seems to be no easy way to edit file properties programmatically without needing to resort to external components such as CDDBControl.dll or CDDBControlRoxio.dll (which by the way these two...
  2. L

    Macro to apply MP3 tags changes with VBA

    Hi! So I got my whole Music Library in a Folder (+5000 Songs) and I wanted to rearrange the tags of the mp3 files and the file name. So I got to this code to Read the properties of every mp3 file in a folder: " Sub Read_MP3_Files() Dim FolderPath As Variant Dim Item As Object Dim oFile As...
  3. WarrenCarr

    VBA to read MP3 metadata is not pulling in information

    I have a VBA macro that i want to run. It is supposed to pull MP3 + Wav meta data into excel. When I run it, it seems to work but doesnt actually pull in any data. Can anyone suggest what might be wrong? I am very inexperienced with VBA. Thanks, WC
  4. R

    VBA to get files and edit their meta data

    Is there a way to create a list of files in a folder including subfolders and then display the title/description and Author? I have to update the metadata in lots of pdf files and it's taking forever to do this manually. I know there are ways to use VBA to get a list of files from a...
  5. serbach

    How can I tell if a workbook is password-protected using VBA without actually opening it?

    Our company has > 65,000 workbooks on our shared file server. I'm working on an Excel VBA routine that documents ODBC and Workbook Connections, external Excel Links, Power Queries, etc., for each workbook and write it all out to a text file. It actually works pretty darned well... except when it...
  6. B

    VBA for dynamic sharepoint metadata excel workbook properties

    I have posted a couple of times needing help, no luck. So I tried to do it myself, and have been.....unsuccessful. Admittedly I am not very proficient and VBA. Wondering if anyone could take a look at what I got. Help me make the adjustments. Thanks in advance for any help! Need to have...
  7. B

    dynamically update sharepoint metadata from excel cell value

    I have an excel template that I keep in sharepoint. When I get a new client, I use the template to create a new file. I was really hoping to link a few cells in the file to the metadata in sharepoint either upon cell value change or saving the document. I linked them through custom...
  8. G

    Linked Advanced Properties Not Updating on Info Screen

    I am looking to populate excel file metadata in SharePoint 365 from specific cells within the excel file. I am able to create the linked Advanced Properties within the file, import it into SharePoint, and auto populate the values on the initial load. The problem is, when users update the...
  9. T

    Meta data of mp3 and wav files to Excel

    Hi all, Is it possible to get all meta data of mp3 and wav files into excel of a specific folder? I need the data: filename, artists, song title, bpm, genre, album and key of the song. Thank you in advance.
  10. H

    getting a cell in Excel to populate the metadata field

    sharepoint 2013 and excel 2010 if i go to File -> Info -> Properties -> Show Document Panels i have metadata of Title: PostGrad: if i key in ttt to PostGrad metadata and save and close Excel, back on sharepoint page i see ttt in PostGrad column. so i know the...
  11. L

    Retrieve Unique Tag Metadata from a folder and its subfolders

    Guys I would like your support on how to retrieve all TAG metadata from files that are saved on some folder including its subfolders. The idea is list all Tag Metadata as unique values in a txt file. Unique because it can be repeatable due the loop will check on different files. Below an example...
  12. B

    VBA Workbook Attributes/Properties

    Hello all, So, I'm trying to gather several properties for a number of workbooks in a folder: Original Author Creation Date File Size File Type i have been using the .BuiltinDocumentProperties property to gather the author and creation date but I'm having difficulty getting the last two...
  13. S

    VBA Copy "Creation Date" Metadata to Another Workbook.

    I'm copying out a range of data from a report formatted as an .xlsx into my running report. Along with the data, I want to capture the file "Creation Date" metadata to use as the worksheet name. It's also going into the first blank cell in a column range so using that cell for the worksheet...
  14. S

    How to print Excel Metadata in Excel 2010

    I can find multiple post on how to hide it, even how to display it on screen. I have found some VBA showing how to print a list of the properties and VBA to print propteries to the Immediate window. All of these are "almost" what I need. I need to be able to "print the properites" to a new...
  15. R

    Formula: Evaluate a range in a row - Count of cells (columns) that are within 10 of another

    <tbody> 282.97 156.34 285.12 126.57 234.14 285.89 157.97 285.71 126.65 234.17 </tbody> Row 1 above would count 4 - Column 1 matches column 3 within 10 and Column 4 matches 5 Each column represents Degrees 0 to 360 (around 40,000 records) It is a quality assurance metadata for a...
  16. J

    Macro makes links. How to add metadata too?

    I have a macro that creates a hyperlink for every file in a pre-designated folder. However, I was wondering if I can also add in the metadata "Date Picture Taken" and "Size" on columns B and C (it doesn't have to be in that order)? I want to use the metadata to know when a certain photo was...
  17. B

    Can you tell when an excel file has been opened?

    Is there a way to find out the date and time an excel file has been opened within the file?
  18. M


    I have a lot of .xlsx (or .xlsm) stored on SharePoint sites. We store several pieces of data in the metadata area of the files. I would like to either use a UDF or some kind of method to display some of the metadata in my spreadsheet. I would prefer NOT to have to open the properties window...
  19. C

    Collecting metadata from photos

    Greetings, I would like help creating a document to harvest information (metadata) from digital images (jpegs and others) from within specific folders. Specifically, I want columns with Filename - Keywords - Title - Date Modified - Description. I appreciate any help you can provide. I am using...
  20. H

    DLL reference error .. can't add reference to file

    In windows system32 and some in windows pro Photo Tools there are some dll about images ima......dll and photos When I try to reference them from VBA Excel the dreaded Can't reference error turns up.. Can this be fixed...... if not are there any good dll available... free... for metadata and...

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