Macro's loading slowly in Excel 2007


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Aug 20, 2009
Hi all and Happy New Year.

My office has recently migrated to Excel 2007. I modified a group of Macros I had written for our employees into one workbook with a number of worksheets.

I've installed it for a couple of users as an Excel Macro Enabled Template.
It works perfectly (thanks to you all for your previous help), but loads and runs very slowly compared to the versions in Excel 2003.

Any suggestions?

Should I be distributing this as an add-in.

I know only what you've taught me about excel and just enough to do this project. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The workbook contains a number of macros (about 40) that are then called using two main macros (that only call the other macros).

Any ideas?


Marilyn Stephan


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Feb 17, 2003
Tried turning antivirus off temporarily to see if this is the problem ?


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May 2, 2008
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From everything I've read and seen, macros in 2007 generally run between 20-50% slower depending on what they are doing. (sometimes worse). It may be possible to optimise the code a bit, but we'd have to see it. (as a general rule, turning off ScreenUpdating and calculation while the code is running, and avoiding selecting things wil speed it up a lot)

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