1. R

    Extract more than 2 words into various cells

    I have a string of text in Google Sheets - I would assume is the same formula I can get the first 2 words - but not sure how to expand to get 3rd + In Cell F2 I have typed: (no bold) Wall panels for interior wall FIRST WORD =LEFT(F2; SEARCH(" ";F2;1)-1) SECOND WORD =MID(F2; SEARCH(" ";F2) +...
  2. M

    Count Number of digits 0-9 to the left of a Specific Character in a Cell

    I used a formula to parse a field that typically contains text like the following: 1F5H or 13F1H The following formula works just fine when the number of digits to the left of a given character is static, like 1 numerical digit. However, I'm not sure how to determine how many numerical digits...
  3. J

    LEFT RIGHT combination help. Extracting MID data with many variables.

    So I am dealing with a big project, trying to tear apart written MD orders for reporting. I have hundreds of patients and pull a very long dense report and figured out some of the keys to make it bite size. Take for example the following: right now I am trying to strip out the "50 mg". I've...
  4. J

    Extracting Date from Text

    I am trying to extract a date from text of varying length. Examples: Insulated and 2-Side set by jlee on 8/8/2019 at 3:24:20 PM USACE/White MEP Framing Inspection set by jlee on 8/6/2019 at 6:38:39 PM White Inspection set by jlee on 8/7/2019 at 7:31:10 AM I used the equation...
  5. X

    Area graphs ends on axis mid point

    Hello Excel Gurus, I want the gray area to go through December column rather than stopping on the mid point. Any ideas how to do this neatly? see screenshot: https://ibb.co/qxnwBVv Forever thankful to this amazing community, Xavier
  6. J

    Scientific Notation Removes values when converting cell to Number

    Just recently I've run into this issue. Microsoft® Excel for Office 365 MSO (16.0.11328.20362) 32-bit I process data files that have very long alpha/numeric strings and when bringing into Excel, only certain rows display as 2.1E+61. When i change the cell to number format and no decimal, I...
  7. B

    number separation

    Hi all, I have a situation, wherein i need to separate the below numbers and will be input to other info. 1.5 X 3 X 8 3 X 1.5 X 10 I need to get first numbers-1.5 3 I need to get Mid numbers- 3 1.5 and note there...
  8. Trevor3007

    extract char 5&6

    hi, HR0810919 I only want to extraxct the 'red' text into another cell (char5&6) and prefix with Fl.. Tried, left, right & mid..but no luck:banghead: Does any have the solution for me? MTIA Trevor3007
  9. C

    SUMPRODUCT + MID multiple sheets - not working?

    Hi, Trying to sum multiple columns from another sheet based on one criteria, which is determined by the "MID" function. What is wrong with the formula? 1) B2 (formatted as text)=9132456, 6753456 2) 6753456 appears in D:D (formatted as text as well). It has 100$ in col. P and -10$ in Q. Should...
  10. L

    Using IF and MID together to return "0"

    trying to an IF function along with a MID in extracting numberswithing a string of both text and numbers.<o:p></o:p> PBQ4X5 - using =MID(A2, SEARCH("Q",A2)+1, 1) to returnthe "4" and the same with "X" to return the numberassociated with it. Unfortunately when it runs across a sequence that...
  11. T

    Combining Left, Right and Mid

    I have a column of numbers 8 digits long (text - to display leading zeros). I need to extract digits 2 and 5-8 and place in another column (e.g., 01234567 convert to 14567) or convert the numbers in the existing column. How do I format or combine Left, Right and Mid commands (or is there a...
  12. A

    VBA Help - Saving PDFs with Month/Year then into Outlook

    Hello All - Greetings from Las Vegas, NV, I am new on this message board and am desperately in need of some VBA/Macro Help. Over the last few months, I have been manually saving 30+ PDFs and then emailing them 30 different times through outlook with a different distribution list for each PDF...
  13. C

    CONCATENATE TEXT from the middle of Words & Characters

    Hi all Master, I'm really confused to grab TEXT from words, i already trying used many formula but still <tbody> No. EXAMPLE OF DATA 1 <tbody> XXXXXXX XXXXXXX: 111111_CCCCCCC {SITE NO_111111_BLUE CAR DAYS, SITE NO_111111_RED HOT MOON, SITE NO_111111_THUNDER STORM, SITE NO_111111_GUN...
  14. T

    MID function + not null?

    Hi All, I'm processing camera data on a citizen science platform where each image has to be classified three times before being retired. In this instance, I want to know which are retired, and which are not. Those that are not retired are listed as null in a string, and those that are have a...
  15. I

    Embed MID function with Index & Match

    Hello. I'm trying to use Index/Match to pull corresponding data by extracting a string from a cell, but it is not working. My extraction formula is working correctly. Formulas are below each cell. I do not want to create a new column (I do not want to eliminate the additional formula in the...
  16. S

    MID Function confusion

    Hi friends I have time values of my staff from attendance machine in an excel file and want to compile the results for calculating salary automatically, i get values from other sheet by help of MID, my formulas were not working on that time values somebody helped me to put -- (two...
  17. S

    convert text to number

    Hi i have an excel sheet from time attendance machine with time stamps on in and out times of my staff. problem is that this data is not in number form. excel formulas are not working on this format how to convert this data into proper format. MID function is used to split time stamps in...
  18. J

    Parse text with a keyword "else"

    Hi, I am trying to parse a string beginning at the word "else" and ending at a number. if(LowIncomeSubsidyLevel = 1) then 27.00 else (if(LowIncomeSubsidyLevel=0.75) then 33.40 else (if( LowIncomeSubsidyLevel=0.50) then 39.80 else (if(LowIncomeSubsidyLevel=0.25) then 46.30 else 52.70))) The...
  19. D

    Using MID with IF statement

    Hi my 1st time posting here and look forward to all your support and help! I am trying to use MID from Column A1 onto B1 and then restrict/data validate Column B by preventing special characters. I want it to return in column B the MID function result but if it contains special characters it...
  20. E

    Extracting Certain Text From A Cell

    Hello, I am currently trying to extract the Data No. within parenthesis from a cell. The only problem is the formula I have written out only works for a cell with only one set of parenthesis instead of multiple. Formula below and example below. G19 is line where below statement is...

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