1. K

    Remove second part of hyphenated word

    Hi there, Trying to convert text within one cell to a simplified version. For example, I have a cell that reads "UK Fund Mid-Cap Blend" but I want to convert this to "Mid Blend". Right now, I am using the below formula to strip "UK Fund Mid-Cap Blend" down to "Mid-Cap Blend". cell C9...
  2. M

    MID function not working

    I need to cut a long column of cells (millions) quickly. The current data displayed in the cell its date and time, displayed in a custom format of dd/mm/yy hh:mm I need to quickly cut this in a new column that only contains the hour. However, the MID function isn't working for this: . I have...
  3. H

    Isolating text within a string with no post text (certain number of characters)

    I want to isolate the "EF" with the following 6 numbers (always 6 numbers, sometimes with space between). I have replaced "EF" with "-EF" so I have a prefix to these, but can't seem to just isolate the 8 character string, without having the post text or some numbers deleted. Does anyone know...
  4. larinda4

    Extract Date from Text

    Good morning, I have this text, (and it changes but it'll always be annual. Feb-Jan, July-June, etc.) and I need to pull the starting date from the cell. For the Period: May 01, 2021 to January 30, 2022 I currently have this formula but it'll only work for some of the months, not all. For...
  5. K

    Help me use =Right or more suitable text formula

    I appreciate the help with this, which will help me learn. I know I can do this with Query from Table, but I'd like to learn it by formula. I figured out how to extract the numbers within the ( parens ) using left and find. Now, I'd like to work out how to remove only the company names via a...
  6. A

    Extract multiple instance of data from within parentheses, display on individual lines,

    I have a set of data that is formatted one way (including multiple items in a single cell), and I want to extract that data and display it a different way (each item in its own cell, in a column). The data is always changing, so I am looking for a formula that will auto-update as new rows are...
  7. V


    Hi All, I am new to MRExcel and this is my 1st Post. I am looking for a help regarding a mid function. For example :- EBA//92X:RATE:0.99999A://92X:RATE:0.667766B://92X:RATE:9898.18544444A:// I want to extract 0.0667766 in this example but the number can be different for other cases. I open for...
  8. S

    LEN, MID

    Hello, please help, how do you do it if you want to take a character into a number 2, 5 like in the result column? I've tried using if, len, and mid but it doesn't work. Thanks =IF(LEN(A2)=7;MID(A2;3;1);ISBLANK(" "))
  9. M

    Finding value inside a cell, returning it & checking for unique entries

    Hi, I'm trying to sort unique entries in a list of data. Currently I know how to find what I want, which can be done by the following formula: (INT(MID(F8,SEARCH(", ",A2)+2,LEN(A2)-SEARCH(", ",A2)-4) However I want to configure it to find the value in column A and paste it in column C, but...
  10. A

    Using mid/len/left/right/find

    I need excel formulas that will help me differentiate each piece of these cells. Here are examples of the cells Elephant12-8Wb CAT193-45M I already have the formula to get Elephant and CAT on their own. But then I need formulas to get 12 and 193, 8 and 45, and Wb and M on their own. Thank you...
  11. D

    Unable to convert date+time (yy/mm/dd hh:mm) format to excel date

    I have the following column with dates, that I need to convert for excel to recognize them as dates: 21/02/12 15:34 21/02/15 21:18 21/02/17 22:06 21/02/15 21:37 21/02/15 16:05 21/02/17 20:53 21/02/17 00:55 21/02/17 02:34 21/02/19 05:31 I have tried using DATEVALUE, TEXT...
  12. R

    Error during pasting Excel formula consisting of Mid, Len, Search into VBA module

    Hi guys, I'm trying to insert a formula in my code which works in the sheet but not in vba. Running the code below returns a syntax error. I noticed that the errors are due to SEARCH strings containing paratheses for "ENO=" and ",SUB". I've tried changing the paratheses to CHR(34) as well but...
  13. M

    Applying text data to all duplicates found in another column

    Hello, I'm trying to apply a set of comments from column F to column B. I'm unable to change the formatting of column A unfortunately. It would be preferable to have a Vlookup function in column B. Column A will always be variable in length, and column E should always contain the remaining...
  14. R

    Extract more than 2 words into various cells

    I have a string of text in Google Sheets - I would assume is the same formula I can get the first 2 words - but not sure how to expand to get 3rd + In Cell F2 I have typed: (no bold) Wall panels for interior wall FIRST WORD =LEFT(F2; SEARCH(" ";F2;1)-1) SECOND WORD =MID(F2; SEARCH(" ";F2) +...
  15. M

    Count Number of digits 0-9 to the left of a Specific Character in a Cell

    I used a formula to parse a field that typically contains text like the following: 1F5H or 13F1H The following formula works just fine when the number of digits to the left of a given character is static, like 1 numerical digit. However, I'm not sure how to determine how many numerical digits...
  16. J

    LEFT RIGHT combination help. Extracting MID data with many variables.

    So I am dealing with a big project, trying to tear apart written MD orders for reporting. I have hundreds of patients and pull a very long dense report and figured out some of the keys to make it bite size. Take for example the following: right now I am trying to strip out the "50 mg". I've...
  17. J

    Extracting Date from Text

    I am trying to extract a date from text of varying length. Examples: Insulated and 2-Side set by jlee on 8/8/2019 at 3:24:20 PM USACE/White MEP Framing Inspection set by jlee on 8/6/2019 at 6:38:39 PM White Inspection set by jlee on 8/7/2019 at 7:31:10 AM I used the equation...
  18. X

    Area graphs ends on axis mid point

    Hello Excel Gurus, I want the gray area to go through December column rather than stopping on the mid point. Any ideas how to do this neatly? see screenshot: https://ibb.co/qxnwBVv Forever thankful to this amazing community, Xavier
  19. J

    Scientific Notation Removes values when converting cell to Number

    Just recently I've run into this issue. Microsoft® Excel for Office 365 MSO (16.0.11328.20362) 32-bit I process data files that have very long alpha/numeric strings and when bringing into Excel, only certain rows display as 2.1E+61. When i change the cell to number format and no decimal, I...
  20. B

    number separation

    Hi all, I have a situation, wherein i need to separate the below numbers and will be input to other info. 1.5 X 3 X 8 3 X 1.5 X 10 I need to get first numbers-1.5 3 I need to get Mid numbers- 3 1.5 and note there...

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