military time

  1. D

    Difference in military time - unformatted source data

    I have a set of source data, where the time in a given cell reads like this: “07JAN18 1100”. I am trying to come up with a formula that will give me the difference between 2 of these times in [H]:MM. Please see examples below. I am trying to achieve column C with a formula. Columns A and B are...
  2. D

    Date Time formula assistance needed

    Hi Everyone, I am in need of assistance I have a spreadsheet that is in Military time and need to calculate the difference between two cells. See example below: A B C D E 1...
  3. R

    Converting Military Time to Number

    Hi all, Tried searching for an existing thread and oculdn't find exactly what I needed, so apologies if it's out there somewhere. I need to convert military time (h:mm, e.g. 14:00) to the corresponding number (1400), and eliminate any base formatting as time. I'm then analyzing this data in...
  4. C

    Creating time difference box in VBA excel

    Couple of things I want to do here... 1. I am working in military time, and need both the cb_starttime1 and cb_endtime1 to be entered as a four digit number hhmm, but display as hh:mm. 2. I then need the tb_timedifference1 to calculate the amount of hours spent on the job. I also want this...
  5. J

    How to calculate overlapping hours between departments

    Hello, I have an employee working 37 hours per day by accident, (even though there are 24 hours) I used military time. Column A is the month/day/year Column B is the Department 1 In Time Column C is the Department 1 Out Time Altogether there are about 15 departments with In and Out times...
  6. K

    antiquated excel 2003

    3 columns A B C 18:00 19:05 65 (Minutes) Each column is military time and "C" is the total time elapsed in minutes. Is there there a way to automatically enter the colon and still have excel recognize the entry as time? Currently I format...
  7. L

    Working with military times

    I am trying to make a spread sheet that will calculate the total time that an item is used. I am using military time and have the following formula for the calculation =TIMEVALUE(TEXT(B1,"00\:00"))-(TEXT(A1,"00\:00")) where A1 is the start time and B1 is the end time. The times are put in as 4...
  8. J

    Help Needed with Scheduling Spreadsheet

    Hello! I have a question about creating a formula that will tell me--based on two different schedules, including different scheduled hours and different scheduled days--how much overlap time there is between two different work schedules per week. Here is the example: I work from 7:00 - 16:00...
  9. C

    Military Time Conversion Plus a Formula

    I have a spreadsheet that I need to create to track the login and logouts of phones in a call center. This spreadsheet is also used to track how log someone has been on lunch and break. I have over two hundred names to enter with a minimum of 8 in and out times. We only use military time so...
  10. K

    Coverting 16.80 to HH:MM

    Need Help Coverting 16.80 to HH:MM I need help to convert a time that is represented with hour.hundredthofanhour (eg 16.80) to hour:minutes (prefer it to be military time). So in this example, 16.80 would equate to 1648 (in military time). I am would like to type 16.80 (the time is given...
  11. D

    Military Time

    RcTime = CInt(Right(covertime.Value, 2)) LcTime = CInt(Left(covertime.Value, 2)) If RcTime < 0 Or RcTime > 59 Or LcTime < 0 Or LcTime > 24 Or covertime.Value > 2400 Then MsgBox "Please Enter in a Valid Time (0000-2400)", vbInformation, "Error Message" covertime.SetFocus Exit Sub End...
  12. M

    Another Time Sheet Puzzle

    Greetings, I'm developing a work schedule and would like to use military time. My first task is to input the "in" and "out" times in military time, noting I will need to use these numbers for calculations. I am trying to avoid using the colon as the extra keystrokes, times 50+ employees...

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