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    How to find position of certain value within group

    Not sure my title is aligned with what I am trying to accomplish. So apologies. I have a table with a column Source HostName (Column G) and for each Source HostName there could 1 to many attempts in migrating that Host. When migrating that host, we either have a 'Success' or 'Error' Status...
  2. A

    Delete Lookup table but keep valuess in cells?

    Hi guys, I've got a huge spreadsheet at the moment and it is growing (looking at around 900,000 rows upon completion. It is for a huge data migration procedure. I've got some V lookup tables in this, and some concatenated values which I have used for a vlookup... I want to delete this row as it...
  3. M

    Automatize WEEKDAY function

    Dear All, I currently dispose of a working sheet which I use to keep track of my working hours. We recently have upgraded our Microsoft Office 2010 to Microsoft Office 365 and this particular sheet has stopped working correctly: it shows a lot of #value! errors. I have found how to correct the...
  4. D

    Excel 2003 to 2010 VBA Migration Error

    Hi, We've recently upgraded to Office 2010 and some locally stored macros are causing issues. This one is regarding a conditional formatting macro after importing data from an XML file. The code is below: Sub Macro3()' Range( _...
  5. P

    Migrate Excel 4 macro file to 2010

    Hi, In the process of this I had one problem... the Excel 4 sheet macros have commands that manipulate the menu system. Since 2010 uses ribbon these will obviously no longer work. So I removed those macro lines that touched the menu system. There is one macro which calls the File Open dialog...
  6. L

    Pictures.Top issue

    Hi everyone, I use a macro to insert pictures from a folder, but since I migrated from 2003 to 2007, pictures doesn't insert at the top of the row, sometimes they insert below or above of it. Thing is: I have a 2003 workbook (let's call it "good workbook") where insert pictures (with the...
  7. M

    Macro's loading slowly in Excel 2007

    Hi all and Happy New Year. My office has recently migrated to Excel 2007. I modified a group of Macros I had written for our employees into one workbook with a number of worksheets. I've installed it for a couple of users as an Excel Macro Enabled Template. It works perfectly (thanks to you...
  8. H

    Excel2003 to Excel2007

    Hi I am working on Excel 2003 with VBA and soon will be migrating to Excel 2007 VBA. hence wanted to know some good atricle on the impact and the changes in the VBA code that we should be doing for a smooth function Regards Sathish

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